Randy Orton Says He's Pain Free; Latest Update On His Back Injury

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Randy Orton noted on his official Twitter account that he is "pain free at the moment." He says he is doing some kind of therapy and rehab every morning and night.

At this point Orton, who is suffering from a back injury, is not expected to be out for a long duration and will in fact only miss a few weeks, as noted by WWE.

  • Bault16

    I know a guy who knows a guy whose father herniated a disc in his back, and he wasn’t right for at least 4 months.. No way orton is back any time soon.

    • David

      I'm going to go out on the limb here, and say that Randy Orton is probably in better shape and probably can heal alot quicker than a normal person can.

    • Alex

      I heard it wasn’t super serious.

  • Guest

    Thank goodness he can still compete against Barrett for revenge. And yes, Orton IS TOUGHER than a regular person!

  • Nathen

    It all depends on the severity of the injury. I had a 14cm disc bulge several years back. Most doctors want to do surgery at 10cm or more. I did physical therapy for about 4 months. To this day I still do the same stretches and routines I did during rehab.

    Point being, if Randy is truly in no pain, then it isn't that severe. It could just be herniated 5-7 cm. All he needs to do is enough physical therapy to get it down to 3-4cm, which is considered manageable and often causes no pain. And if he continues the stretches and routines, he could possibly eliminate the rest of the disc bulge while working.

    And as David pointed out, Randy being in peak shape can also speed up his recovery.

    • Chris

      I think you mean mm (milimetres) not cm (centimetres).

  • gibbons08

    I hope he’s back for the Rumble cause I was there at Smackdown a couple months ago and that place went nuts anytime they even mentioned his name let alone when his music hit and he came out the place went nuts! So it would suck to have a key pay per view in your home town and not be able to work it

  • Patrick V

    My dad herniated a disc is 86 and he still ain’t better

    • jdl

      Well yeah, he's 86. When you're 86 nothing works properly anymore.

  • gMan

    Folks, what do you think pain killers are for…

    • sean

      Pro wrestlers have to watch what they use so they aren't in violation of their wellness policy

  • chopper

    wellness peolpe he'll be out for a month.

  • Since he is pain free, it might not be serious. Randy Orton has muscles in places that shouldn't have muscles. He is a strong guy and I'm sure all of his muscles make it faster for injuries to heal. He is a professional athlete, not a normal person, so a normal person's injuries are way different than his.

  • ease9310

    I thought so,because he was on SmackDown's main eventvs.Wade Barret!

  • Donna

    Im a big Orton fan. I wish him the best and hope he returns to get revenge on Barrett. I take something for pain for my left leg. I agree with the person that said what are pain killers for…. I feel nothing right now but happy. I call them my happy pills. Thank goodness im not in wrestling, I probably would violate the wellness policy. LadyD619


      I agree 100% with you, The Viper Will Return Soon
      & Give Kane Some Competition !