Randy Orton Says His Signature Punt Has Been Banned

The following is from the official Twitter account of Randy Orton:

  • Chris

    Now if only Randy could be banned. “dull wrestler” awareness.

    • HATER

      He Is better than Cena so I dont know what your complaint is about. Oh WAIT I get it you were trying to be funny. FAIL!

      • Chris

        If Cena is so bad, then it’s by hard to be better, no?

        That’s like saying losing an arm is better than losing two. Losing one is still a bit shit.

    • Who ask u? Orton is 9 time wwe champ has contract with wwe till 2019.. He Will retire wrestling, don’t like it don’t watch

      • Chris

        And who asked you? Seriously, your advice to not watch it is the most retarded thing I’ve seen in here. I should give up on it all because I don’t like ONE guy? Grow up. Not everyone is going to agree with you, you don’t need to try and be a Internet badass by telling me to stop watching and “who ask u”. Fanboys…what a joke.

    • Philip Thompson

      Well, it looks like plenty of people have pressed thumbs up – despite lots of people giving you thumbs down. I happen to find him to be really dull – but I know that, for some reason, lots of people like him.

  • Noah


  • Dangerous Lee

    LOL. It’s not even a real punt!

    • XKonn247

      So there’s zero chance of it going wrong then? That’s good, let them know that it’s 1000% safe and I’m sure it’s fine.

      • Dangerous Lee

        You’re right! Wrestling is dangerous. They should ban having matches altogether. Wrestlers should talk out their problems in the ring rather than fight. That way, there will be zero chance of injury. Thanks for opening up my eyes!

      • Jaryd

        The worst one I ever saw was the one he gave to Cena's dad actually, he absolutely rattled his skull it was heinous! (Then when Cena Sr. got his revenge he barely even connected)

        • havoc525

          Actually, the one to Vince looked pretty disturbing. He didn’t seem to move fast enough. I’m one of those rare people who understands the “show” aspect and all that, and that one even had me cringing.

  • Jeff

    This must be wwe trying to screw with the internet fans. Have you seen Orton hit rhe punt lately? It blows the guys dont actually take it anymore, which i guess is a good thing

  • nandy05

    Zack Ryder use a similar punt as signature move, the only difference is the opponent is sitted on the ring corner. So WWE need to ban Ryder’s. Signature as well.

    • Joe O.

      Uh no actually. Ryder’s kick is to the face and it goes across. Orton’s punt is to the side of the head and his foot comes up. It’s much more dangerous than Ryder’s kick.

  • Joel

    This will be part of the Jericho fued, as it was the punt that wrote him off tv last time he left.

  • ZackPack

    I'm hoping this is storyline so he can bring it back with a bang.

  • ptekin

    Randy orton a dull wrestler? What the hell are you smoking

    • Chris

      Nothing. You need to be “smoking” something to find him dull? Really? Can’t have an opinion on something without being on drugs, eh? You tool.

  • [email protected]

    If that’s the case they should use it as an angle where he gets payback on jericho then tries to punt him like he did a few years ago and have eve or jonny come out and ban the move or say he will be fined or fired if he uses the move again.

  • Ricky Valdez

    I’m glad they banned that hit to the head like that, conclusions have become a horrible problem athletes have to deal with, it’s for the best.

    • havoc525

      I agree, nobody wants to deal with conclusions, best to leave things open ended……..

      • Dunstan

        I LOL'd

      • Chowder

        Oh God! I almost died with laughter!

  • The Breaker

    Since when has Orton cared much for the rules when he goes to "that place"?

  • jeb

    But Orton always reminds us he's "sick and twisted" every week, so this ban shouldnt matter haha


    So many moves to take other ones out…
    Go Randy

  • Chaza20112011

    I can hear Ron Simmons from here . . . DAMN!!!!!

  • jus2cme

    This website ran a interview with cody rhodes in which he stated that orton cracked his mask when he punted him.

    The mask was designed by the guy who did kobe mask and was suppose to be unbreakable.

    • Mike

      I read about that as well. Didn’t Cody say that if it weren’t for the mask that he thinks he might’ve died or at least been very seriously injured? Or am I thinking of something else?

      • jus2cme

        Cody claim that he could have died. Guess that to make everything. Dramatic. Thats. The last punt I seen. This is all cody fault.

  • Bill

    ah great. what are they gonna do next ban the divas cause theyre too hot or something what?

  • Lars Nimmegeers

    I would not like to see someone get really injured. But this is a action entertainment show and precaution is a good thing but don't ruin a product because of money. I"m not pro or contra PG but its all about the money. Its like football they don't play anymore because they get paid allot of money even if they lose. If they would get paid on how they play during a game, we would see sports again.
    Wrestling is a genre apart and there have been allot of accidents, but fighting without a injury or a guy punching you in the face several times and no signs of a injury? No way people keep buying that.