Randy Orton Suspended For 60-Days

Randy Orton has been suspended for 60-days following his second violation of the WWE Wellness Policy. Below is the official statement posted by WWE:

STAMFORD, Conn., May 30, 2012 – In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, WWE (NYSE:WWE) has suspended Randy Orton for 60 days effective today for his second violation of the company’s policy

Thanks to Wrestling News World readers Logan Walker, Robert Rice, Kris Hardy, Terrance, Mathew Lisett, Soyars, Dave, Gage Pengelly, Blazeking, & gra1729 for sending this in.

  • Joe

    He’s been having a mediocre year as it is I actually wouldn’t rule out him losing some serious political power now, maybe even being demoted to an upper mid carder?

    • Hillbilly Jim

      Bet he was hoping his drug test would disappear like his stint in the armed services, clearly the apple has fallen far far far from the tree.

  • Tim

    What the … I thought he already had 2 strikes right Richard shouldnt he be fired he’s boring anyway

    • seihara

      Excuse me randy orton is the best hes what u call a real wrestler so there rly isnt anything boring about him and he just so happens to be my husband so…

      • Randy Orton is not ur husband, nice to dream but come on….

    • Chris

      Oh god, don’t let the fanboys here you say that. If you find him boring apparently you’re wrong, stupid, and shouldn’t complain about him you should just stop watching the shows. Because that’s what you do when you dislike one guy in a show full of dozens.

      I totally agree. Boring. No Randy for 60 days and then less Randy because people are pissed with him? Sounds perfect for my viewing preferences.

      • Tim

        I don’t care to me he is boring I understand a good wrestler randy to me is just repetitive and predictable cena 2.0 cena is just more entertaining so before anyone’s panties get in a bunch I don’t mean a better wrestler just more entertaining

    • Y2Jay

      actually WWE has a three atrikes ur out type of thing and if this happens again then randy should be out or thats what i heard

  • Ross

    This is happening far too regularly

  • Dexter

    Expect Ziggler to take Orton’s spot while Orton is suspended and if he takes the chance then it could be his to keep #showoff

  • Dexter

    Expect Ziggler to take Orton’s spot while Orton is suspended and if he takes the chance then it could be his to keep

    • U could be right. According to Richard, When Ziggler went to Triple H and Ace about a character change he was shot down but now he just might get a main event push and I dont know get time on the mic?

    • Logan_Walker

      i could see that happaning

  • Gage Pengelly

    yay i contributed

  • Mehtoast

    Isn't this his 3rd strike?

    • JFetch

      No. There are conspiracy theories about a failed test cover up that never happened.

  • Andrew

    His character and feuds have been stale for 2 years. And he has been under utilised. I don’t think he is a massive loss at the moment, and to be honest I don’t think he will care a great deal. What is this for anyway, steroids?

  • Gage Pengelly

    I think that it's a work to start a feud between Jericho and Orton as they have both been suspended in the last week.

    • eloytijerina

      Nah- they would not bring up the wellness policy if it was a work. It's legit…

  • Ricky Valdez

    Maybe Orton failed the drug test on purpose I thought they were putting him back in title contention v shaemus, but instead dell rio is getting the shot, could it be that Orton thought he was going to get it and when it did not happen his said forget this and maybe intentionally failed a test, Orton is still among the best if not the best, but they have completely forgotten him and put to the side.

    • Daniel Moreno WWE

      orton knew del rio was going to be #1 contender.. i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the results of the matches are pre-decided

      • Ricky Valdez

        I no the matches are pre determined, but Orton was probably hoping he would be able to get in the main event again and when he knew that wasn’t going to happen he might have said screw it I will fail a drug test and go away for a while, I believe its killing Orton that they keep over looking him, he is clearly among the best and still gets over with the fans.

        • that guy

          I'm having trouble understanding you due to your apparent third grade grammar. Please correct this as soon as possible or no one will be able to take you seriously.

      • James M>>>

        Wait a second, matches are predecided?! The child inside me just shriveled up and died, thanks guys

    • Austin

      I’m pretty sure that no wrestler would ever do that no matter what the situation was. I know he’s been known to do some crazy things but this is very serious

    • AnacondaVise

      "Maybe Orton failed the drug test on purpose"

      Are you serious, bro?

      • Weirdo! ok let me explain my Alex Riley pick . after Miz caehsd in his MitB they would always show A-Ry carrying a blank briefcase . I still think that A-Ry is gonna get a push as a face, and having the briefcase would give him credibility and allow them to build him up over the next few months, I thought he was gonna sit on the briefcase for a long time plus the Miz put him over twice in the last couple weeks and i didnt think Del Rio or Miz really needed MitB to get a main event push. Del Rio won the #1 contender match a few weeks ago, so he could have played that angle

  • David F

    Would WWE really fire Orton if he gets a 3rd strike? Orton has a long-term deal and there is no way he will get fired for a 3rd strike. This policy is a joke

    • christopher525

      Depends on if the policy allows for termination of the contract without having to pay out the remainder, which I would suspect it SHOULD have in there.

    • outkazt09

      they can rehire him after a year according to the policy.

      • John Cena sucks is just an actor with no great technique, and del Rio comes from a wrienlstg family his uncle is actually going to be inducted in the WWE HOF next year, that doesn’t really mean shit but both his uncle and father are legends around the world

    • Kerri

      I remember reading something about 8 or so months ago that the WWE Wellness policy had a huge factor changed. That factor was that after the 3rd strike, the talent would no longer be fired but that they would just be suspended or something along those lines- for 1 full year. I could be wrong on that, and I'll gladly admit I am if proven other wise (reading the WWE policy at this hour is no-go for me).

      But I don't think they would fire Orton even if it was his 3rd strike and that change didn't happen because- anyone else read about Rey's latest suspension and how WWE waited to use it against him?

    • JFetch

      They would have to fire him. They would get in a lot of trouble if they didn't. Orton isn't going to be around much longer anyways. He's starting to get worried about concussions.

    • craig

      They already covered up one/didnt enforce a strike that Orton should have got due to the si article. Pretty sure he got a pass for that one

  • Austin 2

    YES YES YES. I’ve hated Orton since they started to de-emphasize “the viper” gimmick. When they first started the gimmick he was a tweener but now he’s clearly a face. I hope the best in his personal life but Randy Orton the wrestler was boring and taking up valuable show time. He will not be missed

    • XKonn247

      He’s coming back you do realise?

      • Austin 2

        Unfortunately I do. Hopefully he will get another strike then he can be banished to wwe reject land(TNA). (sigh)A man can dream can’t he?

  • LeeMc

    I dont really blame him, the man is supposed to be #2 in the company but has had nothing interesting in a long time, he works his ass off and is very over and given his position should be in more interesting story lines and title fueds, also his #2 spot seems to be getting taken by cm punk which doesnt help. The guy is basically going through this crazy schedule and gaining nothing so he must be having a hard time.

    • James M>>>

      So you don’t blame a top superstar for injecting, engesting, or smoking illegal or banned substances he knows he shouldn’t simply do to the fact he’s not getting his way at the moment and has a crazy schedule? Wake up, that kind of thinking is exactly what legitimizes this type of behavior. These guys have to start taking responsibility for their actions and we shouldn’t dismiss the seriousness of it. I say start holding these guys accountable. I’ll just stop there so I don’t lecture on.

  • chelu671

    You have to be careful when wrestling Randy Orton. 1 false move could lead to a depush or future endeavor. But look what happens when your worse enemy is yourself. Orton may have gotten suspended for having too much venom in his bloodstream.

    • Frankii

      Haha your comment has a lot of truth in it!

  • steve2


    • It actually could hapepn ..It could be one of those Brock/ Goldberg situations where The Rock puts over the next star in WWE before going on to do a movie. If he ever gets more than a month or so between movies it could hapepn sometime down the road. He would make Orton look good. The Rock does a great job of putting over guys that the WWE wants to push as the star of the company.Still it would be great to see him not have to, and he could do it as non-title match. Something that puts Orton in a scripted funk that they could build off of.

  • cornb31

    Looks like Orton & Jericho’s rivalry can continue on the shelf while people like Ziggler take their spot. This is unfortunate as well though with two great veterans making mistakes to get suspended.

  • Aly

    Although its sad to see a top SuperStar like Orton falling downwards this could be a great chance for a certain talented Midcarder. I think Ziggler should take J.R’s advice and take the ball and run with it.

  • thatguy

    I could have sworn he got his 2nd strike years ago

  • So glad his suspension happened AFTER I got to see him live Monday. He's one of my favorites and I would've been disappointed if he hadn't been there.

  • jus2cme

    1st to say Orton to TNA

    • A.C.

      I agree. I thing Orton should go to TNA. He would do great there, and it would be great for TNA to have someone of his talent. Think about it. Orton vs. Roode. Orton vs. Bully. Orton vs. Crimson. I could go on and on!

  • I want to see an epic face turn by Ziggles Monday night and a huge run on Smackdown.

    • AJG316

      What part of #HEEL don't you understand ???

  • Alejandro

    I find it kind of funny this past RAW they had a bit where Ziggler was watching Randy from backstage and told Vickie that it should be him in Orton’s spot, and now it seems like he really COULD snag his spot. I’m all for it, Ziggler is a great talent, and I haven’t been that impressed by Orton recently.

  • PhilT81

    This is Randy Ortons fifth suspension but some were before the wellness policy came into effect meaning they don’t count as strikes but given the fact that Randy Orton is the #3 wrestler in the company and all of his previous violations and the fact that upper management thought he understood his responsibilities he now has nuclear backstage heat.

    I don’t think it’s news to anyone that Randy Orton just isn’t a nice guy. Anyone who finds it funny to defecate in a ladies luggage and who deliberately gets colleagues fired is not somebody I would want to be friends with. He also has a God complex and is extremely arrogant and believes himself to be untouchable. Add in the fact that Triple H does not like him and his future as a main event worker in WWE looks to be very limited and for all of those speculating about Ziggler, I believe that Monday night was a little hint for smarks that Ziggler would be getting the opportunity to see if he could take Orton’s spot. He’s asked for an opportunity and it looks like he’s been given the opportunity to run with the plan he pitched.

    Meanwhile I’d be very interested to see Orton going to TNA and having to work with guys like Ken Anderson who he got fired. The promos would practically write themselves and I would hope that even TNA wouldn’t mess that up. The question is whether WWE would want to risk him going to TNA. If he was headed out the door you could expect WWE to bury him first although right now his heat is so nuclear that they didn’t even want him at Smackdown to write him off of TV. TNA, meanwhile, will be champing at the bit to make their biggest talent acquisition since Kurt Angle.

  • Sean

    Think Jericho got banned on purpose seeing as his band is in the UK over the next few weeks… and I am guessing that the Ziggler scene came in because of the Orton testing positive and pushes him to the front..

  • mel

    this better be part of the storyline otherwise Randy is a idiot

    • George

      Randy's an idiot….

  • Kleck

    Kinda complicates the Wade Barrett return and feud

  • Angelica

    Seihara, Randy is Married with a child. I hate girls who watch wrestling only cuz the guys are ‘hot’ it’s people like you who give us REAL girl wrestling fans a bad name. Randy is boring get over it.

  • Jericlone

    Randy Orton: The only man in wrestling to pull off the ever-tricky 60 Day Rest Hold.

  • Adam

    Never liked randy ‘borton’ orton.
    Ziggler has better mic skills.
    For the win

  • Chris K.

    i think it is stupid to suspend anyone for the bs wellness program,i am a firm believer in what an adult does is their own business…wwe is so lame…treating the best wrestlers on their roster as pets

  • guy

    Randy should be reconsider

  • robert

    Ziggler sucks, orton sucks if Ziggler main events anything i won't go to it or buy a ppv. he's boring, with his flailing and show off? that's what you came up with ? doing a push or head stand? i can't believe i saying this but i'd rather watch orton than ziggles please just keep stealing roh talent

  • BigMike

    Yo Randy Lay off the Weed bro or at least drink some vinegar to get it out of ur system

  • Alex

    Wow, I never thought I'd read about this. One of HHH's boys getting suspended? Looks like WWE is taking themselves serious again. I'm proud of them.