Randy Orton Talks Bray Wyatt, McGillicutty Being Career Suicide

IGN has a new Q&A online with Randy Orton to promote the release of "12 Rounds: Reloaded" on Tuesday. In it, Orton is asked about the forthcoming debut of Bray Wyatt and Curtis Axel. Below is an excerpt:

Well, I'm used to calling him "Husky," but Bray's vignettes are awesome. And the other two guys down there in FCW, who are part of his team, are talented. That little group there looks great. I have no idea what we're in for but those vignettes have everyone's heads turning backstage. And wrestling is in Bray's blood. He's the son of Mike Rotunda - I.R.S.

But Curtis Axel is third generation too. And so I think there's been a lot of pressure on Joe [Hennig] just being the son of "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig. I mean, how can there not be a lot of pressure? No disrespect to my father, but Mr. Perfect was around a little more and maybe had more of a following. So people might be more aware of who his father was and because of that I think he has a lot more to live up to. And that whole "Michael McGillicutty" thing? That was just career suicide. But he made it through that. And I think anyone who can make it through having a name like "McGillicutty" for however many years he had it is a survivor. The fact that he made it through shows you that the kid's got some staying power. And now with Paul Heyman in his back pocket? He's golden. Give him a couple weeks, a couple months, and he'll make a big impact.

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  • jdl

    The name was not career suicide, what was career suicide is the man himself. He doesn’t have a memorable look or personality and he’s horrible on the mic. Not extremely impressive in the ring either, so you can’t blame the McGillicutty name for his failure to get over. Plenty of stars in the past have gotten over with godawful names. If he gets over now it will only be because of Heyman.

    • Nostaljack

      I don’t even know where to begin other than to say that I respectfully disagree with every word of this.

      • sir-rusty82

        The internet actually makes you think your opinion matters, even when professional wrestlers are praising people in their industry & you really think that people take your opinion & say wow he must know more than Randy Orton, the Rock, John Cena & HHH pfffft you people have got to realise that these chat forums are to talk about the topics not be try hard critics

    • Michael

      The guy looks just like his father and he can flat out work just ask Rock and anybody else that has worked with him. You don’t get high praises from the likes of Rock, Cena, HHH,, and others without being able to back it up you wouldn’t know a wrestler if it hit you on the head.

  • Kenneth

    I dunno, the McGillicutty name worked well enough for Beulah.

  • FactionZer0

    Curtis Axel is great overall. He does need some work on his mic skills, but with Paul Heyman backing him up, exactly like Orton says, he’s going to be golden.