Randy Orton To Star In Marine: Homefront; Zack Ryder & Alex Riley Visit Children's Hospital In Atlanta

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- Randy Orton is slated to star in the upcoming WWE Studios production Marine: Homefront, the third installment of the series. Production will begin on June 11, 2012 in Vancouver and will be distributed by FOX straight-to-DVD. The film is expected to also eventually find air time on the forthcoming WWE Network.

WWE is expected to have an exhibit up at Wrestlemania Fan Axxess this week where fans will be able to read part of the movie script. THe click will be directed by Scott Wiper who also directed The Condemned starring Steve Austin.

- Wrestling News World reader David Eitel sent in the following video of Zack Ryder and Alex Riley meeting kids at the Egelston Children's Hospital in Atlanta:

  • tone

    Orton should have been in all of them.

  • Michael

    So i guess the movie will be about monotone ROBOTS.

  • Gary

    No,Orton's in it,not Jericho. You…..know…….what…..I……mean???????? Plus uinlike most in WWE,Orton can at least act.His stuff in Thats What I Am is 1,000 times better than Cena and his one facial expression he always uses.

    I heard Punk wanted to be in it but he refused it when they wouldnt let his sex scene he wanted with Colt to be in it.

    • A.J.

      Are you stupid?Jericho and Cena are way better than orton.I’m not taking anything away from him but he is just Plain BORING.he always starts off with the same crappy line “my name……….is Randy orton” I mean can’t he be just a little more entertaining than that.he may be better than cena at wrestling but cena has way more charisma and don’t get me started with y2j he is a man that has so many talents and surpasses orton in every single way possible.by the way,your colt cabana and cm punk fetish is creepy.

      • Come on Orton is not boring he’s hottt, great wrestler and youngest world heavy weight champion in WWE. Love Orton!

  • hazmatt23

    Spoiler Alert: The movie ends with him receiving a dishonorable discharge.

  • cjavent

    Not to mention, Orton is an ex-marine so he knows this stuff.

  • Jeff

    Lol yeah he really qualifies for this movie, since you know…….. HE ABANDONED THE MARINES!


    wow, all those 'raise about haters' are so stuck in time, and to stupid to spell M-O-V-I-E annyway…O M G

    I really see no harm in in annyway, for once, it seems to be a good movie annyway.
    Stop beïng so negative.

  • Randy Orton is Legend of WWE.he is a Apex Predator. I no he always BEST IN THE WORLD…….FOREVER….