Randy Orton Turning Heel?, My Thoughts On John Laurinaitis, Lashley's WWE Departure, Chris Jericho After CM Punk

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With Randy Orton hitting Sheamus with the RKO after their loss on Monday's Raw Supershow is this an indication he is turning heel?

WWE had Randy Orton hit Sheamus with the RKO to put him in the title match at Over the Limit with Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho. I also wondered about a heel turn when Orton hit his finisher on Sheamus but immediate plans for the future of Orton's character are unknown. One thing about Orton is that he has never been an all-out babyface as he also works the "dark viper" persona. The future of Orton's character will become clearer as the build to Over the Limit progresses but I am happy to see Orton challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship.

What are your thoughts on the on-screen persona of John Laurinaitis?

Vince McMahon is very happy with how much heat the John Laurinaitis character generates but I do not find the gimmick entertaining. It's one thing for someone to generate heat because they are playing their role so well (as is the case with someone like Chris Jericho or Alberto Del Rio) but it's another when people legitimately cannot stand the worker's gimmick (as is the case with someone like Michael Cole, Lord Tensai or Laurinaitis). The Laurinaitis character is nothing new and is reminiscent of the days of Vince McMahon and his "stooges" but it hasn't been as effective.

Why did Bobby Lashley leave WWE originally?

Bobby Lashley left WWE basically in protest over the way the company released his girlfriend Kristal Marshall. Lashley didn't see eye-to-eye with many of the higher-ups and decided to pursue outside interests. As I noted earlier this week, he had the chance to really up his value with success in MMA but unfortunately that hasn't happened.

Since returning to WWE, Chris Jericho has had a number of WWE Championship matches against CM Punk and I expected Punk to retain the title the first few times but to see Jericho not even have one title run during this feud was intriguing.  Do you feel Jericho was overlooked in what was otherwise a good battle?

Chris Jericho and CM Punk had some great bouts but I don't like how Jericho came out of the feud. One of the things that intrigued Jericho about returning to WWE was the opportunity to work with Punk but I can't help but feel he looked weak after going under in their program. This is why I was in favor of Jericho pinning Sheamus on Raw Supershow this past Monday because it was important for him to go over. It's not that I do not like Punk as champion, I clearly feel Punk is a top guy, but it's tough when a guy makes a highly anticipated return only to go under.

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  • Hoops

    with Jericho's contract the way that it is…I cant see them giving him the strap if he's going to tour with Fozzy for 3 months and leave the Company behind. I know he would come back but to drop the belt off of Punk then have Jericho drop it again doesnt do much for me

    • Jcorr001

      They rush these programs so much that if they just stopped for a day and thought about the type of program they run with wrestlers, they might be able to come up with something that is both entertaining and continues for more than two months.

      Jericho and Punk was about being the best in the world, not alcoholism. They should have had a series of matches from street fights, to submission, ending in an Iron Man. Or they could have done the best out of even series they did with Benoit and Booker T in WCW and WWE.

    • Dave the Jobber

      I agree, and also feel that Jericho and Punk was something both of them wanted. Jericho to show he can still "go" with the younger guys. And,Punk to show he can work with one of the WRESTLERS he respects,imho.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Have you guys thought maybe Jericho only returned to put Punk over get him to the next level but was not interested in a title run? I mean he is after all he is going to be leaveing and touring with his band this summer and maybe he was just fine with putting Punk over.

    who says a returning Wrestler is interested in having a title run and might just be happy giving back to the bussiness and putting the younger talent over at this stage in his career.

    • ZDF

      Exactly. I would have enjoyed a short title run for Jericho, but completely putting over Punk works just as well. Jericho isn't getting any younger, after all.

    • King's pit

      I agree. From reading his books jericho seems to dont mind losing if it means to put the other guys on top

  • Ant

    Former WWE guy whose MMA career did not work out and now WWE has no interest in him? Always room for one more like that in TNA.

    • Daniel Lim'ass

      Actually, he already screwed-up at TNA either…

  • Jay

    The future of Orton's character involves rest holds

  • The Breaker

    "…but it’s tough when a guy makes a highly anticipated return only to go under."

    You could say the same thing about what they've done with Brock Lesnar. For me though, him losing wasn't their biggest mistake. It's been the way with which they've practically no-sold the attacks of someone who they're trying to sell as a beast. Cena is supposed to be taking time off, but instead he gets into a match with Johnny Ace…. not only that, but he WORKS A DARK MATCH on a RAW episode where he wasn't supposed to be appearing. And on top of that, Triple H shows up at the Floyd Mayweather match over the weekend, even though Lesnar nearly ripped his arm off the previous Monday. The way WWE tried to explain it on RAW this week was embarrassing and overly confusing. To me, it seems there's been a serious change in plans regarding the Lesnar angle and WWE is doing a poor job at making the necessary adjustments.

  • Brandon

    Off topic for a little, I'm tired of WWE thinking we, the fans, stupid. "Big Johnny" John Laryngitis here got his job as the General Manager on Raw because of Triple H's dangerous working environment when he's incharge. Yet, Big Johnny with his "People Power" assaulted the INJURED John Cena. *sigh*

    • AJG316


  • jonathon212

    del rio doesnt generate any heat when he comes out….as a matter of fact you can usually hear a pin drop when he comes out

    • mrshwo

      Not true at all

    • HUH???

      ??? And this is why you should not watch TV with the mute option on.

    • bettysteve

      nope ..you hear del reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo from his personal ring announcer. *snicker*

  • wwf-wcw-nwa-ecw

    Yeah WWE insults our intelligence on a regular basis with there plot holes, bad kayfabe, bad storylines, and bad booking but it has gotten much better. Seems like they are heading in the right direction lately. I don't like "Big Johnny" but he serves his purpose. And I agree, Jericho probably retuned just to do a program with Punk and elevate him.

    • Anand

      I agree 100%. Cena getting injured and cutting a promo via satellite with his arm in a sling and then working a dark match??? Are they crazy? Atleast HHH was at a live (real fight) event and so, sticking to kayfabe 100% may or may not be possible. But, within the show? so, practically this via satellite thing was all a hoad and Cena was somewhere in the back doing the supposed via satellite interview.

      why cant they respect the fact that fans got a brain and can think 🙁

  • H.M.

    Nobody really loves to hate Del Rio…the reaction he gets is next to none. HE needs a serious character rehash if anyone does.

  • Austin…

    Wrestlemania 29

    Stone Cold v Randy Orton

    The Rattle Snake v. The Viper

    Stunner v. RKO

    Anti-hero v. Anti-Hero

    • search4theyeti

      1 sided promo booooooooo

  • Silver

    I agree with the people above, Del Rio is not over. I think he needs a stable, it's been a while since we had a good, dominant stable, and I don't mean Nexus because all they did was beat people up backstage and then all of them got used for a program with Cena. The last great stable, in my opinion, was alllll the way back with Evolution. They feuded with EVERYONE, and while HHH burying talent after talent got stale, guys like Benoit, Orton,Batista and even Shelton Benjamin got huge pops for going against him. Use Del Rio's character as a leader, a guy who throws his money around to get what he wants instead of just showing up in rental cars. Make him a modern day, meaner version of The Million Dollar Man or something. Have him paying off guys like Hawkins and Reks (who have been really entertaining on NXT and would be great as the 'hired goon' types) to help him hold the title for awhile, but let him win clean about half the time too. I don't know, I'm just spouting pipe dreams.

    • search4theyeti

      Have him buy the other spanish wrestlers, or team up with Ted(when he comes back) and they buy all the undercard heels. But del rio is stale might as well go full JBL and say he just bought some product and ram it down our throats.

  • Anand

    Did Bobby Lashley burn his bridges in TNA as well? It looked like he made a high profile debut in TNA but then kind of fizzled off subsequently… Does anyone know?

  • Jaryd

    With regards to Orton's RKO on Sheamus, remember how Austin used to just pretty much stunner anyone just for the heck of it while remaining the same anti-hero face that he was? I don't think you can look to much into a retalition strike if you go by that example.