Randy Orton & Two Other WWE Stars Fail Wellness Tests - Backstage News On The Other Two Including What Is Going On With Them, Nuclear Backstage Heat On Orton & How His Future In The Company Is Very Uncertain, One Of The Reasons He Hasn't Been Released, Emotions Running High After An Off-Color Remark By CM Punk & Why Orton Wasn't Written Off TV At This Week's Smackdown Taping

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The word coming out of this week's WWE television tapings is that there was a round of Wellness testing a few weeks back. Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and a third name I have been unable to confirm had positive tests.

As I reported earlier here on Richard's Backstage Blog, I'm told Orton's test revealed a form of Dianabol and traces of marijuana thus resulting in his suspension. This marks Orton's fifth suspension from WWE but only his second under the company Wellness Policy.

In regards to Cody Rhodes, he thought that he was going to be suspended for a dietary supplement. Rhodes hinted at the forthcoming suspension with a post on Twitter last week that simply read "Time off." As it turns out, his positive test was cleared by doctors and he was not given a Wellness strike nor did he face a suspension.

Due to the fact that I cannot offer 100% confirmation on the third name, I am withholding it. I'm told there's a good chance this worker will either be suspended or terminated, however, there are still issues preventing WWE from making a move.

There is a very emotional story developing around the suspension of Randy Orton. I'm told he has a lot of backstage heat with many people lobbying for the company to fire him. One source directly connected to the situation told me the backstage segment on Monday's Raw Supershow where Dolph Ziggler was watching Orton on the monitor was WWE ribbing The Viper.

The feeling from many WWE officials is that if Orton continues to get away with it and he continues to be pushed, he will do it again. There are obvious concerns from the writing team how they will be able to book him, especially in a role as the company's 1b, given the fact he now has "two Wellness strikes." Triple H, who has never seen eye-to-eye with Orton, is scheduled to meet with him along with Vince McMahon and other company officials later in the week.

I'm told McMahon is livid and thought Orton had "grown up" and understood the ramifications this could have. It's believed Orton felt like he was "above" being tested and his cockiness isn't setting well with management or co-workers,

I reported on Monday here on Richard's Backstage Blog that CM Punk had surpassed Orton as second in WWE, behind only John Cena. I'm told with Orton's latest suspension, that fate has been cemented. Some of the workers were hoping WWE would really take hard stand with Orton, with some wanting a longer suspension than the Wellness Policy would indicate given all his past problems. Keep in mind, in addition to the aforementioned suspension issues, Orton has defecated in Divas luggage, put food coloring in shampoo, trashed a hotel room and recently drew the company bad publicity when they had to pull him from The Marine 3.

The heat is so hot right now I'm told Orton's future still remains very uncertain. However, there are a number of things keeping the company from releasing him, including the fact that he could literally end up "signed, sealed and delivered" to TNA during a time when I'm sure they would immediately act. The reason Orton was not written off television at Tuesday's Smackdown taping is the company flat out didn't want him there.

Emotions are so high that when WWE Champion CM Punk, who doesn't get along with Orton, made a joke about the company writing him off, it wasn't met with laughter.

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    phenomenal post, richard. this is the type of information that makes it well worth my money each month.

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        I agree wit dex! This is hands down the best sight for news and info!!!!!

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      i couldn't agree with you anymore dex. This is the kind of information that separates this websites from all the others. One's again Richard, Awesome job buddy.

  • Clem823

    I wouldn’t Even care if orton went to tna if they can’t handle flair what makes u think they can control orton?

    • urnemystic

      Him and RVD can form a tag team calles the "high" flyers!

  • Sythian

    I’ll second that, lengthy articles like this and in great detail make it all worth it it. Shame to hear Orton is yet to grow up and behave.

  • jonathon212

    so cody rhodes isnt going to get suspended ?

  • Isacio

    I thought Vince did not even worry about TNA that if Flair or Hogan did not make a difference, why would Orton be an issue?

    • StephenSnel

      Because Orton is relavent now and has a HUGE fan base.

  • rogstab

    As HHH has recently said, and McMahon has said on many occasions in the past… "No one is bigger than the WWE".

  • James

    WOW! Absolutely amazing story Richard, well done.

    I knew of all the issues from the early days with Randy and thought he had grown up when his daughter was born, but i guess not. I have been a massive Orton fan since day one and forgave the past issues due to being young and stupid, hey I've been there as well, but after he signed that massive contract I thought that might have changed his attitude and made he appreciate what he has a lot more. Guess I was wrong on that one.

    • WNW FAN

      Signing that multi-year deal, 10 years I think, may have only boosted his ego to the moon. That may have backfired in WWE's face. Darn shame he still has issues. He should think about his family and not himself.

  • Darkk_tintt

    How was the backstage segment a rib?

  • James

    Yeah this was excellent. One of your best scoops yet

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    same here.i know it is very difficult but if you could break stories with this much info more often,I’m sure people would follow this site more.im a member of a bunch of different sites and this one tends to get a bad rep as being biased towards wwe and not following up on prior reports.btw,I love being a member of this site

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    couldnt have said it better myself….great report richard…..just wish i knew who the 3rd was

    • ericdraven86

      We will find out before the weekend, I’d imagine. That is what sets this website above all others in my opinion, is Richard will not release damning information unless he is certain it be accurate.

    • dusty588

      Agreed. Awesome post, and I'm really curious as to who the third person is.

      • havoc525

        Wonder if it might be Regal, since he’s not an everyday in ring guy anymore it might be a grey area.

  • Clem823

    Imma take a wild guess and say Broadus Clay…the whole angle wit him and big show was so left field that it would fit if he was missing for a while…but I’m not gonna start nothing just a observation

  • jonathon212

    so rhodes isnt going to end up getting suspended ?

    • Kerri

      Apparently not- Richard said that his positive test was cleared by doctors, so no suspension or strike for him.
      I really want to know who the 3rd person. I don't think it's Evan Bourne like others have mentioned- he's out with a foot injury and any meds he would be taken would all be prescriptions and therefore cleared under the Wellness policy, but he could of gone back to doing "spice" after his injury.

  • mr shwo

    ive been pretty hard on you guys lately but this is the reason why i stay on

  • PhilT81

    I’ve never been a fan of Randy Orton and much of his past behaviour didn’t point to a man who simply had to ‘grow up’. Hopefully Cody Rhodes will be more careful in future if he wants to eventually solidify his spot as a main-eventer. I’m very interested to hear the third name and just hope it’s not a worker who I enjoy.

    I genuinely have never understood the hype surrounding Orton as I’ve not found him likeable or interesting. To me, his mic work is just dull – even although I ‘get’ the character he portrays and I also understand he has a large number of fans and I think he is someone that TNA would really want and I think that if he ended up there it’d be their biggest talent acquisition since Kurt Angle – easily surpassing Ken Anderson (I’m sure they’ll be glad to work together again, that could be written into a pretty interesting angle) and it’ll be interesting to see if his former mentor Flair and Orton end up passing each other en route. Turning up drunk probably won’t do Flair much good in WWE but he’s probably been intentionally trying to get himself fired or just doesn’t respect TNA like he respects WWE.

    I won’t miss Orton, I think there are several other workers more deserving and just as capable of taking his spot. I would love for there to be a way of Santino Marrella transitioning from a comedy side-show to a main event worker. He has all of the makings of a main event worker but the problem is WWE has a greater need for somebody who can make the crowd laugh and entertain them than they do another main event worker and because they can job Santino without it damaging how over he is and because he is as skilled at being funny as he is he’d have to make quite a transition before getting that level of a push because he does have his detractors who don’t really understand his actual in-ring skills and fail to see past his comedy. He’s not simply just ‘another Eugene’, who was actually a relatively good worker himself but who was never going to be taken seriously. The Rock is a prime example of a worker who managed to be funny at the same time as being taken seriously.

  • Angel Psymon

    Excellent report. I any of the other "pranks" that Orton had pulled.

    I do have a question though: The last line speaks of a comment that CM Punk made a joke about Orton being written off which nobody thought was funny. To whom did he make that offhanded comment to and when?

  • Matt

    I wanna know what CM Punk said, I bet I'd laugh. It would be unwise to fire Orton because he still is over with the fans and would certainly be a huge player in TNA. Him being one of the big guys in the company (and cover athlete of WWE 12) maybe he should just be humbled.

    • havoc525

      Jeff Hardy was HUGE when he left, Kurt Angle was also a massive signing when he went over. The problem is TNA management not knowing how to run a company. On top of that, what would make the talented originals happier than seeing one of their own go to WWE while another McMahon cast off steal a top spot?

  • Ryan

    ok, so food coloring in shampoo is kinda funny, but defacating in divas' luggage? that is just nasty and shows some major psychological issues. Don't forget how he pretty much called Kelly Kelly a whore last year in that interview. I know that didn't set well with me at all.

  • You know what, with all these new guys they have with Sandow, Cesaro and Ryback, then with guys like Rollins, Ambrose and Ohno with guys like Punk, Bryan, Ziggler, Rhodes and few others they should be good for the future.

  • buddah5050

    Yet they still have him make the Miz look weak!

  • Jim

    Since TNA doesn't have a so called "wellness policy" it would be the perfect home for Orton. He MIGHT even grow up since he wouldn't be working the ridiculous WWE schedule anymore. With some more free time and also without the stress of constantly being on the road he might just chill out. But WWE isn't going to fire it's #3 worker anytime soon. Which completely makes their drug policy look like the joke that it really is. Orton needs to take residency in Cali so he could get medical marijuana if he's so adament about smoking. Since he would have a doctor's prescription for it WWE couldn't touch him under their policies guidelines.

    • havoc525

      It’s not the weed they’re all that worried about, the issue with pot in his past was with him smoking it in the arena.

  • Lars Nimmegeers

    Rules should apply for everyone and I agree with some wrestlers from the lockerroon. I understand why they are angry at the office. I do not see Randy Orton joining TNA (cost to much) and will he be a lost to WWE? On TV yes sure, his character is different then most but everyone is replaceable. Its hard to work with people you don't like.

    • ericdraven86

      I feel you are looking at it in a different manner than it is. Those contracts include a bottom line guaranty, and a minimum amount of dates. TNA runs a much lighter schedule, so he wouldn’t get the fat contract he has with WWE. I like Orton, and have been a fan since Evolution, but sometimes you have to pay the piper. The WWE not acting on it like it should, is basically putting a band-aid on the problem, and a glass ceiling over a very good talent. Being fired now, while he still only has 2 strikes on the books still leaves the door open for a return later. If they let him keep going, and he gets a third than all parties involved are s.o.l.

  • robert

    i have never liked Orton and can prove it, i been writing comments about orton for years now, to me he's the most over rated superstar there, he beat out Cena because Cena is at least a good guy. from kennedy getting fired to him being discharged from the military knew he was just a jackass. he;s dry his promos are boring and until recently thought his moves were basic, he got in there like the rock and cody rhodes and others because of there daddys, you can tell by looking at him he's on a cutting steroid, how do you get leaner with age, he's actually more ripped than he was 8 years ago, like 2 % body fat i've tried and 10 % best i've gotten and i'm not on the road 300 days a year.