Randy Orton Update - Was He At Raw 1000?, Officially Advertised To Return Next Week, How Close WWE Was to Firing Him

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Randy Orton, who was backstage at the 1000th episode of Raw from his hometown of St. Louis, is officially advertised to return to WWE on next week's episode of Raw. As noted here in Ask WNW, Orton is on booking sheets for upcoming WWE live events to work in the top of the card although I can't confirm whether he'll work as a babyface or heel.

There was a lot of discussion as to what WWE was going to do about Orton following his 60-day suspension for his second documented violation of the WWE Wellness Policy with Triple H and Vince McMahon even trying to scare him to think they were seriously considering firing him.

Most of my sources feel cutting Orton was something that was given a lot of consideration but ultimately the decision was to keep him due to the need for full-time top talent (not to mention the threat of delivering a top talent to TNA in the midst of a legal battle). As for the backstage heat, the suspension in itself wasn't what caused the heat but rather how he handled it by feeling he was "above" the company.

  • Chris

    Randy made a mistake, I remember trips making on at MSG and you remember what happen? Just have him lose to the great khali and he won’t make the mistake again lol

    • Dave McGreal

      This is like Orton's tenth chance Chris

      • Richard

        An example of how he thinks he’s above the company, look at his stupid face expression in the Over The Limit and Capitol Punishment match cards when he was champion during his fued with Christian. What a turd.

  • Patrick Peralta

    amazing what being at top of the card or close to it…does in saving your job if it had been a lower or mid card guy they would have fired him.

  • Maz

    Nah we needs to loose to ‘the one man band’ Heath Slater, and that wud be epic

    • Bryan

      Bravo sir, that just made my day

  • KatDaddy07

    Which Superstar should Orton lose to AND which has the greatest potential to branch a legit storyline???
    Great Khali
    Sin Cara
    Drew McIntyre
    Heath Slater

    • Marc P

      Ryback or Mcintyre

  • Me.

    There have been many times where Randy Orton was a whiny little bitch after an opponent made one mistake, leading to the person getting de-pushed (Kofi) or even fired (Ken Anderson) as a result.

    How does it feel when the shoe is on the other foot Randy?

    • Laterial

      I think your list is missing the All-American, American, Jack Swagger.

  • Dave

    During the 1000th episode I thought WWE sent Orton a message of sorts, if you watch the opening video there is a part clearly showing Orton get beat down and you can hear Cole say “a message sent to Orton” or something along those lines.

    Maybe a message saying your stupidity cost you a spot on the 1000th Raw in your hometown. Just a theory.

  • Fred

    This was really, really, really, his last, last chance…..

  • Ricky Valdez

    The worst thing the wwe could do is humble randy Orton when he comes back. Randy Orton is still a top wwe star, still a wwe contendor for the title. Orton needs to grow up and rise to the top again, and the wwe needs to realize they still have a top talent in randy Orton, they have to make this work and get randy Orton back on track.

  • C.W.

    I’ve enjoyed 60 days free of orton. He’s just such an arrogant bi..h. I was hoping he would be fired. No such luck

  • Nick

    Ever since he made kofi get “de-pushed” I havn’t liked him he’s just a snake…. Those 60 days where great I was really hoping he gets fired…

    • Kevin

      I must have missed something. What did Kofi do to cause Randy to push to have him depushed? I thought Kofi's problem stemmed from Evan Bourne getting busted for wellness, leaving Kofi without a partner for the tag team titles.

      • WyFo

        If I remember right, Kofi was getting a main event push a couple years ago. There was a triple threat #1 contender match between Cena, Orton, and Kingston. Kofi botched the finish with Orton a little bit and Randy got pissed. Anyone can correct me if I’m wrong but as far as I know, this is what happened.


    @Nick & C.W. … it may be hard to understand, but these are probably the last days of 'best in the world' Punk or would be- champ Ziggler…
    you guys better get used to it, its time to reset Raw & Smackdown.

    • Evon Reese

      Absolutely. I'm curious to what the crowds reaction will be when Ortons music starts.

  • ptekin

    Age of orton is comming back cant wait


      You just wrote my toughts! Hell yea… !!!

  • Smitty

    Less face the facts Trip could not pass the same test Randy took, ya he is dirty too. This is about money not the test Randy did not pass. Hell if your a wrestler and under the age of 30 you may get a shot in the WWE but most likely not.