Randy Orton Wins The WWE Championship After "Cashing In" On Daniel Bryan

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Daniel Bryan beat John Cena to win the WWE Championship in the main event of SummerSlam. After the match, Cena congratulated Bryan and walked off. Randy Orton's music hit and he came out with the briefcase.

Orton held it up but appeared to walk off. Triple H, the special guest referee, turned on Bryan and hit the Pedigree. Orton then "cashed in" and pinned Bryan to win the WWE Championship.

The pay-per-view went off the air with Orton and Hunter celebrating in the ring.

Once cameras stopped rolling, Triple H and Orton posed on the ramp until the music ended. Bryan left the ring slowly then started going ballistic by pulling his hair out. The crowd chanted "bullshit" and "no, no no!" Our live correspondent eloquently coined it the LA Screwjob.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader John4Andersen for sending us text message updates.

  • John

    Unless the crowd dramatically changed then i have a hard time believing that their was any chants of “bullshit”! They were clearly cheering when Orton pinned Bryan.

    • SomeGuy

      Idk, they were pretty behind DB, from what I could hear.

      • John

        Bryan was definitely over with the crowd so i’m not saying they were cheering the fact that Bryan lost the title. I would imagine it was just because of the whole swerve ending that got them excited, but they were definitely cheering. Orton even got a pretty big pop when his music hit.

    • Kris Guenther

      I remember when CM Punk beat John Cena at Night of Champions in 2012. It was the finish where it looked like John Cena pinned Punk after a suplex off the top rope, but both shoulders were on the mat, meaning that Punk won. I was there that night and there were definitely people chanting “Bullshit” in the crowd towards the end of the show. And not just a few guys, you could literally hear a part of an arena chant “Bullshit.” It was definitely noticeable. However when you watch it back it doesn’t really catch on camera. So do I believe people chanted “Bullshit!”? Hell yeah. I wouldn’t be surprised. However because WWE isn’t like the NFL, and they don’t mic up EVERYWHERE in the arena, you wouldn’t be able to hear all of the crowd noise. Just a crumbled up version.

    • ili3po

      I was there. “BS” chant was loud and being chanted by the majority of the crowd.

    • BlazeKing

      The video is on Youtube. It happened after the show went off-air and DB was on the stage mad as hell.

    • steve pritchard

      I’m sure there were bullshit chants. Everyone was on the Bryan bandwagon . Then Orton and hhh derailed it. Even though it was predictable . I thought it was a great swerve.

  • 1degenerate

    Orton back where he belongs!!!

  • Winnipeg

    I don’t know about the finish between Cena & Bryan. It looked like a blown finish but I’m not sure. HHH was looking @ Cena in a “I’m sorry but it happened that way” look after the pin. U could see HHH saying “I’m sorry” in a way where it wasn’t suppose to happen that way. I duno.

    • Tony Rankin

      Yeah I thought it was odd that Cena got pinned with a knee. He probably got hit hardway. Also It was only about 10:45pm (Eastern) when the match ended and I thought that was way too early, even with the events that happened after the match.

  • -|AZ|-

    The pin after a running knee wasn’t a great finish though. DB could’ve followed it up with the YES lock instead…


    • Dan

      DB knee is Cena Kryptonite

  • steve pritchard

    I’ve seen this coming since Orton won the briefcase ! Very predictable but man is it nice to see Orton back where he belongs.

  • Patrick

    not suprised at all that Daniel Bryan got screwed out of the title it was clear the minute the McMahon’s got involved in the match weeks ago.they fooled no one… it sucks period how they treat Bryan. all the BS stuff they do is just stupid.

  • Mohan Ramnath

    HHH wil justify the move as a business decision danny doesnt look like a champion cuz of the beeard and every 1 is tired of cena and orton has MITB so he did that

    i dont mind danny beat cena mad props to him

    i wonder doh if it wil now be a tripple threat cena bryan orton or danny vs hhh

  • _JIM_

    Poor Daniel Bryan has the 2 quickest title losses that I can remember in the last little while. 18 seconds losing the World Championship to Sheamus at ‘Mania, and now however short last nights loss was for the WWE Championship. Poor guy. But it was a great way to get a feud going with Orton and Hunter who have apparently alligned themselves with the McMahon’s. D Bry vs the new corporation is what it’s looking like to me. Just like Austin fought Rock or Undertaker and Vince, Bryan will fight Orton and Hunter. I loved how they did the confetti and the whole celebration just to have it all fall apart for Bryan. Really well done, and I’m really liking where this is going. Kudos WWE. Please don’t screw it up!

  • thepowerserge

    Wow. What a b*tch way to win the title. Relying on someone else’s finisher instead of using your own? Guess we all know whose jock Orton’s been all over now.