Randy Orton Wins WWE Championship

Randy Orton beat Daniel Bryan to win the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell on Sunday night. The finish was dirty as Bryan had Orton beat after a running knee but Shawn Michaels was knocked out. Triple H was ringside by this time and came into the caged structure.

Triple H came in and threw Daniel Bryan off Michaels, as Bryan was trying to get him to get up and count.  Bryan retaliated on Hunter by hitting a running knee.  When Michaels finally came too, he hit Bryan with Sweet Chin Music.  This allowed Orton to get the cover and win the match.

WWE Hell in a Cell Results - Randy Orton Wins

  • Dan

    Orton has always been my favorite wrestler but this is getting annoying

  • John

    WWE is really starting to become very boring lately! I mean is their anyone who didn’t see this finish coming? The booking of Raw and SmackDown last week made it obvious that this would happen!

    Now at Survivor Series we get to see Randy Orton vs. Big Show… How awesome!

  • jdl

    All of a sudden I’m very sleepy… almost as if I’ve seen all of this before, have zero interest in it and would much rather take a nap.

  • Gary Robert

    It actually makes sense. As much as Bryan is over and people want to see him with the title, the title really means nothing. He’s main eventing and will continue to do so with some sort of story line progression involving HBK and Triple HHH. It basically creates two ,main event story lines…the one Bryan is in and the one Orton is in with the actual title as opposed to one with Bryan with the title.I predict he doesn’t win the belt for a while, and it doesn’t make sense to gibe it to him. Let him ride his wave and elevate a secondary story line into main event level status…he’ll win the belt at Mania after winning the Rumble. Bryan’s hype machine will continue to roll…and when he wins that belt at WM…it will be huge and on the biggest stage there is.

    • David

      Agree with everything you said.

      The actual execution seemed sloppy to me though. Nearly 5 minutes of H jumping around outside just didn’t seem necessary.

      Would LOVE to see a one off match between Michaels and Bryan.

      • Gary Robert

        I would love to see that match, also, but at the same time I want HBK to respect his own retirement.

  • Daydaydamack

    Bryan vs the corporation goes on, punk vs orton become a feud, bryan wins rumble, punk wins title from orton, punk vs bryan for the title wrestlemania mainevent