Randy Orton's Behavior On Twitter Gets Bizarre (If Not Mean?)

Randy Orton's behavior on Twitter has gone from questionable to downright bizarre (if not mean?). The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Tweeted a photo on Sunday of what appears to be a female fan with the following inscription:

Look @kimklro I met the Latino Ms. Piggy today at the gym. I wish you were there to have a good laugh with me! #MsPig

You can view the photo below:

Randy Orton & Fan

Orton made headlines over the weekend when he told fans he didn't do Q&As like Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler and called a fan a "D bag" regarding his discharge from the United States Marine Corps.

August 4, 2014 9:40 AM EDT Update: Apparently this has do with some drama involving Orton's real-life girlfriend. She justified the Tweet with the following:

  • 384

    I’d rather believe his online behavior is him suddenly trying to be a heel on social media, and not just on TV.

    • It’d be one thing if he was calling a contracted performer a name but whoever this woman is, is not part of any storyline. Completely inappropriate in my view.

      • 384

        True, but on TV, heels often resort to name-calling towards fans, who are not “in” on anything. Why can’t it be done on social media? It gives the impression that Orton’s a jerk, and the response would translate to more jeers on TV, and a heightened Twitter trend of bashing the guy for his behavior. Anything’s a step up from him being a rear kisser to the Authority.

        • Brandon van Reenen

          I think ACTUALLY being on TV, and playing up the heel on social media are two different things. On TV, we can judge how he is portraying the role through voice tone and facial expression. On social media in text, he just sounds like a d*ck. I doubt that’s how anyone would want to portray themselves ESPECIALLY involving their spouse/partners and people they may know who are not involved in any storyline.

      • Venom

        But clearly this isn’t just a fan. His gf tweeted the woman he’s with. My gut tells me he doesn’t know the woman personally but was aware of her and his gf does. She posed with him as a casual fan and he tweeted this.

        I know it sounds out there but I’ll give you an example. My gf at the time worked for a talent agency and her boss would make harassing comments and made her uncomfortable talking about his failed marriage and stuff. It got to the point where she quit. A few months later he messaged me on linkedin asking what my rates are cuz I’m a web designer. He didn’t know who I was but I was or who I knew but I was aware of him.

  • eskymi

    Ever picture I see of Orton looks like he’s under the influence of something. He is the D-Bag. And while he may be trying to be a heel, you don’t take pot shots at fans. Also, while bad conduct discharge is better than dishonorable, you don’t have to say it like you are proud of it. Better to just leave well enough alone cause the average joe probably doesn’t know the difference anyway.

    Case you are wondering (in simple form)…BCD is via court martial, could result in some confinement in prison, lose all benefits.

    Dishonorable usually means it’s a criminal type behavior (rape, desertion) and is a general court martial and treated like a felony so you lose all military benefits and civil rights such as gun ownership….

    • Vance

      Wasn’t dishonorable, according to him, it was a BCD for being an a-hole.

      • Tomas

        It wasn’t just for being an a-hole. He went AWOL twice.

  • Venom

    If he’s trying to keep kayfabe alive, someone needs to break the news to him that we all know wrestling is predetermined. We even saw a recent photo of the former Shield hanging out.

  • MadDawg

    Be a STAR Randy… not a D-bag. *sigh*

  • David F

    Randy needs to have someone else running his Twitter page. WWE should also sit down with him and tell him to tone it down on Twitter. I wonder if WWE has someone who tells WWE superstars Social Media lessons 101

    • Venom

      According to tweets, his gf went on his account and tweeted this. I don’t buy it though. I think Orton should dump her though.

      • Gary Robert

        well if he dumps her…get me her #, thanks.

        • Venom

          Not to sound like a cyber bully but she’s not very attractive. I don’t think she’s ugly just remember the photo of her and lawlers gf and kings gf is better looking.

          • Gary Robert

            Well, she looks good to me in the few pictures she has posted on her Twitter. That being said, I will now google The King’s woman, lol.

          • Gary Robert

            Now that being said…Lauryn Mcbride looks more like Jerry’s daughter than girlfriend. He’s 64. No idea how old she is, but she looks half his age. I smell gold digger.

          • Gary Robert

            lol 3 years ago he was dating 21-year old FCW Diva Su Yung. What a dirty old man.

          • Venom

            Yes it’s common fact King only dates women his granddaughters age. It’s weird in that his kids have had drugs, alcohol, criminal issues. King did well with his money, is the original straight edge yet his only flaw is he dates women over 18 but under 30. He did have an underage scandal that was dropped though.

  • Tom Mayer

    Don’t buy the gf on his twitter bs, this has Randy’s MO all over it. The problem is he has a history of behavioral problems, and very recently. He has no credibility, it’s just ashame an amazing performer is attached to such a jerk.

  • Splat

    The he is just heeling it up excuse is getting old. The guy is just a tool…

  • Gary Robert

    Orton’s girl is pretty hot.

  • supercilious1

    There seems to be an issue between Orton’s girlfriend and this girl in that pic. That’s an issue between the three of them. It’s not wrestling related so we shouldn’t concern ourselves with it.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Anyone remember when it was said that getting married and having a child had mellowed and matured Randy Orton?

    The level of immaturiy he continues to show on twitter is astounding for a 34 year-old ‘man’.
    As I said before, dude needs to grow up.

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    It looks like his gf is very selfish and stuck on herself. She doesn’t give a hoot about Randy’s career to drag him into her BS with this woman and Randy is stupid enough to go along with it. This is a very stupid move on his part especially since the majority of his female fans don’t look like models and that’s actually a very pretty woman he’s insulting.

  • Justin

    More ridiculous behavior by Randy.

  • Is it just me, or has no one considered that it was a take on her personality and attitude and not her weight?

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    It was clearly a joke, but still very unprofessional

  • We The geeks

    such a douche!