Randy Savage & The WWE Hall Of Fame, The Four Horsemen, The Other Side Of Vince McMahon, Booking Of Mark Henry

I know WWE usually only inducts one headliner into the Hall of Fame per year and this is year Edge is that headliner, however, what about Randy Savage? Don't you think he should be inducted given his tragic passing last year?

Randy Savage getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is a complicated issue and while he certainly deserves the honor, Hall of Fame inductions are ultimately decided by Vince McMahon. It's very well-known that Randy's name was off-limits in WWE for years because of an order directly from Vince. Many people, including former WWE creative writers, felt WWE was very hypocritical with their tribute packages for Savage at the time of his passing given McMahon's strong "Savage ban" while he was living. While I was glad to see whatever issues there were pushed aside to honor Savage's career, I don't know where Vince stands in inducting him into his Hall of Fame. There are other deserving names that have been blocked inductions because of personal issues with McMahon but it will be interesting if Randy's death changes Vince's stance.

Who all is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame under the Four Horsemen faction?

WWE issued a press release yesterday confirming the following names as inductees as the Four Horsemen - Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham and manager J.J. Dillon. In other words, bad news for all the Steve "Mongo" McMichael fans.

Why is Eddie Guerrero's name not mentioned on WWE television any more? Don't you think WWE should at least mention him on the anniversary of his death?

Not only did Eddie Guerrero receive a "first ballot" WWE Hall of Fame induction but Chavo (his nephew) had a job in WWE until last year and Vickie (his wife) and Shaul (his daughter) are still employed. I'm not sure what else you expect but not only has Eddie been honored by his former employer but McMahon has been very gracious to the entire Guerrero family.

Why has Mark Henry been booked so weak lately after being billed as an unstoppable force?

Mark Henry is currently injured which is why he's been booked like he has over the past month. The injury, to his groin, isn't significant enough to write him off television, however, it was significant enough where Vince McMahon made the decision to take the title off him. The good news for Henry fans is that he's still working in the main event. I also heard Henry felt like he could work through it and didn't want to drop the title but McMahon made the decision to book a change at last month's TLC pay-per-view.

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  • Ian P.

    Hey not only Mongo fans, but what about Paul Roma? 😀

  • Andy

    very smart move from Mark Henry in my opinion. Many times where he has a good run, he's ended up injured and then it goes nowhere and he's back to where he was. This time the same thing is happened but he wants to stay involved so that he isn't forgotten about. A very committed approach from Mr. Henry which I respect.

  • ted

    wwe is only honoring the members of the horsemen group that were the most famous and on good terms with wwe.

    if ole anderson hates vince for some stupid reason and vince hates him right back , then why should mcmahon invite him to HIS ceremony and honor him.

    same goes for randy savage. if mcmahon hated him then why should he have to honor him? mcmahon marked his passing on tv and even wrote a tribute in time magazine etc.

    even if mcmahon put savage in the hof, you would have the wrestling media bash him for doing it only afer savage died out of sympathy or as a token of good will. if mcmahon did not want savage in his hof while he was alive, then he should not put him in just because he died.

  • Nite

    i think Sting and Lex Luger were both 4 Horsemen at different times for a short bit, not to mention Chris B.(though i am not too surprised he wasnt mentioned or shown with WWE stand on him). the thing i am interested to see is will Flair be invited being he is still in TNA

    • Funk Under Fire

      With WWE stand on him?

      • Nite

        WWE removed all mention and almost all showings of Chris B. after it was known that he was the one that was responsible for his wife and sons murder.

  • Patrick Baker

    I should imagine Ric Flair is invited, considering that Austin Aries did voice actor work on WWE '12

    • Isaac

      To what wrestler?

      • David

        Jacob Cass the Create a wrestler for their road to wrestlemania story.

  • Funk Under Fire

    Savage won’t go in the Hall without permission from Lanny Poffo, his brother. Who stated that Randy’s wishes were to only go in if his brother and dad were in too.

    Similar situation with Owen Hart. Owen’s wife will not let WWE mention him and they need her blessing before they can put him in…. Or at least would like it?!?

  • @RatedMKD

    I don't get the Eddie question. John Cena specifically namedropped Eddie Guerrero in Chicago, the site of Eddie's HoF induction, just two and a half weeks ago. CM Punk mentioned him in a promo against Kevin Nash back in late-August/early-September. I also feel like I'm missing a reference to him somewhere in between, but it could just be that it doesn't feel like four months or so since that Punk promo. He's also featured on the new Ladder Match 2 DVD set. As much as I loved that wrestler, it's just not feasible to expect WWE to honour him around the clock all year long. I think Eddie Guerrero is honoured by WWE as much as you can reasonably ask for.

  • T-Boy

    Eddie gets enough tribute. Chavo used three amigos as signature, Chavo also used frog splash as a finisher. Rey Mysterio does tribute nearly every time he's booked, he uses frog splash as finisher after 619.

    • Adam

      Let's be honest here, Rey's splash is more Money Shot than Frog Splash.

  • Mike

    Will we ever find out with any certainty what went on between Savage and McMahon that McMahon hated him so? The only rumours I've ever heard were disturbing to say the least, and it's highly likely they're totally made up, but it just makes me wonder why someone would come up with such nonsense in the first place if there were a simpler explanation.

  • Patrick V

    What r the rumors I never got 2 c hin wrestle on tv except 4 on DVD’s. Honestly he was good enough fron what I saw 2 b In the HoF

  • The Breaker

    While Henry had a great run with the World Heavyweight Championship, I feel Daniel Bryan has really stepped his game up since winning the title. I really like the snarky, confident heel he's playing right now.

  • Dan

    Bit of a strange Eddie question – he's not the first and unfortunately won't be the last wrestler to tragically die. It's not like anyone needs to milk it any more.

    For what it's worth, I was at the Minehead show in the UK this year which was the closest show date to his death anniversary and Punk came back out and mentioned that by tradition the wrestlers do an in-ring celebration and get the crowd to cheer on point each year on the anniversary show. Very privlidged to see that btw.

  • PikaPal4ever

    i think it's ridiculous that edge is the headliner over the 4 horseman.
    Ric Flair is the greatest wrestler of all time and he deserves to headline any HOF ceremdony,
    especially over edge. Arn anderson was one of the most solid wrestlers in the 80s, tully blanchard
    was the best heel i've ever known, and windham, while not great, was a good member of the group
    to help them win lots of matches. It stinks that Ole isn't in the HOF (though I understand why), but I
    don't think there is one fan who has seen both edge's and the horsemans career that would say edge
    is anywhere in the horsemans league. Just my 2 cents.

  • ted

    edge is the headline act this year because he made his name in wwe and wwe fans see him as a bigger star than the horsemen who achieved their fame in nwa/wcw in the 1980's and the 1990's. there are many wwe fans who are kids who never even saw the horsemen in their prime. nostalgia acts do not sell tickets.

    • Steve l

      If nostalgoa acts dont sell tickets why is the Rock headlining Wrestlemania?

      • john

        because he puts A$$es in seats, and vince knows that most of the rocks fans will come back 2 watch him even if its that 1 last time type of thing

    • EvilKevyn

      Not to mention that Edge is a WWE staple. Once he made it to the bigs he never jumped ship.

      • VintageCole

        To be honest, once Edge made it to the bigs, there really wasn’t anywhere to jump ship to.

  • stoney

    It was rumoured that Macho Man tried to sleep with a then underaged Stephanie McMahon

    • Mike

      That's what I heard too. 13 or so. Can't be real.

  • ted

    actually, mcmahon was furious because savage jumped ship to wwe without any notice to wwe and took the slim jim advertising account with him. bret hart mentioned it in his book. mcmahon was so mad that hr promised to never do any business with savage again and that is why he was never invited back to any wwe event after wwe purchased wcw.

    savage did not care because he was 50 years old at the time and his wrestling days were over.

  • Paul w

    Im with ted on randy savage vkm should stick to his guns wwe would not be so succesfull if it was not for him so if he wont put him in hof then why complain. I dont agree that flair should be there while he still under contract with the b squad also known as tna

  • XRD89X

    I didn’t see anyone mention the ice man Dean Malenko as being one of the horseman for a while there, he was alot better than Mcmichael, Benoit ,Flair and Anderson put together.. Another WCW star the WWE failed to use properly, and Savage will always be a legend he doesn’t need to be inducted into a hall of fame that there will be no record of if the company ever folds, the fans decide who the real legends are and our hall of fame is called YouTube


    Henry, Big Show, Kane.. These are big dumb guys that get the title because it makes sense that the big guy would every once in a while.. However because of their very limited ability to do anything other that walk around slowly and look stupid they’ll never hold the title for any significant amount of time.. Henry should go back to being mr Sexual Chocolate, that was entertaining, Show should go back to being a mean giant taking on 3 or 4 cruiserweights at a time like his WCW days.. And Kane should just retire, his act is worn out.

  • Cristina

    Does anybody even know why Savage was a taboo subject around Vince McMahon? I heard some rumors, but never an actual matter of fact story.