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Welcome to Rapid Reaction from SummerSlam featuring streaming comments, news, Tweets and more as SummerSlam airs live on the WWE Network.

7:00 PM EDT: Kendra Bunyon Tweeted these photos from inside the arena before the show started, courtesy of Adam Eaton:

7:56 PM EDT: Rob Van Dam beat Cesaro on the SummerSlam Kickoff. Brooks Oglesby has the results at this link. Afterwards, Cesaro brought the referee to the expert panel and Flair said he loved Cesaro.

8:01 PM EDT: We're live on the WWE Network and Hulk Hogan opens the broadcast. Hogan cut a lengthy 9.99 WWE Network program.

8:08 PM EDT: 17,357 is the announced attendance. Michael Cole notes the Staples Center is sold out for the 27th edition.

8:11 PM EDT: Maria Menounos is shown sitting in the front row. The German announce team is sitting next to the trio. There are four -- yes four -- German announcers. Cole, JBL and Lawler talk about the ALS "Ice Bucket" challenges.

8:17 PM EDT: The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler opened the pay-per-view. Ziggler is over huge, crowd chanted "You Can't Wrestle" loudly at Miz.

8:19 PM EDT: Dolph Ziggler is the new WWE Intercontinental Champion, his second reign. He beat Miz after hitting Zig-Zag. Sean Hopkins has complete results at this link.

8:27 PM EDT: Paige and AJ Lee are both out for the WWE Divas Championship match. Betting odds have AJ Lee retaining.

8:33 PM EDT: The second match and the second title change. This is great news for Paige fans as she's clearly regained the confidence of the office. She's 22 years old today and is now a 2-time WWE Divas Champion.

8:42 PM EDT: The entire crowd is chanting "We the People," completely behind Jack Swagger in the Flag Match against Rusev. If you would have told me after Wrestlemania 30 that Swagger would be over huge and Cesaro would still be dwindling on the Pre-Show, I would have said you were crazy.

8:49 PM EDT: Rhonda Rousey from UFC is backstage at SummerSlam.

8:56 PM EDT: Rusev vs. Jack Swagger wasn't a flag match, it was a singles match where the winner got to raise their flag. In this case, Rusev raised the Russian flag. Also, we've spotted Mr. Beddling a/k/a Dennis Haskins backstage.

9:01 PM EDT: Bill Simmons and Michelle Beadle (both from ESPN) are shown sitting in the crowd. The Lumberjacks are out and Seth Rollins has entered. Dean Ambrose comes out next.

9:05 PM EDT: Stephanie McMahon Tweeted out a photo of her ring gear. You can view it below:

9:12 PM EDT: Corporate Kane decided to get involved in behalf of Rollins and chaos ensued. Rollins ended up getting the win after using the MITB briefcase as a weapon. Sean Hopkins has complete results at this link.

9:19 PM EDT: Chris Jericho is out following Bray Wyatt's "event" of an entrance. Jericho is wearing a lighted jacket and every cell phone light in the crowd was on during the entrance of Bray.

9:33 PM EDT: As expected, Bray Wyatt avenges his loss by beating Chris Jericho. He hit two Sister Abigails.

9:45 PM EDT: Say what you want about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon but they're both in incredible shape. The crowd is quiet for this so far.

9:51 PM EDT: Triple H comes out to get involved, so does Nikki Bella. Hunter neutralized the referee when Brie had Stephanie in the Yes Lock. Brie Bella just did Daniel Bryan's missile dropkick to know Hunter down on the outside. Nikki gets in the ring to finish off Stephanie.

9:53 PM EDT: ... or so we thought. Nikki turns on Brie, allowing Stephanie to Pedigree Brie and get the win.

10:05 PM EDT: Roman Reigns did indeed debut a new vest, as promised.

10:21 PM EDT: "Statement match" and "biggest win" of Roman Reigns' career is how Michael Cole termed it. I thought they did great and Orton had a great spot when he countered the Superman punch with the RKO.

10:31 PM EDT: This year's SummerSlam is the second-most attended in the 6-year run at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Here's the attendance over the years:

2009: 14,116
2010: 14,178
2011: 17,404
2012: 14,205
2013: 14,500
2014: 17,357

10:35 PM EDT: I was surprised to see Brock Lesnar use the F5 a half minute in. I thought they were going to go home for a minute.

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  • Vic Jose

    This is a waste. Who is going to sit here and read all of this, especially during a pay per view? You think people are going to come here and see what everyone is tweeting? Please don’t do this again.

  • Jose – LA

    Cena & WWE did right thing…#Best4Business… Now the most IMPORTANT move is ‘WHO’ gets the rub of rubs…and becomes the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion!!!!

  • People’s Champ – Hollywood

    a) Cesaro, b) Roman Reigns or c) Someone not currently on the roster…

    • HH

      Hmmm… Thinking, Thinking Thinking.. HH

      • devanshkotak

        grow up guys we all had problems when vince wouldnt give talents part time contracts and now we have a problem cause he does. lets get over it and have some fun cause cena got his ass kicked 😀

  • Joey

    I’m a 3 hour drive away from where Night of Champions will take place and tonights raw depend on if i get the tickets! Maybe we will get something new from John and im hoping Brock will be in TN….we shall see

  • Christoph

    There are four German announcers because the two sitting to the left normaly commentate Smackdown! here in Germany and the two sitting to the right are commentating Raw here in Germany.