Title Change Discussed For Raw's 20th, Update On A Possible Surprise Royal Rumble Entrant, The Future Of The WWE Tag Team Division Not As Bright As Recent Months; Details On Why The Change, Big Gimmick Transformation Pitched But What Is Holding It Up

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- There was serious talk about changing the WWE Divas Championship on the 20th Anniversary of WWE Raw coming out of meetings this past Monday. The plan was for Kaitlyn to go over Eve Torres and for Eve to win it back, possibly as soon as Royal Rumble. These type of plans change so frequently I almost hate to mention it but thought some of you may find it of interest.

- John Morrison doesn't have any written commitments for January 27, 2013 - the night of Royal Rumble - should he come to terms with WWE on a deal to return to the company. We're told many people close to Morrison are encouraging him to return because the door may be closed in six months with so much new talent coming up through WWE's developmental system.

- Vince McMahon has once again cooled down on his initiative to re-build the WWE tag division. One observer notes how obvious it is in the booking, such as The Prime Time Players going under in a match against Brodus Clay & Zack Ryder taped for WWE Superstars. The difficulty in all this falls in the laps of the writing team as one month they are expected to create a viable tag division, the next week Vince doesn't seem to want one.

- We're told one producer was lobbying to change Brodus Clay's gimmick again this week and pitched a possible bodyguard gimmick. The gimmick makes sense because Clay was actually the real-life bodyguard of Snoop Dogg before his days as a professional wrestler (as pictured above). The hold up on any transformation in Clay's character is Vince McMahon as he loves the Funkasaurus gimmick. The bodyguard gimmick is also problematic in that Big E Langston is now playing a similar role with Dolplh Ziggler.

  • Nick

    I think Brodus Clay would make a better bodyguard than Big E. To me he just doesn’t have a heel look to him and about as interesting as Mr Hughes.
    Clay could cut a worked shoot promo advising the universe that Punks Promo last week made him realise what and who he is actually is. He could even help Punk out in a high profile match later that night to cement the heel turn.

    Obviously that would side him with Punk and not Dolph but I’m sure Vince could work it out.. maybe a bodyguard to hire for the heels… Just a thought.

  • Michael

    I think that Clay needs a gimmick change, Vince did this gimmick with Scorpio who in my opinion is one of the most talented wrestlers to ever wrestle. I don’t think that the body guard gimmick should be used,I think hr should revert back to the monster he was when he was with Del rio.