Raw Attendance, Urn Anderson, RSVP For Spoiler Watch Party

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- 18,168 was the announced attendance for this week's WWE Raw from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The show was a legitimate sellout.

- For those that missed the photo CM Punk and Triple H Tweeted of Urn Anderson from backstage at Raw, you can view it below:

We also have it here on Instagram.

- Our first "Open Thread" Watch Party was a huge success for WWE Raw. Don't miss the one Tuesday night at 6:30 PM EDT for Smackdown Spoilers. You can confirm on Facebook at this link.

  • StraightEdgeForLife

    Hahaha brilliant!

  • _JIM_

    Urn Anderson!! That’s some high quality entertainment right there!
    “The Enforcer” is by far the most under appreciated legend of all time. He was always one of my fav’s and was one of the major reasons I always preferred NWA/WCW over WWF/E back in the day. If Double-A isn’t deserving of his own H.O.F. induction nobody is IMO. He should definitely be in on his own along with being in with the 4-Horsemen. He was a multiple time tag champ with multiplt partners. Plus IMO he was the face of the NWA/WCW TV Championship just like RVD was the face of the ECW TV Championship. He wasn’t only a top notch in ring talent either. His promo work was second only to Ric Flair, and that is saying quite a lot. He’s the “Cris Carter” of the WWE HOF. Just like C.C. deserves to be in the NFL HOF, but gets passed over every year, so does Arn Anderson when it comes to getting the solo WWE HOF induction that he most definitely deserves. Randy Savage is about the only person who is more deserving and has yet to be inducted IMO.

    • mark mcginnis

      I agree with you about arn Anderson but cris Carter is finally going into the NFL hall of fame this year.