Raw Back To 2 Hours?, Triple H's In-Ring Future, WWE Developmental PG, Commentary In Arenas

With the three-hour episodes of WWE Raw not going as planned, could you see
them going back to two hours?

I am not quite sure what you mean "not going as planned" because despite the fact this week's show left a lot to be desired, it held its own in the ratings. The only way WWE is going to return to two hours is if the show struggles in the ratings as they are making more money in advertisements by going three hours.

Is Triple H retiring and if not, when will he return?

Triple H signed a new performer's contract earlier this year that doesn't expire until March 30, 2016 so there are plans for him to continue wrestling. However, he's still a semi-retired pro wrestler that is focused on his executive responsibilities for his inevitable succession of Vince McMahon. There are no immediate plans for him to return to the ring hence the second storyline "broken arm" angle.

Does WWE's developmental program follow the same PG initiative as far as promos, head shots and blood?

Yes, WWE's developmental program, now called NXT Wrestling, follows right along with the PG initiative that we see on WWE television. The idea is obvious in that the company wants to season their developmental workers appropriately so the transition for call-ups is as smooth as possible.

Has WWE ever considered streaming their commentary in a way where it could be heard by people that attended television tapings?

A few years ago I remember the company selling headphones at the merchandise stands in the arena where you could listen to the commentary but I do not believe they still produce them. I agree it would be nice to be able to hear the commentary while attending. Since I never experienced the headphones perhaps if someone is reading that bought them could provide us with more insight.

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  • Rob

    They were selling some sort of headphones/earpieces to listen to commentary at Wrestlemania when I went this year, however whether they are a regular occurance or a one off for Wrestlemania i have no idea

  • Bigdaddychuck

    The headphones were used during wrestlemania 28 and were 40 dollars and was only good for that night and raw or when they return to Miami for tv.. Not worth the money to me

    • Kelvin

      You my friend were ripped off. I paid 15 bucks for mine right at the gate at Wrestlemania. I converted mines into s lanyard for my car keys since the only other useless feature is an FM radio

  • Chris

    They still make the headphone, though now its in the form of a watch. They had them at wrestlemania

    • Dave Barton

      Did you tap the floor, hold it up to your ear, and yell out "Its clobberin' time!"?

  • Robbie parnell

    Yea I have one of the headphones you was talking about I got one when I went to the royal rumble in st.Louis and it is alot more better with the headset then nothing at a live show but I wish they would bring it back because I went to the 1000th shoe and it suck not being able to use the headset.

    • Kevin

      It must also suck to be as illiterate as you are. There were so many mistakes in your posting that I don't even know where to begin criticizing. Spelling errors (It's "show", not "shoe", unless you're Ed Sullivan reincarnated), punctuation missing (Where's your "period" at the end of your first sentence, after the word about?), capitalization wrong (It's St. Louis, not st.Louis), not to mention the use of the word "was" when you should have used "were". "alot more better"? REALLY! Try having your mommy double check your typing before you post anything.

      • Kevin's Daddy

        And it must suck to be you. You must have such a terrible life that you need to respond to someone and hit on them for their grammar. Why don't you do something a little more productive. Since you're in the mood to correct things, why don't you work on correcting your attitude?

      • KevMen

        Ffs get a life you moron!!
        People don’t have time for grammar while writing posts!!

        • kbunyon

          Looks like you don't have the time to have basic manners either. This is a problem with the internet – people are not face to face, so the stop using grammar and common decency. It's so sad to see people attacking others because they're not being held accountable for what they say.


  • Angel Psymon

    When my girlfriend and I attended the "Elimination Chamber" PPV in Milwaukee back in February, they offered the sale of earpieces to hear the commentary. However, as we were front row, she said that our commentary would be more entertaining.

    In short, as of February, I can confirm they still offer the earpieces but I cannot give a personal experience.

    • outkazt09

      I also attended that show. row 3 section 4. they were selling them too, but it was too much money to listen to commentary. so I decided to listen to the commentary via android phone with a live stream.

  • J-Dub

    Does anyone else feel that with the expansion of raw to three hours we just get more WWE Commercials. On this past raw we saw three or four vignettes on HHH, and I can remember the same thing (not all of HHH but WWE stuff) all the way back to raw 1000. I guess instead of getting more wrestling, we will get more story lines, more filler, more WWE Commercials, and more replays.

    • _JIM_

      The matches have been a lot longer since the change to 3-hours. The vignettes are shown coming out of commercial breaks just as they always have been. Due to the show being longer there are more commercial breaks. So of course there is going to be a couple more vignettes.

  • Lenny

    This is gonna sound like I’m hating but Triple H’s marriage to Stephanie did serve a purpose. First and foremost that no matter what happened, he would always have a job! Second, he is soon going to become the new Vince McMahon as he will own it all! It’s amazing how back then when he first got with Steph, fans would say he married her to get to the top and then others would say that he was already on top when he married her. Both sides have valid points but the bottom line is whether his marriage and feelings towards Steph was legit or not, because he is in te family he will one day be the main boss! If he hadn’t married Steph, I guarantee you that he would still be wrestling full time for at least another 3 years and then retire. So the moral of the story is, whether you like or hate what he did, you have to admire his smarts, he knew full well that Vince is not gonna do this forever! As for Shane McMahon, his loss!

    • Ricky

      Shane knew that HHH and Steph where the heir apparents to the WWE Throne, thus why he left. Trips is a smart guy and knew the benefits when he married the bosses daughter. Trips has his haters and he's done more than his fair share of burying young talent. Now though he knows that guys like Cena, Orton, Big Show aren't going to be around forever. He needs the younger guys in NXT to ensure WWE has a future.

  • havoc525

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see him have a couple, very short, title runs before 2016. Got to top Flair.

    • _JIM_

      I don’t think he will top Flair. He’s too big of a fan of Flair’s to want to surpass his total. He may take it right up to 15 but I seriously doubt it. I say I doubt it because if he was so concerned about himself winning more championships he would’ve never have made the decision to go under Brock Lesnar a couple weeks ago. I think he’s actually looking out for what’s best for business now. Instead of being totally self promoting.

    • Kevin

      Negative. Ric Flair will ALWAYS hold the title of Most Championship Reigns, just as The Undertaker will be the only wrestler never to lose at Wrestlemania. Some records just shouldn't be broken.

  • Logan_Walker

    The WWE Radios where first at last years Summerslam (2011) after that im not sure. it would be good to have them

  • Kerry

    Im fed up of the 3 hour raw ! The past few weeks have been torture to watch. It just doesn’t have the same “buzz” about it anymore unfortunately

  • John

    The WWE product is extremely stale right now! There's just nothing compelling happening.. Even CM Punk has gotten boring lately! They made a huge mistake turning him face.

    • Robert

      They Turned Punk heel. Thats why you recieved a -1 review.

    • Lenny

      Uh dude have you been watching the show??? Punk is so heel right now it’s not even funny. He totally “destroyed” Jerry Lawler in that cage match. Punk is super heel right now!

  • Gary

    He was still getting baby face reactions on his entrance so I think that was done to really put him over as a heel.

  • adam

    Punk will always be cheered I have been cheering him heel or face since 2006. And I enjoy the 3 hour show and I think the WWE has been really entertaining since raw 1000 even smackdown has been better in recent weeks. Just because raw was lackluster this weeks doesn’t mean its horrible and of course there will be points that don’t appeal to everybody but the whole show can’t be rated on that alone!!

  • Mark

    I went to the Heinken Cup Rugby final which was shown on Sky Sports in the UK. Sky Sports sold earpieces which meant you could listen to the TV commentary but they also worked through Sky Sports so worked on any televised match. Was great to watch the match with commentary

    • VLG

      Most major rugby has earpieces for comentary, or at least to hear what the ref says.

  • Rob

    If nxt follows pg aswell why can/could they do more dangerous moves like Tyler blacks gods last gift?

  • PhilT81

    As a visually impaired person, if I were to ever go to a WWE show then commentary would be an absolute requirement, not a luxury.

    3-hour RAW just feels like a mix of recaps and commercials with a little live action as filler. I couldn’t bare to watch it live without the ability to fast-forward. Just as well it’s on in the middle of the night in the UK and I have to wait until the next day to watch it. Seriously, why all of the recaps? Do they think their fans are so stupid they lack the ability to retain information about what’s happened in recent history?

  • Bizzle

    I attended Elimiation Chamber this year 2012 they sold them for a pretty affordable price not over $20 I know that much. Worked excellent and on the box it mentions that it can be re used at all wwe events.

  • Nathen

    The headphones were not sold at this years Summerslam. They relied on FM radio transmission. Once purchased the headphones were supposed this usable sat any WWE event. Buying seems to me WWE gave up on them as they were nowhere to be seen at Summerslam. My brother bought one last year and had mixed things to say about it. On one hand, hearing commentary was nice. But it wasn't very comfortable.

  • JasonGaza

    the headphones are 15 dollars but takes away a bit of the fun

  • Btb

    I’ve found that my attention span for wwe is exactly 2 hours. I may have the tv on, but I’m barely paying attention to it.

    I also find myself being way more critical of it. How much time was spent pushing HHH this past week?

  • urgrammarsucks

    "Since I never experienced the headphones perhaps if someone is reading that bought them could provide us with more insight."

    This sentence, just before the part about proper spelling and grammar!