Raw Is Blogged – This Raw Was Booty!

I had really been hoping for so much from this episode of Raw. Not that I thought they would be able to fix the major plot holes and serious issues going into WrestleMania all in one night, but I thought they'd give us a real reason to want to watch WrestleMania. I feel a bit bad saying that, but I've taken a step back from watching WWF 2000 and I started watching all the WrestleManias in order. I started watching WrestleMania 11 this morning and I'm pretty floored with much of what I've seen so far. I, as per usual with my watching, found more issues and holes in modern wrestling. Now, some major Superstars took years to get to the top, while others quickly rose and were the man pretty quickly. The biggest factor in all of it was how strong the roster was at the given time. The problem I see right now is that the roster is seriously sick, yet they're being treated like there's a group of top guys keeping them down, but there isn't a Hogan, Warrior, Savage, Piper, Cena group of horribly strong top guys keeping everyone down. There's just The Authority and McMahon. So, where does the trouble really lie?

Raw Starts

In Ring Segment > A

I was shocked when Taker came out to start the show. He's gone into a number of WrestleMania feuds without saying a word, that he's out here on this go-home makes me worry that they're just hoping to get enough people tuning in to see the PPV. Taker is always money, and he sold it really well here. Very Taker entrance and moment, even though he's 51 years old. Calling Shane 'bitch boy' was fantastic. He really put it out there to Shane, all the while being the Taker we all know and love – if with a lot less hair.

Shane looked great, got a solid pop, and really laid it out there for Taker, and wasn't backing down. I love when we get 'Holy shit!' chants this early in a show, even better are the "This is awesome!" chants. He ripped Taker a new one over his legacy and what he's willing to do to take back the WWE. His last appearance was quite lackluster, and it seemed as though he might have lost whatever it was he had when he first returned to the WWE. It appears as though him being off the way he was was a fluke, not his first appearance being the fluke.

These two have known each other since they were both young men in very different roles within the WWE. Taker was the man, Shane the boss' son who wanted to learn it all and do everything. That Shane was so great in the ring was an anomaly compared to McMahon's klutziness. Steph was better than her father, but it was Shane who shone in the ring, and it's great to see him back and in better shape than ever. Everyone has said that this match has painted the WWE into a corner, and while I agree with that, I know that the actual match will be something we will be talking about for years to come. Taker's in great shape, not just for his age, but in great shape. Shane's in great shape and obviously ready for this match. Shane's always been a high flier and willing to take the risks that you never think he will make, but almost always succeeds at. Shane earned his 'Giant Killer' persona. While his first match with Big Show had tons of help from Test and others, Shane took that and ran with it, hitting moves that would make Rey, RVD, Jeff Hardy, and Foley cringe. He always amazed me, and I hope he continues with that without injuring himself or Taker at WrestleMania.

The punches Shane threw in the ring didn't look fantastic, and that monitor Shane hit Taker with was so obviously plastic and fake, but that flying leap Shane took was the best spot I've seen in a very long time. Shane still has it, if not more it than he had when he was in the ring on a more regular basis. Shane seems to be missing that baby fat he had when he was working the ring, definitely leaner than we've ever seen him. I'm excited about their WrestleMania match, even though I have little idea of a possible good outcome for all involved. The best idea I've seen is Zack's article that he posted about this match and the WWE WHC. If you haven't read his article, go read it now, I'll wait. I'm serious, go read Zack's article!

Jericho vs Ryder > B-

AJ added so much to this match. It was great to see Jericho yelling at AJ and taking bumps, but it sucked that it was Ryder who had any control over Jericho. I thought I was the only Ryder hater around, but it came out in the Open Thread Discussion that there's a bunch of us who haven't cared for Ryder since he stopped being an Edgehead. We knew that the AJ distraction would cost Jericho the match, but the “Y2Jackass” chants were more than I expected, and AJ got exactly what he wanted.

Not sure if Jericho didn't trash Lilian's knees off getting the chair and trashing the area, but it looks as though the announce area will be trashed through the whole show. The only thing I think was really missing was a stip for their match. It cannot be a simple singles match, it has to be more.

Lastly, I know Ryder had an earlier segment with Jericho, and maybe it was a nice way to give both Ryder and his girlfriend show bonuses for the same Raw, but why Ryder? Ryder hasn't had a Raw win in a year, hasn't had a clean Raw win in almost two years, yet they went with Ryder as a face to go against Jericho rather than Sandow? My only hope is that Shane will win and Sandow is his first push, that Sandow will be getting so much more after WrestleMania – even though that's the downtime in the WWE. At this point I'll take Sandow in any way I can get him, the man deserves so much more than he's gotten from the WWE.

Winner – Ryder

Charlotte vs Becky > B-

It makes great sense to have Sasha on announce after Sasha's last match with Charlotte. It seems the only way to round out their Triple Threat Divas Championship Match at WrestleMania, but a bummer to see that there're so few real faces in the Divas Division these days. Further bummer that the Divas Champ cannot win a match without her father getting involved. I truly hope he loses the match for her at WrestleMania. Also, Becky didn't look very beaten when she gave up the three here. Not good selling, or not enough time spent really taking Becky down? I vote for the latter.

Winner – Charlotte

Backstage Segment > B+

I'm glad they're changing things up, putting McMahon on the mic backstage rather than in the ring, or talking to Steph who seems to only whine at him. I love that Shane got in there and got in his face. McMahon is the man who didn't think his own father was in touch with the fans, didn't think his father had his finger on the pulse of the industry, and now he's just as bad off, if not worse than Jess was when McMahon started changing the industry in a huge way. This was a solid segment between a father and son, showing that there really are issues with the way the WWE is being run, and I'm hoping that Shane can breathe some new life into things. Trip has a pretty good handle on a lot, look at NXT, but McMahon won't let him take the WWE to the next level. While Shane and Trip/Steph might not agree, I'm hoping that what's coming is better for the Superstars, the fans, and the future of the WWE.

Social Outcasts vs Kane & Big Show > C+

Axel shouting out a birthday wish to his father, Mr. Perfect, was so sweet. I loved seeing the Social Outcasts lined up on the apron, and even though they got cut off by Big Show's music, Axel got his wish out and that touched me.

When Sandow hit the ring the Raw Open Thread Discussion erupted! Everyone was screaming about the Sandow sighting. I know we are a small subset of the IWC, but when everyone is so excited to see Sandow in the ring with almost 20 other Superstars, that shows that he's missed and needs a regular role on WWE TV. It's time to get Sandow back on Raw, getting a solid push in a great storyline. I'm so disgusted with the WWE over their mistreatment of Damien Sandow!

This match didn't last long, but because of what it was for, I didn't expect much. I loved the Social Outcasts chokeslam from Big Show and Kane, and it makes me think that the Social Outcasts could be a lot of fun in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal.

I do have to mention someone in the stands who caught my attention. Did anyone else see the blonde dancing slowly to Big Show's music, wearing a Hot Rod shirt? She really confused me. Did she know she was at a wrestling show? I shouldn't talk much, I'm always looking at and doing the strangest things at shows, but she really looked confused about why she was there.

No Contest

In Ring Segment > B

And here's our 20 minute Trip segment. Blah, blah, blah, I'm Trip and I'm the best there's ever been in the WWE, in the industry. As much as I am annoyed by these segments, Trip knows how to hold the fans, how to get a reaction. Steph is just as good but in a different way. But the way that the fans were either dead quiet, or booking Reigns, they're in so deep that if they don't come up with something earth-shattering at WrestleMania, they will be dead in the water.

There was almost no reaction for Reigns, other than the 'Roman sucks!” chants, and the fight between them was nothing. The best thing to happen now would be for Reigns to get 'injured' and have Trip work with Brock Lesnar and Ambrose for the WWE WHC. Otherwise, I'm quite worried.

Kofi vs ADR > B+&D-

Ugh! Just ugh! I know this match was to push their tag match at WrestleMania, but why did they put the worst of both teams into this match? Kofi can botch almost anything, and ADR has gone from getting X-Pac heat to getting nothing at all from the fans. The fans are so over ADR and League of Nations that it seems as though they're taking the apathy route. You'd really think that TPB in the WWE would get the hint! Apathy is the worst thing fans can give, and they're to that point less than a week out of WrestleMania. Bad sign for things going forward!

New Day on mic was solid and deserves the grade for that, but everything after that was just booty!

Winner – Kofi

Stage Segment > A

I loves me some Coach! They need to do a Rocky and Coach at WrestleMania, just for nostalgia's sake.

Backstage Segment > C-

That first punch on Bubba Ray was stiff! But it's Bubba Ray, so I bet he was thrilled to see Reigns hit him like that. What I don't like is that it took the Dudley Boyz to lure Reigns into a fight. Trip should be able to do that all by himself, and shouldn't need even someone to lure Reigns. And the beating wasn't that good. Reigns did what he did to Trip the past couple weeks, then this? Such bad booking by the WWE, and it's leading to an epic mess at WrestleMania. I feel for them, but they backed the wrong horse and didn't do anything to push Ambrose into that spot when it was so glaringly obvious that Reigns wasn't working out. Again, I think a Reigns 'injury' is the only thing that could save them at this point.

Kalisto vs Konnor > D+

I'm shocked to see Konnor still around and on Raw. He's the second lowest of low-level jobbers we've seen on this Raw (the other being Ryder), kind of shocking to me. Kalisto deserves better than this, and that he was booked in this match was a total slap to Kalisto and the US Championship. Heck, Viktor is better than Konnor at this point. I think Konnor is the worst of the worst in the WWE, and it's time to cut bait with him. I know the WWE doesn't have mass releases the way they used to, but I don't know why The Ascension hasn't been sent back to NXT, or even quietly released by this point. There're so many other jobbers who have more than proven themselves in the WWE. Poor Kalisto, he's so much better than ADR and deserves so much more than he's getting. Kalisto is marketable, unlike ADR. Kalisto's ring work is on point, unlike ADR's. Kalisto has a fan following, unlike ADR. Kalisto has such merchandizing opportunities, unlike ADR. Lastly, Kalisto hasn't alienated most of the other Superstars and backstage staff, unlike ADR! It's time for McMahon to admit this mistake, give Kalisto a push, and push ADR out the door.

Winner – Kalisto

In Ring Segment > A-

Heyman! He's the perfect person to get us excited for WrestleMania. That man is fantastic on mic, and visually, he's right up there as one of the best in the business. At times like this, it doesn't matter that Brock doesn't speak, because he needs to be menacing going into the match with Ambrose at WrestleMania. All that being said, Ambrose stole the segment. He ran away with it as if Heyman and Brock weren't even there. I will say that Brock's facial expressions, the smiles, smirks, incredulity made what Ambrose was doing that much more interesting, but it was Ambrose who about brought the house down.

Now, many of us have spent the past week trying to figure out who would appear and give Ambrose an iconic weapon. You saw me tweaking out in the RIB last week, and I actually came up with two more ideas going into this Raw – Jake 'The Snake' Roberts lending Damien to Ambrose, even though PETA might freak about the whole thing the way no one ever freaked about the snake before, or maybe Sting with his back baseball bat – but they didn't go anywhere with that. I'm not sure anyone could have done more than Foley and Funk did, so I get why they sent Ambrose out there with his big red wagon. Not sure why Barbie, the chainsaw, and all those other things were lined up under there for him, other than to make the segment work, but it was Ambrose who more than stole the show for me, and never said a word. I adore that man!

They mounted Ambrose's wagon too close to the wheels. With the weight Ambrose added to the wagon, I'm not sure it was rolling well for him. Someone really screwed that one up! That Ambrose didn't even look at Brock when he collected weapons, and the way Brock leaned and laughed at Ambrose, I thought that segment went over better than it could ever have looked on paper. It's so obvious that a lot of segments the WWE gives us look that much better on paper than in real life, and that's because so many of the Superstars cannot stand up and give us so much more than the paper their segment is written on. Ambrose, on the other hand, gives so much more than most of the Superstars on the roster, and that's where the WWE has so epically screwed up with the booking of WrestleMania.

Paige vs Emma > B+

I love Evil Emma, but light blue doesn't seem like much of a heel color, even though Summer Rae was in the same color. I like that she's kept most of her signature moves, but fights so dirty now. Obviously dancing Emma didn't translate to WWE TV, but Evil Emma sure does. She looked great in the ring with Paige and worked hard with her in the ring.

Lana looked hot, but she doesn't appear to yet have the skills needed to do more than hit a couple moves now and then. I do like that this devolved into a major fight in and around the ring, but Eva Marie? That woman wasn't even as strong as Lana in the ring the last time I saw her, and from everything I've heard, she hasn't grown much in the ring during her three years of training within the WWE. I'd rather see Lana learn and work the ring hard than ever see Eva Marie in the ring again, but sadly, that doesn't appear to be what's going to happen at WrestleMania. If only Bayley was on Total Divas!

Winner – Emma

Backstage Segment > B+

I'll fully admit that I use the, “I thought it was boogers, but it'snot” joke at least once a week, so I was about on the floor laughing at Goldust and R-Truth. In fact, I laughed so hard I hurt myself, had to take pain meds and go to bed early before Raw ended. I might be a disabled woman in my 40s, but at heart, I cannot pass up a good booger joke. Please know that the grade for this segment is all for my own personal pleasure and I know that the other 99% won't be impressed.

Zayn & Ziggler & Sin Cara vs Owens & Miz & Stardust > B+

What a great match, at least on TV. It didn't sound as though the fans were really thrilled with it in person. With the 'Booty!' chants, and chanting for “New Day!” and “CM Punk” and “RVD” the way they did. I loved Owens refusing to stay tagged in, not working with his team, and being left in the dust because of it. Ziggler did a great job of being beaten down and giving the hot tag to Zayn who worked the ring so beautifully with his team. Funny thing about Zayn – Stacy was at Target and I asked him to check to see if there were any Owens or female action figures. He found Zayn but said be looked vacant and slightly confused. It was when this match started and he really looked at Zayn that he realized that the action figure wasn't that far off. I've not picked him up yet, but I might before I have to start taking my WNW Predicts pics on Friday. Hoping to have luck at Kmart tomorrow and Thursday.

Anyway, I have to say that I'm shocked the fans were so disgruntled by this match. I rather enjoyed it. The match told a story and set up for the obligatory IC Championship Ladder Match at WrestleMania. I watched the first one at WrestleMania 10 this morning and it was a great match. Hall and HBK really set the bar for what a Ladder Match should be, and watch those who followed take it to a whole new level. I'm excited to see what these six will do at WrestleMania, and I think they set up for what's to come with this match. This was a teaser, and Owens made it so absolutely everyone in the match truly hates him, even the other heels, which will make for that much more angst and ire at WrestleMania, something that's always great in a match like theirs will be. The finishers at the end finally seemed to get the fans interested, but it was really too late by that point. The match was much too good for how the fans in attendance treated it.

One last thing, who removed the top buckle passing that seemed to fall off out of nowhere? The ref kicked it from the ring, but I didn't see why it came off in the first place. Further, it wasn't used in the storyline of the match. Very strange.

Winners – Sin Cara & Ziggler & Zayn

In Ring Segment > D-

Trip spends thousands of dollars on his suits, and he still ends up with pleated pants? I know they aren't overly pleated, but one pleat on each side is two pleats too many. Pleats need to be removed, especially in pants that I know Trip spends serious amounts of money on. Things like that annoy the heck out of me because it's so simple and so easy to avoid.

Of course, Steph and Trip had to end the show, and of course, The Authority had to pull out all the heels to help them. So much for grit! They had a bit of grit, then League of Nations and the Dudley Boyz, and Miz and Stardust were out there and the grit was gone. Even with all the faces there, this was made into a wimpy mess. Even Reigns' dive from the ring, which looked beautiful, wasn't enough to save this segment and this go-home to WrestleMania. So sad.

Post Show

I can't say this was the go-home to WrestleMania that I'd hoped for, but it is what it is and it's time to look forward. There's Smackdown, and WNW Predicts will be posted. Yes, I'm herding all my action figures together, hunting for that one missing crate of bodies tonight, and shopping for a possible couple more tomorrow, depending on what I can find. Be warned Lana looks like a linebacker without a neck!
Queen of WNW

  • Xavier

    I don’t see how Reigns getting injured solves anything, geez. People in here keep harping on this whole WWE is backing the wrong horse rhetoric and at the same time wanna pretend like Ambrose is more over then he really is. Did we forget that fans last week took a complete pile of s*** on his match or that Brock has pretty much has been getting louder pops then him as well. It wasn’t too long ago that a segment aired on RAW that was suppose to be Dean’s beer truck moment ended with fans chanting for Brock to F-5 Dean one more time and I haven’t even gotten into the fact that Brock himself wanted a match with Bray more so then he did with Dean to begin with, even last night Dean’s pop was nothing major. People in here act like Dean is getting Daniel Bryan levels of pops and that is nowhere near the case. I almost feel like fans are thirsty to bury Reigns that they are willingly adapting this whole “Anyone but Reigns” mentality. Don’t get me wrong here, I have no issue with Dean, he’s easily on the best acts on the roster and really well rounded in everything but it feels like fans are throwing their support behind him more so out of spite of Reigns more so then it is because they really want Dean to be that guy. I say that because last year at this time nobody in here was even talking about Dean main eventing Mania when Bryan was around, the talk was Bryan needs to be main eventing over Reigns, even in the IC ladder match last year most fans threw their support behind D-Bry in that match. Well I guess I’ll sitback now and wait for the nuclear heat I’m gonna get for posting this lol

    • Thegenehunt

      Dean was fighting Strowman, no one can make a 1 on 1 fight with him looks good, so it was boring but it doens’t erase Dean’s qualities. The same but opposite way Roman jumping the ropes is cool but doens’t erase his weakness. Ambrose remember DB because of the passion he transmits, in my opinion.

    • jaykoz

      Why do all of your posts about Roman end up turning into rants about Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose and their fans? As been pointed out to you numerous times, most people don’t have a problem with Roman, the problem is his booking and that he is Cena 2.O. So instead of turning this into a made up strawman you have about “indy cred and blading” please tell us what about Roman separates him from others on the roster or rather why the average fan should be so high up on him. I’ll go ahead and give you that he has “the look”…. what else?

      • Xavier

        For the same reasons when people post Dean or Bryan they end up ripping on Reigns. And where in my post did I mention the Indies? And as far as being Cena 2.0, well nothing about them is similar really, never understood the 2.0 comparisons.

        And as far as what makes Reigns good (in my opinion) is the rapid growth he’s shown in the ring over the course of the last 12-18 months. He’s grasping things fairly quick in the ring in a very short amount time and that’s been pretty evident in his matches the past year. Reigns/Brock was great smash mouth wrestling with great storytelling, Reigns/Bryan before that was great back & forth action and even Reigns/Big Show at Extreme Rules was really good and surprised a ton of people. Then there is the Reigns/Wyatt stuff from mid/late last year that really showed the growth of both Hutson the ring (remember their match from late 2013 that fans crapped on?) well there match on RAW late last year was the complete opposite, they basically resurrected a dead crowd that night and their follow up at HIAC was good too. Then there is the stuff with Sheamus at TLC and Raw the following night that was really good. Reigns is also very athletic for a guy his size (he displayed some of that last night). Again I can’t speak for yo anyone else but the reasons I mentioned above are why I like him and am a fan. Hope that anwsers your question


          For all his progress, Roman still has only 5 moves of doom. He is predictable & boring & rarely any good on the mic. Ambrose is really good on the mic & exciting & unpredictable in the ring. Which is why he deserves more compared to Roman.

          The thing is U need to be really good in 1 of 2 things i.e. Wrestling skills or character/mic skills.
          Roman is not much good in any of them. There are numerous other guys like Ambrose, Rollins, KO, Cody, Ziggler etc who are better than Rigns. Yet reigns gets pushed ahead of them & he gets pushed so hard at the expense of others that it is illogical. Fans showed that we do not like this & yet WWE has the arrogance to keep doing the same over & over which is STUPID. This is like Cena & Punk all over again. & no one likes it. Fans are taking out their frustration on Roman or even Eva marie who is the female version of Roman. Things have changed now & the expectations of fans from the performance of superstars have been raised.
          But, WWE still thinks they can push whomevr they want & fans have to accept it. They don’t understand that this is a Demand & Supply relationship now. & If demand is for good wrestling then they have to provide it. This is not the 80s where Pro-wrestling was a mystery & U felt lucky to see whatever U got to see.
          WWE is really lucky that they don’t have any compition right now because they are rapidly becoming new WCW & a WWF version of another company coud have easily sent them out of the park.

    • Jim

      I would agree the fans have this ‘anyone but reigns’ mentality. But after seein what happenee with cena i cant blame them. Nobody wants reigns to go a decade at the top of thr business without any change to charecter. I think reigns needs 5 minutes the same way rock did all them years ago when he was getting boo’ed out arena’s. And ok maybr deans pops are exaggerated by fans but can you name anyone on the current roaster getting any louder pops . Also i think you bringing up the crowd chanting ‘one more time’ to brock so dean can get anothrt f-5 was abit unfair. Were talking live crowd watching the beast brock lesnar i think the chant was more to do with brock and less to do with dean.

    • Pedro Moreno Pacheco

      because excluding part timers like taker and brock and injured people or NXT guys the most over guy in the company right now is ambrose. AJ is not there yet and Y2J will be gone after mania probably.
      new day is over but as a team. kofi alone without new day will return to mid card purgatory, woods can become a solid upper midcardder and Big E can be a main eventer but not yet its too soon to break them.
      Is ambrose over enough to be the “face of the company” now? not by a long shot but he is the most over face if you leave everyone else.
      …until we get balor club of course…

  • Mandy

    RAW as usual started off strong, I was really impressed with the opening segment. Shane looks to be in the best shape of his life and even though he did botch his move, no one can take away the guts this guy has. Shane deserved those you still got it chants and I am actually looking forward to this match because you know you will get what you paid to watch.

    While I am happy WWE has made the effort to include all the divas on their main roster for WM, why include Eva Marie? She is like the female version of LON, that is not heel heat, people just do not like her!

    I’m with you about the tag team match involving the IC participants. I thought it was a solid match but the crowd was so disrespectful and you could see Cody was getting pissed.

    I feel so bad for wrestlers like Sandow who are not used at all and Kalisto who has had a forgettable title run. When Kalisto won so many were happy but Vince showed no faith in him, very insulting.

    The WWE continues to fail in building Roman. Both segments were a waste of time. I would have rather seen Roman get on the mic and give The Authority an earful, kind of like what we saw Dolph do. These beat downs do nothing to elevate Roman and an injury won’t help either. I really hope the Rock is not used to try and help Roman in any way, it backfired before and will happen again

  • Thegenehunt

    Kalisto vs Konnor is because he is similar to Ryback and I think wwe ‘trains’ their athlets booking similar fights since they don’t have much time for it outside tv. They are booking Ambrose vs huge guys now to prepare for Lesnar also.

  • Tone

    All I can say is I hope WM has some good surprises/swerves because other than the UT vs Shane match, I’m not really looking forward to anything else. Oh and I hope Brock beats Ambrose… Sorry but I don’t think Ambrose deserves the rub when Brock just ended the streak a couple of years ago… But that’s just me.


    What a stupid build-up for the Roman vs HHH, which is the main event. Nothing but run-ins & beatdowns. disappointing. In fact the only match tha has a good build is the divas title match; which I am most excited about actually.

  • DM

    For me, Roman is very average (in the ring and as a characther) I’ve always seen him as a mid card player, I said this before, when I watch a Roman’s match I see the guy who is “still improving”, I really don’t see a “wrestlemania main eventer”. His past programs were very lame (in my opinion, maybe someone felt that those matches were gold and MOTY candidates) don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hater, but the fact that so many others have better reactions and less booing from the crowd, speaks for itself. I’m gonna stop here. I’m NOT saying that everybody but roman have monster reactions, right now The Undertaker, Lesnar and Shane are in the top with reactions, Roman Reigns just go with the the few women screaming and boos when he gets something from the crowd, you can be a hater but you can deny that the guy has talent, the same way, you can be a big fan in love, but you can ignore that roman is NOT OVER.

    I rewatched last year’s main event against lesnar and man, what a lame match people just didn’t want him fighting in the main event, the best part, when everybody scream and give the best of their reactions was when Seth Rollins cashed in and became champion… this year has been more obvious, AJ Styles had bigger pop than Roman, Ambrose vs HHH was way better, HHH having face reactions and people cheering when roman has a beatdown. I don’t know how much time this situation is gonna be around, the awful booking of roman is gonna kill his career, too much too early, this push hasnt made any favors to roman (I know is diferent, but is like watching Sid main eventing, Lex Luger chosen over Bret Hart, Diesel over HBK, Nathan Jones… man Nathan Jones was awful) his match is gonna be a total mess, and it’s gonna be worst when he become champion again, the heat is gonna be huge, the wwe have the blame on themselves, Roman is not over, mayority of the fans don’t like him, he’s always booed, when he’s not booed he just doesn’t have reaction, other wrestlers have better programs AND reactions… just saying, don’t hate me.

  • Pedro Moreno Pacheco

    i think the crowd boed the team KO vs Team Zayn match because they were muted all night. they took as a challenge to hijack the match. Brooklyn is a really smark crowd.
    About Ryder im glad hes getting his Wrestlemania moment. even if he loses. The guy did what only a few have done some years ago, get over by himself only to be buried to the deepest of the undercard after his program with cena and kane. I think he deserve a chance. he can be a solid midcarder.
    Roman Reings…. is just a trainwreck. if theres not a swerve in that match at mania things are gonna be ugly. WWE could be destroying his carreer .

  • Terra Ryzing

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, which in this case is happening with the Roman Reigns booking. Yes, the crowd shouldn’t control every aspect of the show but when it comes to who’s heel or face doesn’t the crowd have somewhat of a say? They used to at least. I think if they developed stars properly during the Cena era we wouldn’t have this 50/50 booking or hot shotting someone into the main event issue that’s going on today. Reigns is gonna be a major player but not as a face. It’s not just me, people like JR, Austin, and Jericho have all said he needs to have a heel run before he becomes the face that the Brass so desperately wants. As far as Ambrose goes, I agree, he’s not DB over but then again DB is DB. Bottom line is, Ambrose is over, Reigns isn’t. They had so many opportunities to pull the trigger on a Reigns heel turn but constantly refuse. If Reigns was heel it’d elevate both him and Ambrose. The boos that come down for Reigns are slowly turning into apathy, which is the ultimate kiss of death in wrestling. I hope WWE “Creative” has an ace up their sleeve cuz there’s a big potential for disaster if they continue on this path they’re going.

    Other than that the undercard looks great and it should be one helluva In Your House this Sunday.