Raw Expansion Plans Hurting WWE Morale Backstage & Update On Writers Wanting To Quit; Original Plan For The Outcome Of John Laurinaitis vs. John Cena At WWE Over The Limit & Why Big Show Helping Johnny Go Over Was A Last Minute Change Due To WWE's Lack Of Confidence In A Recent Returning Star

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WWE Writing Team Frustrated

I continue to hear details on the lack of enthusiasm from the WWE writing team about Raw Supershow going three hours beginning on July 23rd. While the initial vibe is that most are going to try and hold on as long as they can, some quitting in the next few months is going to be inevitable.

As I reported here, two writers nearly quit when they heard the news of the Raw expansion plans.

Over the Limit Plans Changed

The original plan was for Tensai to help John Laurinaitis beat John Cena at WWE Over the Limit on Sunday, however, the change was made late last weekend.

As a result, Tensai was bumped to WWE Superstars last week and WWE booked the illogical angle of Big Show getting "fired" for mocking John Laurinaitis' voice when Cena was scripted to do a 10 minute promo about it later in the show with no repercussions.

As I've noted, it's doom and gloom for Bloom as the feeling is his stock is slipping. The latest in the attempt to save him is the name change that took effect last night.

  • urnemystic

    Poor Bloom, im more a fan of his work now than i ever was before.

  • Miles

    Agree I like the gimmick as it’s completely different in move set and appearance to nearly the entire roster, he’s not over because wwe only acknowledge he was a former wrestler without giving any background

  • Lee McAndrew

    Some people may not be keen on extending Raw to 3 hours but it must give hope to some of the NXT and Superstars workers that they may now get an opportunity to appear on WWE's top show.