Raw Fallout: AJ Lee Celebrates, Paige Storms Off, The Miz Shows Frustration

The Miz, AJ Lee & Paige star in this week's Raw Fallout. AJ reflects on her second Divas Championship victory while Miz and Paige show their frustrations after Raw. The videos are embedded below:

The Miz Shows His Frustration

AJ Makes A Triumphant Return

A Woman Of Few Words

  • Avalanchian

    Mama got her baby back! Maybe they can repackage Paige to actually grow a pair to look like a true competitor. They use that scream in her into and she does it at times, but yet it doesn’t show in the ring work.

    • Patrick

      WWe does need to focus more on her… she is talented and has shown it on NXT and before coming to WWE…..the problem was after winning the title..WWE chose to focus on the other divas instead of Paige.

  • Ricky

    They did this before with Gail Kim, to the same results an overshadowed title run followed by losing the title on free TV. I feel bad because she is very talented, they just booked her to look more of an underdog than a true champion.