Raw Fallout: Dean Ambrose's Advice To Stephanie, Paige On Her Heel Turn, Zack Ryder Celebrates, Flo Rida Speaks, More

In this week's Raw Fallout, Dean Ambrose gives Stephanie McMahon advice for her time in jail, Paige speaks on her heel turn, Emma & Natalya react to the turn, Zack Ryder celebrates his win & Flo Rida says we'll see him again in the future. The clips are embedded below:

Ambrose's advice:

The Paige has turned:

Ryder wins!:

Flo Rida rocks the house!:

  • Splat

    I’m loving heel Paige.

  • Avalanchian

    Put the girls with Zyder and give him that push. Woo Woo Woo!

  • gurl bye

    I’m so glad i don’t watch wrestling anymore

    • Zack

      Then why are you here?

      • gurl bye

        because i like complaining about things on the internet

      • gurl bye

        i’ve only had one comment on here. you won’t see me again

  • Zack

    I love Ambrose’s character

  • BigMike

    Paige has alot of talent, but the WWE will prob bury her like they always do…. I loive what they are doing with Moxley/Ambrose, just need to stop dressing like Harper