RAW Is Blogged - I Won't Take No For An Answer!

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I really didn't know how to start this. There's so much going on, so much to write about, but everything is so much longer than these couple paragraphs before I start writing about RAW. I'm writing about Laurinaitis, but that will be its own piece, not enough room here to completely discuss Laurinaitis' past, all his achievements and blunders – HUGE blunders – but that's not for here, for right now.

But after RAW last night I watched Rocky on Leno and was floored. I know many people are pissed that Rocky left us for Hollywood. I know many are further pissed that Rocky said he'd never leave us again, but he's actually been back only a small handful of times. I admit that I feel like I've been jerked around by him, and I was one who didn't fall in love with Rocky until much later in his wrestling career than most.

But then I saw him on Leno and something clicked. Rocky has more charisma in his little finger than we will ever personally be able to exude. Even without his family history of wrestling, Dwayne Johnson would have been a star. Maybe not a wrestling star, but a star of some sort. All you have to do is watch his face, his reactions, his body movements, he is so comfortable in front of a crowd, but it's even more than that. Many people are in front of crowds daily and are well liked, loved even, but most don't put forth the energy Rocky does. Just watching him on Leno made me smile, even though I have a cold and had been up since 6AM.

Rocky left me smiling after a short segment. I can't remember Cena's charisma leaving me smiling in that way. Heck, I don't remember a Cena segment that left me feeling half that happy, interested or even caring 1/10 as much. I completely understand why VKM wants Rocky to be part of the WWE and is willing to push Rocky's movies to keep him around as he is a huge draw. And while I don't get that same pop from Cena, I will admit that Cena seems more genuine in some ways. Kids want to believe in Cena. Many sick children wish for Cena. So while I want to be hard on Cena for being corny and goofy, every person is different and he has done so much for the WWE, Make-A-Wish and everything else he touches. I've not been big on Cena facing Rocky at WrestleMania, but I wasn't a big Hogan fan and look at what he did! Actually, I have to say I like Cena a lot more than I ever liked Hogan. Cena feels more real too me than Hogan every has. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm finally on board for their WrestleMania match.

Show Starts

In Ring Segment > B+

Triple H handled himself well in the ring, reminded us what happened last week, but didn't bore us in the process. He told us that he was going to wish Laurinaitis his best in his future endeavors, not wish Laurinaitis his best in doing his job on RAW! Everything was timed so wonderfully on RAW last week and set up so well for RAW this week. I'm so glad Trip is back on RAW as he adds such a volcanic spice to WWETV. I will admit that a few years ago when he was dominating the mic on RAW that I was increasingly annoyed by his long-winded speeches, but this role has been wonderful for him and I can't wait to see what happens from here.

Video > A

I split this from Trip's segment because it was so wonderfully executed. Again the WWE production crew stepped up to the line and showed why they're the best. Taker didn't have to show up live, but his presence was very obviously felt. While I know the fans want Taker live, but I understand that he needs to be in his best shape for WMXXVIII, so that might mean less of Taker live. Either way, this video was kick butt! Further, the way the camera zoomed in on Trip after – brilliant!

Big Show vs D-Bry > B-

I really wish this had been better. Yes, it pushed the storyline a bit and made D-Bry look like that much more of an ass, but it felt a little fake to me. I love D-Bry and love what he's doing as a heel, I love Big Show as face as it seems more him than when he's a monster heel, I even love how AJ is playing the scared little bird. What I didn't like was how plastic D-Bry felt. I don't know why he came off that way, and I could just be me, but he felt off. Maybe he had a bug or something. I'm going to chalk it up to a bad night and move on.

Winner – Big Show

Video > B

While Cena came across a bit plastic here, I think it worked well for what it was. Even better was this was the only time we saw Cena on RAW. He either wasn't there, or wasn't used, but either way, it was nice to have nothing more than a small Cena segment. He has been pushed down our throats, so this was refreshing. Honestly, I think it's kick butt that he's going to be waving the green flag at Daytona.

Video > C+

Of course it was the obligatory pre-PPV promo, but I loved how they showcased Edge as much as they did. As much as it was an Elimination Chamber promo, it was great how much was Edge. In some ways it made my heart hurt. I miss seeing him on WWETV.

In Ring Segment > D

That man just sucks on mic. His timing is off, his face doesn't match what he's saying and the whole thing just screams bad acting! But then he Tebowed! That was the last straw for me. I wanted to slap that bow tie off.

Otunga vs Sheamus > B

Yes, it was a squash match, but Sheamus is so over with the fans. They're loving Sheamus and are very behind him since winning the Royal Rumble Match. I've been behind him for a while now, so I completely understand. I can't wait to see what he does next. I also have to say that it sucks that Otunga has such a wonderful physique as he looks great, but he sure doesn't have the charisma, the ring skills or the mic skills. More proof that a great body alone doesn't make for a great wrestler!

Winner – Sheamus

In Ring Segment > B+

As much as the fans wanted to hear Jericho talk, I think he went on a bit too long with his tirade. He's so great on mic, did a wonderful job of calling other wrestlers posers and wannabes, but it was just a tiny bit too much. What was really wonderful was how Punk turned the tables on Jericho and how Jericho reacted to it. Jericho is such a pro, but Punk showed how he can go toe to toe with him. This is going to be a fantastic feud!

Wade & Cody vs Orton & Khali > B-

This would have been a great match, if only Khali wasn't in it. I will give Orton and Khali credit for their violent tagging. They sold it well and pushed their issues for the Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match. Sadly Khali is in that match, but VKM seems to think bigger is better. I wonder if he's compensating for something?

Winners – Orton & Khali

Video > C

Okay, I know they showed us the Rocky video from the Royal Rumble, but did they have to show Cena's as well? These videos are just too long.

8 Diva Tag Match > D-

Is flying off the corner all Tamina can do? I know it's part of what made her father famous, but I want more from her. She's beautiful and so different from the bikini models that most of the Divas are, but I want more! I did like Beth and the way she tagged the Bella into the ring, also the glare for Tamina. As long as this sets up for Beth and Kharma facing off, I won't complain too much.

Winners – Face Divas

Backstage Segment > B+

Laurinaitis plays his character so well. It's almost as if that's how Laurinaitis always is! Anyway, the dislike between Trip and Laurinaitis is obvious and not just scripted. Between 'humanistic' and threatening to flat line Laurinaitis, I thought the segment went off very well.

Backstage Segment > B-

I have to say that whoever did Laurinaitis' writing for this segment really dropped the ball. First he referred to Trip as hot headed, a brute, intimidating and without integrity. But then Laurinaitis said that the Board of Directors wouldn't want someone of was perceived as cowardly. So which is Trip? It felt wrong rather than Laurinaitis being two faced and idiotic. I'm willing to bet is was Laurinaitis' delivery that made it such so bad.

Six-Pack Challenge

Justin stumbling over the description of the match was fun, but also shows how little Justin stumbles over his words. He's no Lilian, but he's really solid at his job, if a bit boring. I loved how everyone attacked Jericho after calling them all wannabes earlier in the show.

Actually, much of this match was really solid and they all worked really well together, except for what happened to R-Truth. From where I was sitting I didn't know if I could or should blame Miz, but Trip sure seemed to think Miz deserved some, if not all the blame. From what I was it seemed as though Miz was somehow thrown back when R-Truth came over the top. Like he was almost in the right spot, but then something happened. The biggest thing is that R-Truth is okay. I was quite worried as the thump of him hitting the floor was sickening. So, will we see Miz getting buried for a bit over this one?

I said before this match started that Jericho would win it. It was just obvious to push his growing feud with Punk that Jericho would have to be the last let into the Elimination Chamber Match. This is getting more and more interesting. I did think Jericho would stay out of the match more than he did. It was nice to see him get in there and mix it up with the younger guys. Okay, R-Truth is only a year younger than Jericho, but the push of his life has just come about. The rest of the guys in the match are in their early thirties, but they seem so much younger than Jericho for some reason. Either way, they made the match look solid.

The way Jericho mimicked and mocked Punk after the match was fabby. Absolutely Jericho, through and through!

Winner – Jericho

Backstage Segment > B

They had to have taped this segment earlier in the day, sometime before the Divas Match as Eve didn't look injured there. I'd expect some bruising or something from her nose being broken, but I could be wrong. Either way, I'm loving Kane! He's come back in a huge way. If this is Taker's last WrestleMania, I'm bummed that it doesn't look like he'll be facing Kane. If this isn't Taker's last WrestleMania, I hope they build Kane even bigger through 2012 so we can have the Brothers of Destruction facing off, one last time.

Post Show

I went back to check the end of the show, just wanting to see if Eve's nose was obviously broken. In the process I stopped and watched Beth break her nose again. I have to say that Eve was not exactly where she should have been, but Beth looked to be working very sloppily there. Interestingly we didn't hear that Trip had brought her in to talk about breaking Eve's nose... But either way, watching it more closely, I saw things I didn't notice the first time through as I was typing. When Eve took the short clothesline, Jack Doan covertly checked on her. Eve kept her hand over her nose, even as it dripped blood. Jack threw up the X, but his body turned and it was not caught on camera – only his arms moving in that direction were caught. He then pulled out rubber gloves and started putting them on. Beth made a show of tagging in a Bella, so the camera was off Eve who was rolled out of the ring and to the floor behind the ring. Jack again threw up the X, called the three – blood drops could be seen if you looked at the mat - and was out of the ring and over to the side tending to Eve. I'm very impressed with how Doan handled that injury. Of course he was very professional, but just how he didn't make a big deal about it, didn't make a big scene and made sure the match, as well as Eve, were taken care of – he blew me away.


  • sforester

    Blitz here to do his thing. I was watching Dwayne on Leno and I have to admit that I was pretty entertained.

    Decent (I could only find 4!):
    4. Orton dropping Khali: I dunno if Khali is only in there to neutralize Show, but I don't like the idea of either him OR Show being near the title.
    3. Taker's segment: Absolutely amazing.
    2. Two shows in a row with no Brodus Clay: Has WWE finally gotten the message that the Funkasaurus needs major work? …Nah, I'm being more delusional than the time my freshman year of college I thought I had a chance with a former homecoming queen.
    1. That Raw was only 2 hours: I really don't think I could have sat through a 3-hour special with the lack of quality. Ugh.

    5. Johnny Laurinatis: I see his point of Trips being an intimidating, hot-headed brute that's too afraid to take on Taker…but jeez he sucked!
    4. Only five matches: A 6-pack challenge that could have been broken into three singles matches, a Sheamus barely-a-squash, D-Bry vs. Show with the same ol' AJ involvement, a tag match with Khali, and an 8-Diva tag that was a snooze fest. I miss shows with mostly wrestling.
    3. Otunga: Average on the mic at best, average in the ring at best… Not even worth a squash match.
    2. Big Show-Daniel Bryan: Same old crap. Both guys deserve more than this.
    1. Maffew just got a couple more clips!: As many of you may know, there's a popular video series on Youtube called Botchamania. I saw the Beth-Eve spot as a legit accident but one that could have been avoided. However, I really can't excuse the Miz-Truth plancha spot. Truth should have gotten a stern talking-to as well for attempting it. Even if you're "surprised", as many claim Miz was, you still make an attempt to catch your opponent. Miz CLEARLY moved out the way and didn't even try to make it look like he did it to counter the plancha attempt.

  • TheDave

    Just re watched R Truth injury, it really does look like miz side stepped as if he thought he was going to land there instead and didnt have much of a clue, hope he doesnt get too much heat from it. Beth on the other hand really did look sloppy. it seems abit strange now that shed post a photo on twitter when alicia fox bruised her face yet she just broke a nose with a clothesline.

  • Chris_Storm

    -I disagree about your letter grade for the Bryan/Show match. If it weren't for the spot that teased show destroying AJ again, it would've had below failing marks with me. I'm completely OVER seeing Show anywhere near the title picture at this point in his career. People love to talk about TNA pushing old guys, Show is in that same category kids. Oh, and anyone who doesn't see a complete AJ heel turn coming needs to stop watching wrestling.
    -That Cena segment is another disagreement that we have Ken, it had no place on this show since it was last week and could've been announced via one promo image and they could've booked Swagger to do something, anything instead.
    -Beating Otunga did absolutely NOTHING to help Sheamus. That was pointless filler. I think Otunga is playing the part he's been given perfectly. Something about the man just SCREAMS "boring clerical/legal type".
    -The Jericho/Punk promo segment was done well, but I don't think it was Jericho's best work by far. This will just further prove that Punk copies Jericho because he refused to speak and got a reaction from Chris anyway.

    • Chris_Storm

      -I am sick of seeing Wade & Randy anywhere near each other. I would much prefer Cody & Randy in a program. The Khali RKO looked tremendous no matter what anyone says. Khali, despite his lack of in ring skills, or promo skills, is a massive person (trust me I know) and gives a prescence that just can't be described. Having a guy that size in a cage like an animal gives the match credibility, especially to an international audience.
      -I honestly am predicting that the whole internet is wrong and Karma will be out for a while longer. I believe that Nattie has been devalued on purpose to make Tamina look like a viable contender for Beth at Mania. Tamina, in a word, sucks.

      • Chris_Storm

        -That Truth spot scared the crap out of me. It wasn't as bad as the one in Mexico that Sarita recently took, but I can't be convinced that Miz is the only one at fault here. Truth looked like he ad-libbed and Miz looked authentically caught off guard by the whole thing, he wasn't even looking to begin with. Truth doesn't plancha as often as he used to in TNA, I believe this was a terrible miscommunication that could seriously cost Truth some momentum if he misses much time on TV.
        -Is anyone else really hoping WWE just drops the entire Cena/Kane feud? I skip every segment containing anything to do with these two. Kudos to Eve for looking legitimately terrified.

        • H.M.

          Chris Storm wrote: "I disagree about your letter grade for the Bryan/Show match. If it weren't for the spot that teased show destroying AJ again, it would've had below failing marks with me. I'm completely OVER seeing Show anywhere near the title picture at this point in his career. People love to talk about TNA pushing old guys, Show is in that same category kids. Oh, and anyone who doesn't see a complete AJ heel turn coming needs to stop watching wrestling. "

          Disagree strongly. Show isn't being shoved down our throats like the fellows in TNA. And I think it's pretty clear(unless WWE mind****'s us all) that the Elimination Chamber is the last we'll see him in the title picture in a while. I honestly find his angle with DByran to be quite entertaining although I hope DBryan can just progress some more with his work and his material(the vegan/role model stuff is getting old fast)

          "Is anyone else really hoping WWE just drops the entire Cena/Kane feud? I skip every segment containing anything to do with these two. Kudos to Eve for looking legitimately terrified. "

          It's been one of the most entertaining things the WWE have coughed up in a while, but to each his own. Kane is the most relevant he's been in ages(aside from his run in 2010 as WHC) and the way the show ended was quite open-ended – what did Kane mean when he said he was 'feared for himself'? Anyway I'm not trying to push my views on you but I'm amongst the group of people whose thoroughly enjoying seeing Kane attempt to push Cena past his limit and make him break. It's the first Cena feud I've been entertained with in a while lol.

          • H.M.

            when he said he 'feared'*…

          • Chris_Storm

            Rememeber that time your disagreement received large numbers of thumbs up's?…….I rest my case. Hey everyone, I think we just found the one guy that buys Big Show beanies.

        • No, anyone who has half a brain shloud know that WWE is staged and scripted.. Sandman probably isn’t really a crazy drunk who chugs beers allover the place, and when you see him do it on TV he’s not even really drinking most of the beer because he spits it out after wards. It’s called a GIMMICK. It’s just done to entertain the fans. Stone Cold did this too and the fans loved it. Plus, Sandman IS old enough to drink and if he were drunk he wouldn’t be able to walk accross the security walls. If anyone would think that this portrays substance abuse that person obviously has a problem distinguishing entertainment on television vs reality.

  • Chris_Storm

    Brodus is probably being kept off of TV because he isn't on the PPV. Then, if he makes an appearance, it means more.

  • H.M.

    I'll be the first to say that I sorely dislike Otunga but I can concede that his mic skills are actually decent – arguably much better than Daniel Bryan. I don't know why he's being shat on, because he played his role to perfection as a tool/stooge. I guess they needed Sheamus to make SOME sort of appearance to keep him relevant since he won the Rumble.

    • kbunyon

      I have to disagree on Otunga. He can't talk and it's not just his character. Bryan is so over the top right now that it might seem strange, but it's working.

      Otunga is around because of his mainstream media connections and his body, sadly he has nothing else going for him.


  • Jbreed

    The only really bad stuff on the show was Sheamus/David Otunga. It was basically one of those pointless matches we usually see every week on Smackdown. And of course the same old Diva's match. What I don't understand is why Tamina went over in the match when the focus should be on Beth Phoenix and her upcoming feud with Kharma at WM 28.

    And speaking of momentum, it's unbelievable how badly Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett's momentum hit a brick wall. This is what happens when Randy Orton gets done with you.

    • kbunyon

      But Orton's not done with Wade, which is a huge part of the problem.

      It's about time to do something new with Orton and shove Wade onto Superstars. Yes, I said it. I know I will be maligned for it, but I don't like Wade.

      Also, it's time to either fish or cut bait with Cody. Either line him up to feud with his brother or put him in line to go after the big shiny gold belt. (Yes, I know Goldy is Cody's 1/2 brother.)


      • Jbreed

        Or how about putting Cody Rhodes in a program against a legitimate contender for the IC title. There's no room for Rhodes in the world title picture right now with Sheamus and Daniel Bryan in there. And Rhodes vs. Rhodes, well it sounds intriguing but there are already too many active wrestler vs. inactive wrestler matches at WM 28.

  • @jblack424

    A couple things on said big show is like tna. That’s incorrect. When the 2011 draft happened besides orton at the time smackdown looked a lot weaker than raw. Now show is a sd star right or still raw idk or really care about that but show vs bryan is a important fued to make bryan much more hated. Show didn’t even hold the belt longer than 1 person ever and keep the belt away from him. If hw title is gonna be a 4 way or even more guys though over 4 way I don’t see why not have a bigshow who loses every wm in title picture. Still does great ring work for size good enough on the mic and huge size and wrestling resume. Show though ill get argued with was better than andre in every single way except they way he has been booked. Show should be treated as such. No matter what’s asked of him. Lose to mayweather lose a sumo match. Big show since 2000 has probably wrestled most matches in wwe as he hasn’t been hurt much to add to his importantance. He still got it. Enough to make you slightlyt forget henry blew in ring before their fued.

    • Chris_Storm

      My earlier comment was wrong, there are actually two people who buy Big Show beanies.

      • kbunyon

        Chris, you know I love you, but you can bite me.

        I like Show and will continue to like Show. He can still go in the ring, unlike the 'old guys' on TNA. I'm sorry, neither Flair or Hogan can move half as well as Show these days.

        So you're more than welcome to buy me a Big Show beanie!

        Queen of WNW!

  • @jblack424

    I agree edge great face/heel. Either way great mic skills also.

  • Frank The Tank

    I'm not sure how they'd plan it out, but after Wrestlemania, I'd love to see Edge as the Raw GM. I know they're building for something with Johnny Ace and HHH will always be around the camera in some capacity, but Edge would be perfect in that role.

    • kbunyon

      I think that would be a lot of fun, especially after the way Edge attacked the Anonymous GM. I just wonder how he'd handle being around the industry, but not being in the ring. Some people just don't want to be there if they can't be involved. I don't know how he feels about the issue, but I'd completely understand if he just couldn't do it.


  • feddy

    kendra, u are annoying !!!

    • Chris_Storm

      See comment above to Farrah. Even though I believe you are the exact same person. So I say again, MARK

  • farah

    kendra u really need to stop ur whining about cena, its pathetic

    • Chris_Storm

      Then why are you reading it……MARK

      • kbunyon

        My hero!

  • RAW's two top feuds right now and being handled in a great manner. Triple H vs. Taker while weaving in Ace has been great. I agree Ken that even though Taker wasn't there, his presence was felt, and the message was delivered to Trip. He wants Trip at Mania and that's all there is to it. Interesting of note, now that Ace isn't fired where will WWE go with that angle.

    Moving from Ace to Otunga. I am not as anti Otunga as you as I think there is some real potential there, and he has improved a whole bunch since his gimmick switch. His delivery is still off, but hopefully he'll get to work more with Trip and learn how to improve that. We also need to keep in mind that he is supposed to be a geek, and he is definitely coming off as one. Also…the Tebow was awesome…just sayin.

    Moving from Otunga to the other main feud on RAW. How awesome were Punk and Jericho? The back and forth between these two has all the potential to be one of the great feuds of the time. I will be watching RAW next week for Jericho and Punk more so than anything else.

    As for the semi main event feud between Kane and Cena. I'm happy with the direction that both of these characters are going. Finally we are getting a more edgy Cena that isn't scared to offend the little children. Cena needs that edge to hang with Rocky leading up to their match at Mania. I've said this earlier and will continue to say it. I think we are entering into what is going to be one of the most memorable times in the career of John Cena. Kane of course has been so much better since putting the mask on, as i feel the mask has always improved his "cerebral" promos. The blow off for these two at EC will be fitting and perfectly timed.

    The real question we need to be asking about RAW was why there was no Funkasaurus. What the hell is that all about? As I stated in the Think Tank, the Funkasaurus has the chance to be a modern day JYD.

    it looks like they are building a program between Beth and Tamina. Obviously Kharma is not back full time yet and her Rumble appearance was used to rustle our memories. I am alright with Tamina challenging Beth for the title at EC as long as it leads to Beth and Kharma at Mania.

    to Storm: comparing Show to the old guys on TNA?? stop…Show can still wrestle; Hogan can't even do the leg drop anymore. once you can't do your finisher anymore, you should not be allowed in a ring to wrestle…especially when your finisher is a mere leg drop. Hogan still has value because he is Hogan and can excite nearly any audience (see Impact in London), but only at the right price and not at the expense of younger workers. Show has spent the past month and a half helping put over Daniel Bryan, which shows ten fold why a guy like Big Show is great to have around. Guys like Cody will get their chance, but I would much rather see Cody not taking losses while holding the IC strap. I really like what they do with Cody in title matches, but his booking in non title matches boggles my skull. i am all for pushing Cody to the top after Mania, but this is DB/Sheamus/Orton/Barrett time…not everyone can be in the main event, and Cody already does a great job at plugging himself as a world title threat in his promos. he will get his time as soon as the stars align…just not now.

    i also disagree about Orton and Barrett as I have enjoyed their feud and their matches. i wouldn't be against them two having a no DQ match at Mania, but i think Orton will be involved in the WHC picture at Mania.

    i don't understand why Sheamus was in a match with Otunga. he just won the Rumble and he needs to be going against guys a little higher up on the card than Otunga.

    happy that Truth is ok. i have really liked his face turn, and i'm happy that he will be back on TV's shortly.

    as for Rocky…Rocky is always entertaining. always.