RAW Is Blogged - Cleveland Rocks, But Does Rocky?

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I noticed that a number of people were rather unhappy with the segment of RAW that was released after the show went off the air. Some people seemed to think Cena was trying to get something out of telling his hometown fans about his brother's struggles with his health. Personally, I thought it was nice to see Cena being a human being with struggles of his own. I'm wondering if it might have been even a bit harder after all Cena has seen through his work with Make A Wish. I'm not saying it wasn't terribly hard for what it was, but after spending serious time with very sick children, and I'm sure losing a number of the children he has met through the years, Cena knows intimately just what disease can do to a body. Sometimes going into these things blindly is better because you don't know how bad it really can be. Cena doesn't have those blinders because of his work. Further, anyone who could look at Cena's father choked up, tears streaming, the way he was, then say that Cena was just talking about his brother to get something out of it, well, just has no compassion.

Cena did something else last week, something that I missed commenting on, even though I planned on it, that I thought was very cool. I absolutely loved when Cena planted one on his wife. We all know he's married and was acting when he kissed Eve a few weeks ago, but he sure showed us where his loyalties lie at that moment. Honestly, I thought it was lovely to see him plant one on his wife, it again showed he's a real person. We've seen him with his father and brothers before, and while his father is a riot and his brothers seem full of it, seeing Cena with his wife reminded me that he's more than just an actor who does great work with Make A Wish, he's a husband and does have a life of his own.

Show Starts

In Ring Segment > B+

I didn't think King needed to be in the ring to introduce Cena. For me those were wasted moments. Cena coming out to his old music, old entrance and his old look was sweet. He was on, as if his character had never changed. It's the first time I've seen him out without his dog tags since he got them, but it brought me back to the early days of Cena and how edgy he was then. He got mostly heat when he got to the ring, but really worked hard to get the fans behind him, even though the fans in Cleveland loved Rocky!

I'm thrilled at how not PG Cena was in this segment. He hit on some solid points, hit them hard and ugly. Between the Cleveland steamer and Miami fried chicken shit, I was impressed. Yes, I had Stacy look up Cleveland steamer for me so I could comment on it during the play-by-play, but after learning what it was, I decided Richard wouldn't be thrilled and people could look it up on their own if they wanted to. I really loved seeing Cena pull the package of nuts from his pocket. It was little things like that which he did back in the day that made his segments work so well, made them memorable. Maybe he should think of bringing back some of what sent Cena to the top in the first place and show the fans that he still has it, isn't just a Fruity Pebble with lady parts. And I want everyone to notice that Cena knew all his lines and didn't stumble over them at all, and never dropped character.

Stage Segment > B+

I have to say that Vickie bowls me over whenever she opens her mouth. That she can get such heat even before even opening her mouth is impressive. Further that only two words – EXCUSE ME!! - can about bring the house down around her. Just so very cool. I wish she had been in the WWE when Eddie was, they could have been quite the unstoppable force – not that either aren't in their own right, but together, oy!

Dolph w/ Vickie vs Sheamus > B+

I really enjoy Sheamus and Dolph in the ring together an this was a solid match, but honestly it didn't really click in until the end of this match. It wasn't until it really came down to the big moves that this match grabbed me and held my attention. If I wasn't writing the play-by-play, I don't think I would have really watched this match. That really sucks because I'm a huge fan of both Sheamus and Dolph. I think both of them have the potential to be big stars of their generation, but only Sheamus is really getting to that level. I can't put my finger on exactly what it is that's holding Dolph back, but there's something there. He can't seem to break through that glass ceiling, and I don't know why that is. I just hope he and WWE figure it out before he's stuck in mid-card purgatory for the rest of his career. He also needs to get his roots done! I know that my roots are showing through and blonde hair with black roots (only in the very front for me) is not a a great look, no matter what anyone said in the 80's. One last thing. I don't know why Sheamus' brogue kick out of the blue make me think of HBK's sweet chin music, but that's how it felt to me, and that's a huge compliment to Sheamus. Also, I have to say that welt on Sheamus' back looked painful. As I said in my play-by-play, Sheamus' coloring and lack of tan added to that welt looking so painful so fast, but it would have hurt just as bad on anyone. I hope he's not hurting too badly after that one.

Winner – Sheamus


I know that DISH commercials are usually random and and fairly local, but I loved seeing a TNA/IW Victory Road PPV commercial during RAW. Just the flip-side of seeing WWE type commercials during Impact. Maybe seeing Sting's name connected to a different wrestling company might bring in some more casual wrestling fans? I know, I know, but I really want to see TNA/IW succeed!

Mixed Tag / Handicap Match – Aksana & Santino vs Otunga & Henry > C-

I love Santino. I'm a huge fan and know that the cam can wrestle, but this match was a bloody mess. Actually, if it had been a BLOODY mess, it might have been a better match. There was more pushing and yelling between Long and Laurinaitis than was shown in the ring! Last week when they showed a lot of Long and Laurinaitis while a match was happening, it was right at ringside and the actual ring work was shown behind them. This wasn't anywhere near that good. The only things I liked in this segment was Aksana speed walking to the ring behind Santino, and that Santino was named Captain of Team Long for the WrestleMania 12 Man Tag Match. The two things that really irked me are how badly Laurinaitis' flipping his chair looked. It was so bad! The other thing was that the faces came out one by one to try to rescue each other. That's wrestling booking 101, something I'd expect from Russo (sorry, I had to throw that in after reading that he wants to teach people how to write for pro wrestling). I know it's the way things are done, I just get annoyed when the faces come off like bumbling idiots over such glaringly simple things. Not everything that's been done forever in the industry works, and for me that's a huge pet peeve.

Winners – Otunga & Henry

Video > B+

I am really looking forward to seeing Miz on Psych! I love the show, and think the reality show storyline for this episode will be great for Miz. I also noticed that Wayne Brady is on this episode and I'm a HUGE fan of his. I have already set my DVR to catch this episode as I'll be out. Don't be surprised to see me post a small article about the show after it's all said and done.

Video > D+

I don't dislike Maria Menunos, but I wish she'd decide if she really wants to be a Diva, or if she wants to be on Extra. I'm so sick of her popping up out of the blue when VKM decides he needs a mainstream female star because it's Road to WrestleMania time. I guess I should be happy that it's not Snooki. Then again Snooki is preggers, so while she wouldn't show up drunk, she sure can't be in the ring right now.

Backstage Segment > C

Friends with benefits? That's so not PG! Love it! I don't like seeing Ryder being played the fool, but if that's where they're going, they're doing a good job of it. I will say that the dress Beth had on didn't work for her. She looked like she was stuck in prom dress purgatory. I loved the dress, just not on her body. Standing next to Eve, leaned over the way she was, made her look like the dumpy sister compared to the statuesque Eve, which she absolutely isn't. I will say I though Eve's reaction to Beth toying with Ryder was handled well. She didn't go over the top with it, but it was obvious that there was a couple of feelings running around in there. It would be fun to see Ryder drop her like a Rock after she totally falls for him. Okay, that was a little catty, but I'm a woman and we all have it in us at some point, but in reality, I just think it would make for good TV and only make Ryder look stronger in the end, something he really needs.

Backstage Segment > B-

Roday worked really well with Miz and Laurinaitis in this segment. I love the character he plays on Psych because I've always been one to test myself to observe the little things around me. My house might be messy, but I know where everything is – unless someone's moved it since I was last in that room. I also test my kids to improve their skills. Roday was very cute in how he brought his character into the segment.

Mahal vs Clay > B

I have to say that Clay is an imposing force in the ring; big man in person! I hope he's learned from his past mistakes in ego and can move on from there. What was the deal with the case for Mahal's head dress? Has that been shown on Superstars and I just missed it? I'm just not overly impressed with him, so I don't pay much attention to him.

Winner – Clay

In Ring Segment > A

I will fully admit that I might be a bit biased about this segment because these are two of my favorite wrestlers, and I worry that they might not be around in the WWE for very much longer, but they're so good! HBK wasn't his normal bouncy self and sold his level of upset very well. Taker did a great job of deflecting the things that HBK thought he had said and putting them back on Trip. Taker further did a great job of threatening HBK if the match doesn't come to an organic conclusion. The way HBK backed up quickly, perfectly set up to hit sweet chin music, but then just mockingly slapped Taker on the arm was just wonderful. The further looks and issues between HBK and Trip were great, but it was Trip tossing off his buttoned up boss role to crotch chop at Taker made me smile. That Trip isn't just a suit, he's still a degenerate is nice to see. The only thing that bothers me through all this is, who named HBK as Special Guest Ref? That hasn't been mentioned through all of this, and that Trip didn't know is interesting. Will they be delving into that over the last few weeks before WrestleMania? Yes, I know it's all storyline, but find it interesting. Maybe Steph has a hand in it all? I know, I keep finding ways for Steph to come back to TV, but I want her back!

Back to Taker threatening HBK over calling this match, I have to admit that I'd love to see them have a falling out and HBK return next year for WrestleMania, but that's mostly because WrestleMania will be close enough that we're discussing possibly attending the event and I'd love to see HBK return for one more WrestleMania. Before anyone calls me out for this. The reason I have had such a problem with Flair returning to the ring after 'retiring' is because he returned to a full time working schedule. What I'm stating about HBK would be a one off event. I have no trouble with 'retired' wrestlers returning to the ring for special events, but if they're going to be right back in the ring, why 'retire'?

Miz vs Punk > B+

Roday did a wonderful job as Special Guest Ring Announcer. He made the job interesting and fun. He really seemed to enjoy himself. I also like how Miz keeps missing his WrestleMania chances. There was no way that Miz would go over Punk in this match, especially so close to WrestleMania, but I expected more from this match. Miz is solid in the ring, and Punk is just great, but this wasn't the wonderful match I had expected. The end was good, but the rest wasn't up to snuff for the two of them, but that's the way it was earlier for Sheamus and Dolph too. Very odd for it to happen in two matches on one night.

Winner – Punk

In Ring Segment > A-

I have seen a lot of people getting upset online for Jericho to bring up Punk's family history, and how Punk is playing kayfabe on Twitter, but that's exactly what I expect from the WWE and their Superstars. Jericho was downright evil in how he tormented Punk. Punk looked like he was a kicked puppy and the whole thing left me feeling raw and out of sorts. Both handled it wonderfully, and having Jericho on the tron made it so Punk couldn't just hit Jericho to shut him up. Whether this is life imitating art or not, this feud just took a huge leap forward. I've been saying for a while that I hope their match at WrestleMania isn't the blow off of their feud. I think these two, specifically these two, could carry this feud through SummerSlam and not bore us at all the whole way through.

Again, WHAT? > F

I understand what they were going for with the Law Offices of David Otunga, but I worry that it will backfire in their faces. There's specific laws lawyers have to follow when advertising on TV and I wonder if they might have overstepped their bounds with this one. Would be quite ironic if they had legal trouble over this one. I also wonder how many legitimate legal questions he's has received and will receive on Twitter. I took a cursory glance and only saw silly questions. The one that jumped out at me was about a Cena gnome being stolen and can he/she sue for that.

Orton vs Swagger > B

Orton is so good in the ring. I'm not saying he's a great wrestler, but he's good in the ring as an entertainer. He can easily get everyone's emotions going, gets people interested in the match. Sadly Swagger is the opposite. He has the look, he has the ring work, but the man doesn't elicit any emotion from the fans. I have said this a number of times lately, but Swagger needs a character overhaul and needs to figure out how to get over with the fans. He's missing it all by just that much, but that much is what's keeping him from the next level. He's boring! The problem is that he's not Lance Storm type of boring (I know Chris, but many will claim that Lance was boring, especially on mic, I don't agree, but it's said), he's just downright boring! I want to see Swagger get over (I feel the same way about Drew), but think both of them need to have character overhauls, and possibly acting classes. They need something if they want to make it to that next level.

On the other hand there was Orton who was not only engaged in the match, but he was constantly on alert and watching out for Kane who could appear at any time. Orton carried this match on an emotional level, so for that 90% of this grade is for him. I also want to mention that having Kane's fire erupt from the corners was just great. Did you know that the first time Kane appeared in the WWF and called fire from the corners, only three corners erupted? The first time and there was a problem! Luckily that wasn't a bad sign of things to come.

Winner – Orton

In Ring Segment > B+ & D

Rocky looked more relaxed coming to the ring this time than he has the past couple weeks. I know he's been selling his attitude and his anger, but some of the time it had really felt that Rocky had been sucked up into movie making and forgot how hard it is to get over live week in and week out. Even more relaxed, he seemed to take a tiny bit to get into his groove. That the fans are so wild for him just for being there live is good for the WWE, but can't be as good for getting Rocky back into the groove of working the live shows. But I do love that he gets goose bumps when he's out there. It has to be a powerful feeling to have all those people hanging on your every word. I sure wouldn't be able to do it.

That Rocky said the Cena who's been running around for eight years was the Vanilla ice and Teletubbie (Tinky Winky) spawn just shows that Rocky didn't pay any attention to Cena early on.

Rocky might not have had his words on his wrist, but he sure had them on the music stand in front of him. Cena didn't need any prompting for his rap. Rocky's song seemed longer, but much of that was working the fans and that he had the chorus between each stanza. Rocky's song had eight stanzas, Cena's had nine. Rocky really didn't know his lines for his song, he struggled. He is good for laughing at himself, but he looked the ass for not knowing the words before going out there. It was the way he went out there and thrilled the fans and about brought the house down that earned him the first grade.

But for We Will Rock You he was downright horrid! Rocky had the words up on the tron, but he obviously hadn't practiced at all and that pisses me off. He really looked the ass to end the show. There was so many ways they could have gone with this, but this was terribly wrong for Rocky. It's this ending, the fact that Rocky very obviously wasn't prepared for his songs, the fact that Rocky didn't respect the fans enough to be prepared for his segment that I'm really unhappy with him. While I loved watching Rocky and he was fun, I'm also quite disappointed in what he did in the ring. It's because of all of this that Rocky earned the D.

Post Show

I went back and re-watched both Cena and Rocky's segments on RAW, just to see how they went over straight through. Writing the play-by-play I sometimes miss the flow of things for having to stop and re-watch certain moments to get the wording correct. I wanted to make sure I had the feel of the segments before I graded them. Sadly, the second time through made it all the worse for Rocky. I wasn't as in the moment and it was a bit of a flop. I also want to mention that my grades for those segments were higher than what Stacy would have given them, and he's usually more forgiving than I am.

Actually, in the light of day, much of RAW wasn't that great. The matches weren't that wonderful and there was a lot of talk over little action. I'm still holding that HBK/Taker and Punk/Jericho were the best segments of the night – by far.

One last thing, more of a question for everyone. I was reading through the RAW Results comments and a couple people predicted that after Miz's loss he's going to turn face and join Team Long. I'm not saying I agree or disagree, I haven't had enough time to think it through. I just want to know what other people think of this idea.


  • 10secondGTR

    The miz is a boring heel..he should turn face..it will give him more attention..he hasn’t had much since “miz and Morrison”

    • Nishanth

      Miz is one of the most entertaining heel what the hell are you talking about??

    • Gesusoliver

      In my opinion miz is only great because 00's failed to produce any great talent. He is a great star in the mix of hte current roster but I feel if you were to put him in TNA, Attitude Era (WWE(F), WCW) he would struggle to be a mid card worker. I hesitate to bring up this argument because lets be honest, aren't most wrestlers today in that category?

  • Shashank Bhandari

    I think it would be better if he turns twice, it will increase the heat manifold. Somehow convince Long to join Team Teddy and then screw him over to have his Wrestlemania moment by nailing Santino with the SCF.

    • Terra Ryzing

      I like that but they need to find a way for Team Teddy to still win. I dunno about you but I'm so over seeing Old Clown Shoes on tv.

  • MohamedSkaiky

    Rocky earns a D? Seriously? For not preparing himself? He read the words before and he should do it now. Still entertaining and what he had to say was still flat out awesome. He spiced the feud even more, and I didn’t think that would be possible. Can’t wait once again for next week.

    • kbunyon

      I gave Rocky a B+, the only thing that received a D was his lack of preparedness. To me that is a horrible disrespect for the fans that he didn't prepare himself for his segment. It's not as if it was a little two minute bit, this is a major segment going into a huge WM match. I am very disgruntled that he didn't care enough to make sure he knew his words.

      If ANYONE else had come out and not known their words, wasn't prepared, everyone would screaming and yelling about it. Honestly, why is Rocky's disrespect any less than any other Superstar's?


      • MohamedSkaiky

        Yes he might of stuttered a little but the reason the song was on the titatron was because it was for the whole crowd to sing along. Noy just him.

  • Mr. A.k.A.

    I would love to see Miz turn face and join team teddy.

  • sujay

    Are u kidding me????????? B+ & D…… Sorry from next time i am not reading your blog….. I hve been observing but now i feel that u are too biased and suck upto cena just bcoz hes at RAW whole year…. U dont remember that rocky did the same for years and years… and just bcoz he is better than cena to shine in movies U diss him…

    It shouldnt matter if rocky had his notes on his wirst or in front of him…. the only thing matters is that he entertained like no one else…. even hbk and taker thing sucked this week (this storyline is going to end up nowhere as i m sure that shawn is gonna be totally fair which makes the spec ref thing a waste of time, and even if he turns on hhh, he aint gonna work against hhh which would take everything away from his great WM26 match)… Cena looked soo fake comapred to last two weeks…. And rocky was just great… the electricity was amazing… I was laughing all the way thru his concert… I agree that rocky should practice before he comes out live but it doesnt take anything away from how good the concert was…

    • kbunyon

      Yes, he entertained, but he disrespected everyone watching by not being prepared.

      It's up to you whether you read my RIB or not, but I'm not going to change my mind, change how feel about certain segments, because someone comes here and yells at me that they don't like a certain grade I gave. These are my feelings about RAW and that's what I write week in and week out.

      Everyone is entitled to their views, these are mine.


    • felicia

      u the one who is FAKE!!!

  • John

    The words were on the screen for the live audience, not The Rock, so he wasn't disrespecting anybody! I personally wasn't a fan of the 'we will rock you' segment either, but the rest of the concert was A+ stuff. That was The Rock at his best & there's nobody in WWE capable of coming close to him when he's on his game.

    Why do you have a problem with Ric Flair continuing to wrestle? He never chose to, or wanted to retire at Wrestlemania 24, the WWE retired him for storyline purposes! So why shouldn't he continue to make money doing what he loves to do just because WWE decided it would be a cool idea to have him retire against Shawn Michaels.

    • Niall

      Flair chose to retire, from everything I’ve seen and read. I’ll add this was something I supported. Flair competed for too long, and it has, in many fans minds, hurt his legacy. When you look like you fell off ‘the mountain’….and hit every bump on the way down….it was time to quit a while ago. And let’s not even start on lack of character development….

      • John

        Quotes from Ric Flair himself;
        "I don’t know what I thought at the time. Remember that it was WWE that decided to retire Ric Flair. Obviously it was very emotional for myself, Shawn, and my fans. It is not easy to do this for as long as I have and then all of a sudden quit because the company you work for tells you to. I’m not bashing WWE as I have great respect for the group. I believe that the whole set up was beautiful and they did a great job with the hall of fame ceremony and the goodbye on Raw afterward. But I am not ready to sit at home and build a garden. I feel great, I work hard, and I am ready to keep going."

        Alot of people think he chose to retire because of the ceremony they had for him on RAW after Wrestlemania, but again that was all apart of the storyline.

        • kbunyon

          Yes, it was part of the storyline, but it was also Flair wanted at the time. He did not have to go along with it and only changed his tune after he had yet another wife to pay alimony to. As is typical with Flair, his story changes according to his needs and wants.


  • steve

    I agree that this wasn’t that strong of a RAW, but it had its good points. I thought Ziggler and Sheamus was a great match. The right person went over, but Dolph looked strong in defeat. I think that he is the best worker/seller in WWE right now and I could definitely get behind Dolph if he ever gets a good push.

    Loved the Dr of Thugonomics as this character was SO much more entertaining than Super Cena. But I have to admit that Cena has straight up owned Rock on the mic, with tonight being no exception. Just like you mentioned, Rock reading his music looked bad.

    One last thing: Jericho was awesome as he really comes across as heartless and sadistic. His return has been underwhelming so far, but hopefully this will be the start of Jericho truly being Jericho.

  • Shady S

    So, after reading these blogs for a few weeks now, i notice you dont have the mind at all for the wrestling business. You just break the "news" and review on what you see as a fan. Rock earns a D for not "preparing" himself, this is coming from a person that complains on promos being scripted. Rock doesnt respect his fans enough?!?!? You make no sense at all for that comment. Dont complain about Ric Flair "retiring" then working for TNA. You obviously dont know what it feels like to have that itch to get back in the ring. The David Otunga lawyer package was golden, its his gimmick, let them build it. Orton is a fantastic wrestler. Entertainer, what is that? No, hes a pro wrestler, hes a worker! You have no knowledge for the wrestling business, other than getting info for / from the dirtsheets. This is the site that is killing professional wrestling.

    • thefen

      Then don't read or comment. There's absolutely no need to be so rude. Kendra's a fan and seems to be very knowledgeable about the "business". Obviously Richard likes what she does as he lets her get on with it and that's all that matters. You don't like it? Then don't read it!

      • HATER

        Dont really care for Kendras blog last time i read one!

    • Paul W

      Man, Chill out, sit down,shut up… This is a blog, which means that it’s Kendra’s opinion, and what’s great is that you and I can disagree with Ken, or with each other… But don’t get personal. I thought the Rock was entertaining as always, but it was a little disappointing to see him read lyrics, that’s my opinion. Anyway with some of your comments you make out like you’ve been there and done it all in wrestling, probabally some Indie know it all…

  • SilverWolf

    When one is doing a parody of a song, of course they need to have the words in front of them. Or else they might accidentally start singing the real song. Especially in the case of a brand new parody. And in the case of the reworked "we will rock you" lyrics, whoever wrote it screwed up by not sticking to the songs syllable meter. That was not Rockys fault at all. So remember to consider such things before making such negative comments in the future please.

    Been reading your blogs for a long time Kendra and this is the first time I've been discontent with what I've read from you.

    And by the way. Cena's segment came off as way to forced and was flatter than week old soda. He didn't "rap". He spoke in rhyme. There is a clear world of difference, and if you dont think so, go to a poetry reading and tell the guy on stage how well he's "rapping" and see the look you get.

  • Will Mack

    Quit taking it serious they are just having fun

  • robert

    Miz should have turned face when ppl were saying awesome! with him. He began to lose steam and started mailing it in. He is a guy that you can love to hate but also hate to love. Face turn is cool if he dont become corny and happy.

    I love the Rock, he is one of my fave's of all time next to HBK. But his segments has stepped cena game up to the point were i don't hate cena as much, actually starting to like him.

  • I would like to give some advice if i may. If you are going to criticize someone you should be less bias about it. It almost sounds like you planned to bash rock even before he stepped out there. I know you have mad respect for cena as person but don't that doesn't instantly makes rock a bad person. the segment was not bad except the end. If i remember correctly, when he did the concert in 2003 about austin and sacremento he had the words in front of him as well. Cena's rap was great and when he came out with his old theme i sang along, i was quite surprised i remembered the words. Both did well on monday, the rock made us laugh so as for him disrespecting the fans, i don't buy it one bit.

  • andy

    the rock read his lines back in the previous rock concerts… it makes no difference. it was classic rock entertainment. he shouldve just finished with if you smelllllllllllll… after the last song and not the we will rock you.

  • JamieSNZ

    The last song by the Rock was terrible. No doubt about it.
    However, what is worse?
    The Rock having the words to his song ON HIS SONG STAND and delivering his concert to perfection (aside from the aforementioned song).
    The Undertaker, who wrestles once a year at Wrestlemania, telling HBK that WM is on April 21st?
    The fact that Undertaker is messing up his promos in those little but defining ways is far more troubling to me.

  • Jbreed

    The problem with watching John Cena rap is it's not genuine. He's not really a thug in real life, he's a fake tough guy. I realize he's portraying a character, like actors in movies. For example, even though we know The Undertaker isn't really a dead man and Kane isn't really a demented monster who likes to inflict pain, these characters still go over with the crowd. But with Cena it's different which is why he's not over with the adult male fan base. The Rock is the total opposite. Dwayne Johnson is just as charismatic as his character, The Rock. Everything he says and does is real and whether he reads his lines from his wrist or wherever else, or if he botches We Will Rock You, he still knows how to get the crowd behind him. Anyway enough of all the talking and singing and all the other crap we've been seeing between The Rock and Cena for the past year, it's time for for things to get serious.

    Dolph Ziggler Sheamus: If they're gonna break away from the match to do an interview in the luxury box, why not make it a meaningful interview. Was it really necessary to take us away from the match so Josh Matthews could ask Daniel Bryan whether or not he thought he was rude to AJ? Who gives a crap about Bryan's feelings for AJ?There's a world title at stake here. Why not let Daniel Bryan attack Sheamus and give him a solid beatdown for a change? This would give Sheamus all the more reason to wanna destroy Bryan and take the belt from him at WM 28. It's simple, old-school booking but effective.

    Shawn Michaels/The Undertaker: And the yapping continues. Is this the only way they know how to build the main events. Talk about lazy writing.

    Chris Jericho/CM Punk: Read above comment.

    The GM angle is the most interesting program going on heading into WM 28.

    • felicia

      For ur information, cena is not fake, what u see on TV, he's like that in real life.

      • Blynd0906

        How in the HE’LL could you possibly know that? Do you stalk him or something? Watch him 24/7? Or are you saying it because Cena says it on WWE Programming which, I’m sure you know, is scripted. Or perhaps you think everyone on the roster is exactly who they are on TV? Cena’s job is, and has been since 2005, to lead the WWE. That means that he has to convince the fans that he is actually a nice guy. That doesn’t mean that he actually is. He could be, I’ll admit that, and if he is then good for him and I approve of the work he does for Make-A-Wish. But that doesn’t make him any less terrible as a wrestler. If he want to be over he needs to act like the Cena from this week every week. It may not be him, but people actually want that. They don’t want the Cena that they’ve had since 2005/6. It’s gotten old.

        • felicia

          I talked to him before and asked him many questions and told me what u see on TV is what u get in real life.

  • steve2

    Flair ran out of money and has to keep wrestling. He’s not financially responsible.

  • John

    The Rock concert in Sacramento was one of the greatest promos in WWE history, perhaps the best!

  • Andrew

    It’s obvious that the past few weeks Cena has totally dominated Rock on the mic. That’s why this week Cena was on at the start for 5 minutes and Rock at then close of the show for a good 20 mins to allow Rock back into this feud. When Cena and Rock are in the ring together on the mic, Cena completely embarrasses Rock.

  • I don’t always agree with everything I read but Kendra’s write ups are always my favorite thing on this site. If that’s killing wrestling keep on killing it.

    • kbunyon

      Thanks James, I appreciate all of that after the beating I've been taking.


  • Cheddar

    Honestly, I think the Rock's return has been lackluster. I was a Cena character hater for the past few years (up until this summer with Punk, he really turned it up a notch). Everybody complains about Cena's 5 Moves of Doom, well what about The Rock's 5 Phrases of Doom? "If ya smell what my lady parts are trending the millions and millions of John Cena's fans are virgins that have never ate pie" is basically what he says in a nutshell.

    I've heard better insults on an elementary school playground than what Rocky has thrown at Cena. I even tried to go back and watch old clips of The Rock and realized he was just as boring then as he is now. I guess my 12 year old adolescence and insecurity loved how adolescent and insecure Rocky could be then. I don't know, d!ck and fart jokes don't do it for me anymore. I also found through my experience that the people who make fun of people for being virgins are the ones who are insecure about their sex life.

    Cena is playing it beautifully by no-selling what The Rock says to him because in real life, that's how you deal with an overgrown bully. When they see that picking on you doesn't hurt you the way the want, they huff and puff…and in Rock's case….forget their lines.

    His concert SUCKED. He ripped off 2 songs (Jailhouse Rock, Cleveland Rocks) while singing predictable one liners over 2 Chords. Horrible. He should have done something better. Then he completely ruined We Will Rock you. I turned to my girlfriend and said that I would have felt really awkward being there the other night. It just seemed so forced and lame.

    It breaks my heart to say this because I used to be one of the millions….but…The Rock is probably one of the most overrated stars of all time. He will never be what Austin, or even Hogan was.

    • H.M.

      He was pretty awesome to watch in 2011, but I can see where you're coming from. Sometimes I wonder if Rock is purposefully making himself look this weak in comparison to Cena. Cena's real talk in terms of content, yet the Rock is getting tiresome in terms of material. His most memorable line since 'returning' for the Road to Wrestlemania was something to the effect of Cena being the child of Vanilla Ice banging a Teletubby. I lol'ed hard there. Rest was meh. I don't want to put down so many Rocky fans, but I just think that the amazing pops he receives are solely due to the fact that the fans have the wool over there eyes. Either he's playing us all and making himself look bad in order to make WWE's face of the company look good, or he's just lost his touch.

  • kbunyon

    I have never stated nor claimed that people need to agree with what I write here. I have been very vocal about this the whole time I have been writing here – which has been a couple years. I guess I need to start off each of my blogs with 'The Choice's' disclaimer. I thought we were past all of that here as people had been able to hold themselves in some decorum. Obviously that has fallen away this week.

    I will not be verbally abused for my thoughts and feelings. I have been watching wrestling for almost 30 years and have spent the better part of the past 15 learning all I can about the industry as a whole. If I did not have the severe health issues that I do, I would have tried my hand at wrestling, but that wasn't in the cards for me. I love to write and it's something I can do even when I'm not feeling well.

    Since people here have forgotten their manners and are having no troubles attacking me directly, rather than discussing wrestling as a whole, and RAW in particular, I will be posting Matt's disclaimer at the beginning of all of my blogs for a while until people understand that I will not be taking any abuse.



    • Cheddar

      You deserve to say whatever you want to, especially if they can say whatever they want to you. Half of these people can't even from a complete sentence. I'm not big into being the grammar or even knowledge police, but when people can't form a coherent sentence usually means that they haven't really deeply thought about what they're talking about. They just want to yell and scream at someone for not being in their bubble with them and having the same exact opinion. I enjoy all of the blogs on here, you guys are good writers.

    • Paul W

      Like you have already said, and as I stated in a previous post, opinions are opinions, I don’t agree with everything you say, but I respect that its your opinion. Anyway, if we all agreed on everything, it would be boring… Take me, I have hated all the Taker/hbk/hhh segments, but I am dying to watch the hell in a cell, I love the rock, but have nit been over impressed by him at points in his comeback, my opinion 🙂 Your a superb writer KB, don’t lets idiots knock you…

    • Gesusoliver

      In my opinion, I wouldn't go as far as to say rock blatantly disrespected us. I didn't mind the notes. It must be hard to go out there in front of that crowd not only play guitar but sing as well. I was let down but not shocked by the notes. I agree with both of our ratings. The first song I was laughing along the entire time. The second song we will rock you just made me question what he was doing.

      There was nothing good about it. The lyrics on the big screen made sense if it were a sing along but that segment just failed. Had he said "everyone sing along" I don't think that segment would have been so awkward.

      As far as people attacking you. Come on people really? I disagree with Kendra all the time. Simply because of one point. She is entitled to her own opinion. It may be the wrong opinion but she is definitely entitled to it. lol as far as people beating you up. Roll with the punches, people are just being childish. Your ratings were spot on, the only thing we disagree with was the feeling we walked away with after the segment.

    • Jbreed

      The whole beauty of these blogs is for each of us to disagree about what the others write. But when idiots start to disrespect and verbally attack others because they disagree, well their just plain IDIOTS! If this site is killing professional wrestling like one guy said, than those other sites who copy and paste from each other have buried it six feet under. Keep up the good work KB.

  • bruno

    John cena rap was an A

  • Vienna

    Personally, I think that Cena's rap was damn good and its true tat he was rocking the mic better than rocky has ever done, Rock's concert was so lame that even when the first time I watched it I'd almost puke. Dude, if u can't remember thn don't cover it with ur crappy jokes..ITZ SAD n LAME!!!

  • proud

    In my opinion The Rock’s segment had one problem and that was that it had no place being the main event, had it been earlier then it would have made the show so much better and I even went back and watched the first song 3 times and in recent times the only segments I found worthy of watching again on RAW was Jericho’s return and The Rock being named host of wrestlemania last year.
    This RAW flat out sucked and the only things of interest was Daniel Bryan saying “A.J. Loves me and the feeling is mutual” and seeing Brodus Clay and even his Girlies seemed off.
    I would love to understand your emotions toward the whole Undertaker/HHH but last year I seen an old skinny man against an old fat man and I just can’t shake that same feeling and get excited about the match or any of the promos.
    As for Miz, he has a new shirt out so could that mark a face turn? I personally would love it as I think he could be the closest performer to Rocky on the mic and hopefully they let his humour shine through.
    As for Jack Swagger, Kendra in answering your question I think Swagger needs to taunt more, work the crowd as he seems too business and gets on top and then instead of giving the impression he is locking in his finisher it all becomes predictable and before I finish this sentence he has been pinned. What happened to the gutwrench powerbomb as I can’t recall seeing him use that as he uses the ankle lock finisher more these days.
    Fantastic read Kendra but certainly don’t agree with your opinions and id happily give Rocky an A+ for the first song as I sung along to it aswell lol

  • Jester

    It amazing how stupid people can be. These blogs are about Kendra’s opinion of what she watches on raw every week. Her take on things. We all have the right to disagree but to be disrespectful is just wrong.this is what’s good and bad about the Internet any idiot can post their stupid comments.
    That being said. I’m a huge rock fan as well as a huge John Cena fan. So I have been torn on who to root for. So far I feel that Cena had been better as far as the war of words they have been having. This week was the first time the rock made me laugh. I just hope they have a great match and that the booking makes sense. I do feel that it’s kind of taking away from some of the other talent on the roster by being the main focus of wrestlemania. Fact of the matter is that even with all the bitching about this feud being boring we are all going to watch and VKM knows that.
    There is good and bad in the wwe these day.if you really hate it so much, stop watching. It’s that simple and leave us smart people alone to have interesting conversation about the product. Just being negative is very simple minded. Thanks for your time.

  • Jocka

    "Then again Snooki is preggers, so while she wouldn’t show up drunk," How DARE you. I am sure she would turn up drunk, with or without a pregnancy.