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I have to say that Sunday night, during Survivor Series, was a total blast! The Live Blog was wonderfully interesting without being so overly full that I couldn't enjoy it. WNW has some of the best readers online! I have to say it's always possible to tell how good a Match is on a PPV by how many comments are flying. If the guys (yes, I'm usually the only female in there and get some gentle ribbing when I drool over a wrestler) are complaining about Cole and ripping on Cena, then the Match totally sucks. If thirty seconds or more goes by without a comment, then the Match is good. A couple minutes between posts, then it's bloody amazing!

There are a couple moments from SS that I want to comment on. First off, the bump of the night has to go to Eve for taking that off the top glam slam. That was SICK! I have a whole new respect for Eve in taking that bump, for Beth for hitting that move an whichever TPTB okayed (or pushed for) that move, bravo to the Divas! Honestly, I never thought I'd be impressed by the Divas ever again. I'm glad I was mistaken. The other comment is about Sin Cara. As soon as it was obvious that something had happened with Sin Cara in the Match, the Wellness violation comments started flying. Both in the LB and after the PPV when I went to moderate comments for the front page of WNW, that's what all the Sin Cara comments were about. Yes, the jokes are funny, but they're all at the expense of one man who we really know nothing about. I'm not here to be the morality police. Heck, I've made those comments and wondered about certain wrestlers myself (Mason Ryan, John Cena), but it was so obvious that Sin Cara botched the move and actually was injured. When Sin Cara went to the floor outside, it was obvious that something was seriously wrong. He couldn't put any pressure on that leg and just crumbled to the floor. Further, the whole group of wrestlers in the ring looked lost and confused for a couple minutes before they regrouped and got back to business at hand. I'm willing to give Sin Cara the benefit of the doubt at this point.

For some reason Shawn (Big Van Blittz) and I were the only ones from WNW to predict SS this weekend, so on a whim I asked the people around me (friends and Stacy)for their predicts to fill up the prediction results in the Live Blog. I had a few empty slots before the show started, so I took predictions from those in the Live Blog as a first come basis. I have to say it made it a lot of fun to have some of the guys rooting for their predictions and cheering their wins. I told everyone that I would post the results here.

Ken 6½-0
Shawn (Blitz) 4-2
Stacy 3-3
Gesus 3-3
Rikki 4-2
Fernando 2-4
Noodles 4-2
Nick 3-3

During the Traditional SS Tag Match I told everyone that whoever got the last standing wrestler in that Match would get an extra half point. I'm the only one who even came close as I picked Wade to be last man standing. Then again, I'm just shocked that I was the only one who got them all correct, right down to Henry and Big Show ending in DQ. Normally I'm known for my terrible PPV predictions, only getting the odd and obscure picks, such as ADR winning the RR. Maybe Carlo (my surgeon) flipped my predicting switch while he was in there? Just a thought.

Show Starts

In Ring Segment

B- > While I love Punk, it feels like we've heard this segment from him before. He just has seemed to lose some of his edge. I hope he pushes for what he says he wants to see on RAW, the air of danger returning, but his pipe bombs haven't been exploding as loudly. It's as if whoever is pushing Punk has become a little bit creatively complacent. I will continue to hope, but with Laurinaitis riding roughshod on Punk, the fun and 'air of danger' won't return. I also think that Punk needs to dial up some 'vintage' Johnny Ace moments to show the fans just how far Laurinaitis' mic skills have improved!

Ryder vs ADR

B- > While they didn't make Ryder look totally weak, but they didn't help him in a great way either. I'm figuring that VKM will continue to push and humble Ryder as VKM might be on this huge social media rampage, but he doesn't like anyone who isn't 'made' on WWE TV. I have to give Ryder huge props for going out and making a name for himself in spite of the WWE. He shows passion and heart that so many other young wrestlers seem to be missing. That he went out and let the fans know who he is and brand himself in such a way that the WWE had to take notice or have the shows hijacked by 'We want Ryder' chants. So, is this a step up for Ryder or a step down for ADR? I'm saying down for ADR so Punk can feud with someone else. I'm more than over ADR and Punk.

Winner – ADR

Sheamus vs Swagger

B > While I'd love to scream and complain about Vickie's screeching beside the ring, but we don't have to listen to her through the whole show the way we do Cole, so I'm not going to be cranky about it. If only the WWE could limit the time we were stuck listening to Cole, as in making him a manager character, I might be able to stand his mouth and his nastiness.

But I did really enjoy this Match. Sheamus and Swagger really worked the ring and actually seemed to be working a bit stiffer than usual. They seemed to match each other move for move. They could go quite a bit longer and still give us a really solid Match. Not saying that I want Sheamus to slide back at all, but maybe this could help push Swagger a bit further. A feud between these two could be fun.

Winner – Sheamus

Stage Segment

C+ > I liked that Nash brought up past events that VKM had previously tried to sweep under the rug and make it part of the Nash/Trip storyline. The MSG hug that Trip took all the flack for, their close relationship, even mentioning Hall on WWE TV! Other than that, this wasn't a favorite Nash segment for me. It was marginal at best. Nash is great on mic, but this time he fell pretty flat for me.

Cody vs Santino

C+ > The only reason this is a C+ over a C- is because of Cody on mic before the Match started. That boy has made huge strides since he was hanging out with Ted and Orton. I didn't think Dashing Cody was anything to write home about, but this Cody is just fabby. Hopefully losing his mask doesn't hurt him. It hasn't seemed to, but only time will tell.

I don't know why they fed Santino to Cody, other than this was just a filler Match to set up for the impending Cody/Booker feud. In some ways I'm kind of bummed that Cody is moving away from Orton and toward Booker. I'm sure many will look at Booker as a step down from Orton for Cody, but I still haven't decided. Booker is a big wrestling name with huge experience. This could be a great learning experience for Cody, but Cody was heading for the main event and Booker isn't any event right now. I guess I'll have to wait and see what they can do with this.

Winner – Cody

Backstage Segment

B+ > Nice segment for Dolph. He's been getting better and better on mic. He so doesn't need Vickie as his mouthpiece, but I like him having her as his manager. I think they need to expand the stable into something real and viable. It would also be good for Dolph to have a stable backing him as he (possibly) gets into a feud with Punk.

Champ vs Champ Match – Dolph vs Punk

A- > First off, I have to comment on how Booker was pushing Dolph during this Match. If Booker was any further up Dolph's bum, Dolph would be in for an anal Booker-ectomy today. Now, I love Dolph and he's come so far from being on the Spirit Squad, Chavito's caddy and even Mr. Ziggles, and he has huge star potential, but being talked up in such a creepy way, with Booker calling him Zig-Zag the whole time, could only spell trouble. Further, Booker is a face announcer talking up a heel wrestler, it just feels off for me.

What I did like was how Dolph and Punk worked the ring together. Dolph was a joke for so long (not just the way he introduced himself for so long) that I still have troubles taking him serious, but this Match was a big step in the right direction. Dolph feuding with Punk could be huge for him now that Punk is the BMOC. I want to see more matches like this from them, and the fans sounded like they agree. There were a couple of interesting and unexpected moves from both of these wrestlers and I want more!

Winner – Punk

Stage Segment

D+ > I absolutely love Big Show and thought it was great when he said we learned at SS that he can fly, but the rest of this sucked fainting goat bums! I'm one of the few fans who really likes Big Show as a face, but that was one of his worst promos in a very long time.

Backstage Segment

D- > As if Big Show wasn't bad enough they had the Divas try a DX style cheap and silly commercial. I love Beth and Natalya, but they did nothing to help this segment. So pathetic! If I hadn't already heard so many glowing things about WWE 12, then I could make a comment like 'at least we're pretty much guaranteed that the video game will be better than that segment' but even Hogan new game should be better than that segment. Please know that I'm not much of a video game player, I'm more of a table top RPG girl myself, so don't come back yelling at me about how heinous Hogan's new game truly is.

Kofi vs Wade

B > No matter how many times Guy tells me that Wade's wasteland finisher is not dangerous and that Punk's GTS is much more apt to injure someone, I still tweak out whenever Wade hits the move. Actually, other than his finisher, I thought Wade looked much better in the ring that he did when he came onto RAW as the leader of Nexus. I enjoyed this Match more than I thought I would when Wade and Kofi first came out. I also liked the added question mark of Orton outside the ring, even though he did absolutely nothing to Wade and only became at all threatening after the Match was over. This Wade and Orton feud could be a lot of fun and I expect a lot from these two. The one I feel bad for is Kofi. I'm worried that he's going to get lost in the shuffle without his brain dead partner.

Winner - Wade

In Ring Segment

D > Why? Why? Why? A segment that long only works for Rocky and SCSA. Yes, I'm still reeling from Rocky at SS showing everyone just how amateurish everyone is compared to him. Yes, Cena is a good entertainer, love him or hate him, but he's no Rocky! I guess that taste of Rock, as small as it was, reminded me of just how great Rocky is a working the crowd (in ring and on mic) and giving us a kick butt show! Yes, on the Live Blog I admitted that Rocky is on my list of four sexiest wrestlers (Rock, Nash, Foley and the newly added Storm), but it's not just his sexy that impresses me. It's that Rock is a showman, an entertainer in a way we loved during 'that time' in professional wrestling that most of us keep referring to in such a wistful way. There's so few who can move us the way they did then. Yes, Cena is good, Miz is good, even Dolph is good, but none of them are to the level of Rocky. Heck, even Trip and Nash have been looking really pathetic compared to Rock. That being said, this segment flopped for me because we've had a taste of greatness and Cena just didn't cut it here.

I will admit that I was extremely confused with Awesome Truth breaking up as I though Miz had done a lot for a man I never saw as being worth more than Sunday Night Heat. Even Superstars was beyond where I thought he should be, but something about the way he worked with Miz showed me that in the right character, he could be really strong. That he could get the fans yelling, 'What?' as soon as he opened his mouth was great! Even further that he could snap at them for it and drag them in at a much higher decibel. I was impressed, but then I found out why Miz and R-Truth had their riff and became rather mad. I understand the Wellness Policy doesn't specifically say when suspensions will be served, but Evan going when he did and R-Truth suddenly going now, after his PPV Match, really ticks me off to no end.

Post Show

I really tried to get this written last night as I had an appointment in Portland, but I fell asleep with my netbook in my lap and woke up trying to figure out what was going on. I'm sorry this is so late and I will try again next week to get this out before I bed down for the night in the early hours of Tuesday morning.


  • H.M.

    The site's so different O:

    • James

      Yeah its gonna take some geting used to.

  • Jbreed

    What a terrible Raw. I wonder if the writer's had other things to do as this show seems like it was written in ten minutes. Not only was the show bad but I got bad feelings from it as far as the future of Raw is concerned.

    We have a new champion in CM Punk and while many may think a new era has begun I can't help feeling like the WWE will do anything they can to keep Punk from taking over John Cena's spot as the top guy in the company.

    What happened to Cody Rhodes' main event push. Rhodes feuding with Booker T is a step back. Booker's nothing more than a commentator these days and I don't think it will help Rhodes one bit. Then again it's what usually happens when Randy Orton gets done with you.

    Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger are going nowhere. The more Kofi Kingston loses the more the tag team division gets buried. R-Truth is an idiot. And everything else is basically irrelevant. I never thought I'd say this but I can't wait for Triple H to come back.

    Did Jerry Lawler even say three words all night. I'm not complaining because I think he's the worst commentator ever but something weird was going on.

    By the way we need to petition to get the old site back.

  • @RatedMKD

    I really enjoyed this week's RAW. Punk vs Ziggler was the best TV match of the year thus far not to include Randy Orton, in my opinion. I'd officially love to see Punk vs Ziggler in a half-hour bout at WrestleMania. Having said that, I want Punk to hold onto the title until at least then, and Ziggler probably won't be at that level by April. Don't get me wrong, I'd mark out like a madman if Dolph won the Rumble and went on to face Punk, but if they do wind up squaring off in Miami, I'd prefer it to be a straight-up match, maybe with Dolph having cost Punk the title at Elimination Chamber.

    I agree with Kendra in saying that Barrett vs Kofi exceeded expectations. Wade's usually average-at-best in the ring; I feel that his wrestling ability is his only weak point. Matches like this give me hope that he can improve on that area. I doubt his wrestling skills will ever exceed, or even equal his look and his mic skills, but I see tremendous potential in him. I'm all for the Barrett Barrage!

    Ryder got some nice offense in on ADR, but the quick, decisive victory will undoubtedly serve to undermine him in the eyes of the general public. I, personally, see it as a case of the following: Ryder's gunning for a US Title shot, he's got his petition going, he had his MSG moment beating down the US Champion. A title shot may or may not be just around the corner. There's no point in him staying in the cross armbreaker for too long a space of time and risking an arm injury at this stage. It makes more sense for him to tap out immediately, spend as little time in the hold as possible and stay healthy enough to compete in the near future.

    Honestly, I was fully expecting Punk/Ziggler to end in a no-contest with ADR attacking Punk, Dolph joining in and Ryder making the save. ADR already has his title rematch for next week, this would set up Ryder getting a shot at Dolph's title next week and finally winning it. That said, I prefer decisive wins over no-contests, and I'm glad I got to see such a great match unfold between the two titleholders.

  • Nostaljack

    Have to be honest here. I haven't been loving Nash on the mic *at all* since he came back to WWE. He's *always* been amazing. In WCW and in TNA, he made it look effortless. Since his return to WWE, he just hasn't looked good. His promos feel labored in a way they never did before. I remember one he did with CM Punk and Punk just buried him. He just seems to be out of ideas lately and he's been so completely flat by his standards. I hope he's not losing his ability to cut them the way Ric Flair has. He was too good for too long to come to this.

    • kbunyon

      Big Sexy has been ripping my heart out since his return to the WWE. Prior to his time in TNA he always got my heart a-thumping, but lately I'm not at all excited to see him. I know part of it is that he went gray so beautifully that seeing his hair dyed black almost makes me cry, but the rest is that he's been sucking wind and not showing any promise.

      I don't want to face that one of the sexiest men in the industry might have lost what made him so great (other than his ring work), but he might be going the way of Flair and I hope Nash stops before he gets too pathetic!


  • Funkeeh

    "I’m sure many will look at Booker as a step down from Orton for Cody" Girl, please! a Booker vs. Cody for the Intercontinental Title would be awesome! 😛

  • HHHRedmonster

    It's sad that people have let their opinion's of Booker as an announcer overshadow the amazing career he's had, Cody going from Orton to Booker is in NO way a step-down, if anything that's a step-up.

    • @RatedMKD

      I don't know if I'd say feuding with Booker is a step up from Orton, but it's certainly not a significant step down. I'd probably classify it as a lateral move. Booker's only worked two matches this year, including the Rumble, whereas Orton's one of the (at least) top three biggest stars of the (at least) last five years. That said, Booker's a multiple-time World Champion, former tag team specialist and a respected veteran.

      If Booker decides to leave the announce booth specifically to take on Cody, that'll make Cody seem like a big deal. If Booker ONLY feud with Cody, then returns to announcing when he's finished there, that'll make Cody seem like a big deal. If a multiple-time World Champion and respected veteran ends his career by putting over Cody, that'll make Cody seem like a big deal. Basically, if this plays out correctly, it'll make Cody seem like a big deal. It may very well be THE feud to elevate him to main event status.

      I'm all for this feud, especially if it lasts for a while. The longer this lasts, the longer an Intercontinental Title reign Cody has. The longer a reign he has, the more significant both Cody and the title will seem. If a large part of this reign is taken up by a feud with Booker, it could protect other guys in the SmackDown midcard who may have otherwise been fed to Cody. I could not possibly approve of this feud anymore than I already do.

      • HHHRedmonster

        Well maybe it isn't a step up like I said, but it certainly doesn't mean Cody is being put on the back-burner like some have suggested. You are right that this could really benefit Cody if Booker is ONLY focused on him, that will make the feud more personal and it could raise Cody's stock even higher.

        • @RatedMKD

          Agreed! Mainly I'm posting this comment to draw attention to the seemingly over-enthusiastic (presumably automated) censorship that's been introduced to the comment. It looks as if my correct spelling of "c-l-a-s-s-i-f-y" was censored for the middle-three letters. Just a minor detail, but this is my first feedback on the new layout, which I'll reserve overall judgement on until I get used to it!

  • JKA

    About the vignette with the return of Kane, does the showing of his mask mean he will return with it on

  • Blazeking

    "I really tried to get this written last night as I had an appointment in Portland, but I fell asleep with my netbook in my lap and woke up trying to figure out what was going on. I’m sorry this is so late and I will try again next week to get this out before I bed down for the night in the early hours of Tuesday morning."

    Don't worry about it. It's not worse than falling asleep with the mouse in your just before you click "publish".

  • Dave McGreal

    I think they screwed up the placing of the segments on Raw the Punk/Ziggler match should have been main event not the boring repetitive John Cena suck up promo we've become accustomed to this past couple years.

  • H.M.

    I agree completely with Dave McGreal's point. As for the rest of the show it was alright. Punk's promo's epic as always, and I fail to see how people think he's lost his edge. The only gripe one may have is to view them as nothing more than lip service, because if Punk wants some change, he's going to have to pull off some memorable stuff. As for his mic work, it's consistent. What he says? It's consistent. He attacks the status quo. I pop almost every time he speaks. Man's the Messiah of this company if booked right.

    The last segment was awkward, and confusing. Damn shame about Truth's suspension really. That's another blow to the tag division after Bourne. I really hope that he can come back after the suspension and SOMEHOW reconcile with Miz. Awesome Truth was one of the main highlights of the show.

    I also NEED to point out the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE acting done by the diva's in that little backstage segment with the WWE 12' plug. Oh my God, that was an atrocious segment. Diva's need to learn how to act man.

  • H.M.

    Oh yeah, Kendra we never got any feedback from you regarding 'itbegins' and the Kane promo!

  • Jbreed

    The splitting of Awesome Truth may actually be a blessing in disguise. How about CM Punk/The Miz for the WWE title at WM 28. The battle of words would be priceless. Make it happen Vince!

    • H.M.

      Punk/Miz would be a good program for another time. As it stands the idealist in me wants to see Punk in a top notch program against Y2J if he decides to come back.

  • Jbreed

    CM Punk/Chris Jericho would be just as intriguing, maybe even better. But I think the time is now to establish The Miz as the top heel in the WWE. While Jericho may still have plenty left in him, I don't like the idea of a 40 year old wrestler coming in and taking a spot away from a younger talent.