RAW Is Blogged - Love Them Until They Hate Him!

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I have the feeling that I need to start this Blog with a disclaimer the way 'The Choice' Matt Andrews does as I can see this Blog getting people screaming at me. Yes, I took this directly from 'The Choice' as it's so beautifully written. Therefore – This is a Blog, not a news article! The following writings are the opinion of a staff member of WNW. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the owner of the other members of staff. Also – comments are welcome as long as they provoke meaningful conversation, or constructive criticism. Grammar/spelling is subject to ridicule.

I sat here earlier today (Sunday January 1) and watched all of the new cryptic videos and Kia's (Kharma) Christmas video as I'd been meaning to, but life kept getting in the way. Between puppy sitting (Stacy's parents are on vacation so we're dog sitting my service dog's sister – she's sweet but terribly needy), the kids being on vacation, and trying to clean up Christmas, it's been wild around the house, but I thought it important to watch all of those before RAW aired. Compared to Jericho's breaking the code videos, this was very sparse in clues. I know people picked out things that could mean this person or that person, but for me nothing was as glaringly obvious as the code videos were in the past.

I have run through a bunch of names for this return, some realistic, some downright silly – Taker, Jericho, Shane-O-Mac, VKM, Steph, JR, JBL, HBK, SCSA, Hogan, Brodus Clay, Andy Levine, Mae Young, Big Daddy V, Warrior, Steamboat, George 'The Animal' Steele. Honestly, a number of those I just put out there because they're silly.

Steele is in there because I like and respect the man. He's a hero to me for who he is and what he's accomplished. Almost anyone with a big name who has stepped out and talk about their struggle with Crohn's Disease are worth my time and (usually) adoration. There are a few who actively earn my disdain for their BS comments about Crohn's Disease (Shannen Doherty and Marvin Bush), but they are few and far between and this isn't a Blog about Crohn's, so I'll stop here.

Okay, I just watched RAW and I think Jericho was fabulous! He was amazing and will not be deterred by all the comments posted during RAW Results and posted to the article about Jericho's return. Some people complained that the videos were very dark, but Jericho's return wasn't. Some people are upset about the way Jericho worked the fans and that Jericho stole ten minutes of their lives, the worst ten minutes of RAW, etc. I have to completely disagree. Jericho worked the fans beautifully! Richard has said, and I usually agree, that a big named wrestler returning almost always has to be a face to start off with. Jericho came back as a face and turned heel in under ten minutes. When Jericho came out Stacy asked if he'd be heel or face. I said face, just look at this reaction, but when the fans started getting tired, even before Jericho dropped the mic, I knew he was going heel.

I'm blown away at the creativity and am willing to bet Jericho and that big smile of his had a huge hand in how his return and turn were handled. Everyone who is yelling and screaming all over the interwebs about how horrible Jericho's return is? They have you talking and that's what they were trying to do. Brilliant! Just brilliant!

Show Starts


B > I know I normally complain loudly when TNA/IW starts (every) show with a video recap of some sort, but I'm not going to complain here. The final segment of RAW last week between Kane and Cena was just fabby, and the way they cut this together was creative. If only TNA/IW's producting and creative crews could learn something from videos like this!

In Ring Segment

B > I give Cena credit for being so upbeat and perky, no matter what the fans say. Actually, Cena was more corny here than he has been in weeks, but in some ways it worked. He's fighting against Kane's suggestion of him embracing the hate by going even more upbeat and gung-ho! Even more interesting was Kane speaking but not being seen. It made me wonder what he might be hiding, or what he might be up to. All in all, both worked the fans and that segment in a solid way.

Bryan vs Cody

C > I've been very impressed with both of these guys lately, but this Match wasn't much to write home about. The ring work wasn't bad and Bryan's stolen win was good, but there wasn't much to it all. I know that's the booking and creative that cut the Match so short, so this lower grade isn't for Cody and Bryan. Actually, the best part of this for me was Bryan after he won the Match. It seems like the end of every Match he's won the WHC for the first time. He virtually glows over that belt and makes me smile watching how happy he is right now. Rubbing it in Cole's face makes me smile that much more. The worst part was how easily Cody was thrown under the bus here. Cody has been climbing the ladder out of mid-card hell and deserves better than this.

Winner – Bryan

Backstage Segment

A- > I cannot get over the petulant Miz here! He was so funny when he kept saying, "No" like a little boy in trouble. He just wouldn't own up to remembering attacking R-Truth, putting Laurinaitis in a parental role that he handled really well. Even better was R-Truth flapping his wings and quacking at the camera! That man has taken the ball and is running with it in a way I didn't think possible. These men are the future of the WWE.


B > A nice way to remind us that this is the 25th anniversary of the Royal Rumble. I always smile when I remember that Hacksaw won the first one. Looking at this video I was shocked at how little he's aged these past 25 years!

Wade vs Santino

B > This grade is not as much for the Match as for Wade's mic work. I have been determined not to like Wade. I didn't like him early on and haven't wanted to give him a chance, but recently I've come around. He's impressed me more and more, capping it all off with this promo. I saw no reason behind him squashing Santino, but it seems like the job of every heel coming up through the ranks. Either way, the Match sucked.

Winner - Wade

Backstage Segment

C+ > Ugh! Am I the only one who really wants the Bellas to go away and never return? Seems as though they're little better than arm candy and can't seem to find their place in the company other than being loud and obnoxious, mostly to each other lately. Even their thinly veiled penis comment wasn't very good. Miz was good snapping at them, but the way R-Truth worked visually was the only real saving grace.

Sheamus vs Miz – not really

B+ > Sadly that grade isn't for an actual Match – as seems to be the trend for this show. Again R-Truth made the segment. I didn't think it was possible for Sheamus to be the face he is and I didn't think R-Truth would so easily turn face with the exact same character! The change in the Little Jimmy theme has worked beautifully. Actually, the horrible Bieber-esque 'Little Jimmy' who R-Truth conversed with in the stands was horrible! Obviously a plant and looked it. I don't know who hired him, but they need to rethink their line of work.

Backstage Segment

D > I don't know what's up with Dolph and his headstands! Even further, that promo wasn't good. He was trying to sound smart and condescending, but instead just looked silly. That type of heel promo would have worked for Miz, but isn't Dolph's type of character. Hopefully they don't keep pushing Dolph in this direction as I think he can make it far without this type of gimmick.

Backstage Segment

D > This just didn't work for me. Swagger being left to poke crankiness at Ryder just felt weird. Of course Laurinaitis had to show up at the perfect moment to make this Match. It felt more plastic and fake than usual.

WWE Championship Match – Punk vs Dolph

B+ > Until Laurinaitis screwed over Punk, this was a really solid Match. Okay, most of it was solid, but Dolph hit a couple moves that had Punk landing really badly. First was when Punk hit the middle rope with his face. The second was Dolph flipping Punk and ended up landing him on the mat face first. If they weren't obvious botches I'd wonder if Dolph was out to rearrange Punk's face for some unknown reason. Other than those two moves and Laurinaitis' involvement, Dolph and Punk worked this match beautifully. These two should be main eventing. Other than Laurinaitis, their Royal Rumble Match should be great!

Winner – Dolph via count out


B > Who better than HBK to get the fans looking toward the Royal Rumble?

Divas Tag Match

D > The only reason the grade is this good is because of Eve's moonsault off the top. She looked great doing it and landed almost perfectly. Other than that, this match wasn't worth the time it took.

Winners – Bellas?

Backstage Segment

A > Some people have been complaining that Punk has been losing his edge on mic; that he's kowtowing to the higher ups. This segment should change the minds of those. In jail for animal cruelty for beating Laurinaitis like a bitch? Punk was seething and gave one of the best performances of the night.


A > I know I'm going to catch a lot of crap for giving this segment an A, but I thought it was creative genius. The last time Jericho returned as a face it didn't work and he had to turn heel quickly to save any momentum from his return. This time he returned face and managed to turn heel by pissing off the fans in less than ten minutes without saying a word. It takes quite a bit of talent to work the fans the way Jericho did here.

I know there's a lot of people who don't understand what Jericho did there and don't understand what the videos leading up to Jericho's arrival meant, but that leaves a lot of questions hanging in the air. "You have brought this upon yourself. A familiar force shall arrive to claim what is his. She holds the mystery of my rebirth. But when I beckon her I will return to claim what is mine. She has spoken. It is time. The end of the world as you know it is here. Now." That leaves so much for the WWE to work with from here on out.

I guess the most impressive thing I've seen some from this segment was the fan reaction. As of writing this there were 99 comments to my RAW Results and 72 comments to the article about Jericho's return. I've never seen even half that many comments for any RAW Results. People are talking. Some are complaining, some are cheering, but all are talking about what Jericho did.

6 Man Tag Elimination Match

B- > When was Henry cleared to work the ring? Not saying he really worked the ring, but he did take a couple bumps. Actually, I was impressed with how they got the big men out of this Match quickly and easily. What I wasn't impressed with was Kane not being in the Match without any real reason why. This left me wondering and waiting for him to appear, but that's the next segment. The other thing that impressed me a bit was the way Cena worked the ring. He didn't do his regular moves in his regular order. Things were broken up enough that I noticed that Cena's normal routine was broken. Swagger hung in there pretty well considering the way the WWE has been treating him. It's been obvious that they have little faith in Swagger's abilities these days. I think they need to change up his character and take him in a new direction as it's not his look or his ring work that's hurting. The fans just don't care for him which can be the kiss of death in the WWE. So this was a decent match, but nothing thrilling.

Winners – Ryder & Cena

In Ring Segment

A > Has anyone other than Taker and Kane come up through the ring? Wait, I seem to remember possibly Sting did in the WCW, but I mean in the WWE. Is that role limited to the Brothers of Destruction? Kane did a beautiful job with this. His attack on Cena, ready to drag him off but then deciding to drag him to the pits of hell, or wherever Kane was dragging him. Having Cena rescue Ryder continues to show Cena as a good guy there to help his friend, but shows that Kane is getting to Cena. That fire erupting from the hole in the ring was awe inspiring! WWE has some great pyro guys! Great way to end a strange and confusing first RAW of 2012.

Post Show

The subtle, yet judicious way this RAW was created was riveting. Cena being uber upbeat and corny, Jericho loving the fans until they hate him, Kane trying to drag Ryder to the pits of under-the-ring. So while I know a lot of people are not in agreement with me on Jericho's return, I'm sticking by my feelings for the segment unless someone can give me solid argument against it. I am more than willing to hear your (nicely worded) arguments for why you think Jericho's return fell flat. I love debate, but won't respond to nastiness in any way, shape or form.


  • Adamdizzle

    THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! As someone here said Jericho only will come back if its fresh and different and this was GENIUS! Going back and watching it a second time and knowing how it ends up makes you REALLY understand how great this was. I am willing to bet Jericho came up with the idea on his own and for that he is truly the best in the world at what he does. He has EVERYONE in the palm of his hand and just like that pissed all over EVERYONE while still keeping that grin and everything he was shouting was about him. I didn't get when I saw it THE FIRST TIME the hand shakes going up the ramp than coming back down to get the other side than going on each side of the stage but watching the second time it was FANTASTIC and I totally get it! I honestly cant give this return/"promo" enough praise. I cant even imagine how let down the fans at that arena were (hell I would be) but I hope they re-watch it to really understand that mans great work out there.

    • Gary

      Interesting reply. 10 long lines abut how brilliant it was and yet I don't think you got it at all, lol.

      • Eggtrocious

        Well, 22 see that Adam got it. What's not to get? Jericho's re-appearance was brilliant. He had to come up with something different as he's re-debuted more than once. It was frustrating as I watched it but as he disappeared up the ramp, it made total sense. It was completely different from anything other re-debut we've ever seen. Better still, we have more questions than answers. Brilliant…

    • XKonn247

      The someone that said that was Chris Jerucho on Teitter…

    • Joe

      I wonder if Jericho is going to come off as a Heel of some sort that smiles a lot. I don't know. At first, when i watched it live, I was kinda getting an indication he's doing it on purpose, but was disappointed that he didn't say anything and was a little mad about it, but i re-watched it and realized pretty much what you said Adamdizzle and enjoyed what Jericho is doin. I like how maybe the Videos are still needing to be answered, as well as Jericho trying to be the jerk of a heel we know him to be. Jericho has been great at changing his character from the ayatollah of rock n rolla to the narcisist prick he was recently. I know he wants to have a new change and I'm thinkin we just got a glimpse of it

  • Arav

    Like that segment or not, you gotta admit it. Jericho's still got it big time

  • H.M.

    I agree with your comments regarding Jericho 100%. I think most people are beginning to see that there's so much more to this segment then it initially seemed(I'll admit, I was a bit disappointed for the first 10 minutes). Jericho is a pure puppet master.

    Jericho = Ultimate troll.

    Oh and Kane = Ultimate bad***…that ending segment was just amazing. I felt like a little kid watching a horror movie or something Cena sold his act really well. It felt like a movie, where the protagonists escaped the doom of the evil monster in the abyss lol.

    I have to disagree with you about Dolph. I actually enjoyed his micwork, and I believe his goal IS to come off as condescending. I do hope that he slows down what he says because I DEFINITELY see that his mic skills have loads of potential.

  • Prprince

    Big show came through the mat during stone cold vs Vince McMahon at the ppv st valentines day massacre.

  • @RatedMKD

    First off, I have to disagree with you about the closing segment. The whole dragging-Ryder-into-the-abyss thing made me cringe – although, admittedly that may have been the announcers actually using that terminology. Whatever it was, I just couldn't enjoy that.

    The general concensus seems to be that Jericho's return was structured to sap the babyface momentum from his return. If that was indeed the intention, it worked beautifully – and whoever devised it is a genius. It wasn't until the segment was over and I internally post-mortemed it that I truly appreciated it for what it was. I don't think I've ever seen a "kill them with kindness" heel turn take place in the space of one segment.

  • Vin Sidious

    Making a #2 in the middle of the ring would be fresh, different and funny, also, but still wouldn't make for good t.v. It would have been a much better segment, IMO, if he had turned on the fans mid-way (with a microphone), making everybody in the house out to be gullible fools – live, right there, where they all had to wallow in the truth of it. Going from Monster Face-pop to Monster Heel-heat within the context of one 10 minute in-ring segment would have been pretty innovative, especially doing it that way. (without doing a traditional turn by, say, tossing a partner through a window or attacking a beloved announcer or something more traditional) The added bonus is he could have advanced some sense of plot for his character – you know, a storyline / angle. Some payoff for the cryptic videos, even if the payoff was he was just messing with the fans, would have been better.

    • Chalon

      Not seeing the big picture yet. Don't be impatient.

  • Jaryd

    I hope he is more of a high-spirited heel this time. I mean the calmly spoken evil guy was great and he worked it really well, but Jericho just has so much energy it seems a shame to subdue him.

  • Andrew

    The Big Show has also came out of through the ring when he first arrived in the WWE

  • Cormack

    From a perspective of someone who was watching when Y2J made his original WWF debut back in 99 it stunned me how little of a reaction the guy got from the fans. I don't know if it was the way the mics were set up in the arena or if half of them really didnt know who he was but after the inital music hit by the time he was down the ramp the crowd noise had all but died out. It was actually a little embarassing to watch to be honest, i understand he was "turning heel" and all that but the only reason the crowd made any noise was him acting like a circus conductor, i dont know if the crowd was expecting someone else or what but for me at least their reaction pretty much killed any momentum which is why i think there was so much negative reaction in comments here and across the IWC on twitter in the aftermath.

  • Dizzintut

    I read this blog while I was at work after only having watched it the first time. And at the time that it happened I thought we had all been ripped off. But after watching it a second time I agree with you on everything but one thing. Y2J is definitely proving why he is the best in the world at what he does but I think the whole spot would have been so much better if he had shown off his amazing mic skills. But all in all I do agree with you. It was fantastic and almost perfectly executed!!!

  • larry

    jericho was awesome he was being a troll, which is the way he used to be in wcw, i loved wcw jericho, it was the only time i liked him, he would get the crowd worked up and then do dirty stuff in the match and cry alot. I bet this new version is going to be 10x times better, but who is he going after, undertaker maybe? or punk ?i got it after i noticed the gear. Jericho clothes said more than u all think. i hope he trolls like this for a few weeks then goes after punk, man punk uncut vs y2j's new form, im excited for next week. Oh and if u dont know he is a heel, read wwe.com and even they say they where confused, which just shows they are going to build this up at first.

  • Steve l

    I like Y2J, and I get how sechink it was briliant. But if Impact pulled that the videos that made no sense the date then 10 minutes of nothing.You would be complaining and wanting people fired but since WWE did it its great.

  • Did anyone else pick up that Y2J seemed a little crazy?

    I know it's already being done with R-Truth but with this whole creepy "little girl" thing and Jericho's return point screw loose.

    I loved the return and it was great the way he made everyone look like idiots, nothing worse than a complete arse smiling in your face whilst you hate on him…

    I was almost expecting him to give the crowd the finger before leaving the arena which would have given Epic Heat.

  • Majd B.

    Man I hope Y2J,Cena and Ryder kill Kane!!! Litteraly

  • brandon

    I think Jericho is gonna do a reverse heel role. He is gonna appeal to the crowd by praising himself and still do evil things… All the while believing that he is a face and the people still love him. You guys won’t believe me but before Raw I predicated this. I knew he wasn’t coming like he did last time. And I remembered how the Rock was as a heel… He would make a joke, people would laugh and he would yell, stop laughing at the rocks jokes… Imagine Jericho so demented that he does the heel thing but still thinks that he is a face. Because we can’t possibly hate him… He’s Jericho. And this is why I’m a bestselling author(tooting my own horn).

  • brandon

    But I could be wrong… We shall see.

  • sforester

    The Blitz is here, and after taking a break from watching wrestling programming, I'm back and as unmerciful as ever. I'm not here to mince words so let's get to work.

    I want to preface this by saying that I am very sick and tired of Brodus Clay's debut being pushed back again and again. Either bring him in or drop it. Nuff said.

    Cena-Kane opening: This Kane… is more demented than he has ever been, even debuting…Now he's twisting philosophical theory into his own twisted sermon of embracing the hate… and I'm loving it. Am I the only one that caught the "Christmas Creature" reference ALSO being to Kane? Here's what i'm referring to from 1992 in USWA (related to the WWF): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrJFPOh9wfM

    Daniel Bryan vs. Cody: Well done WWE, you just made your World Heavyweight Champion look weak by needing a roll-up to steal one, and you just made your future top star and IC champion Cody Rhodes look weak by being beaten that quickly. This match gets a great big F for FOUL booking.

    Miz/R-Truth segments plus Sheamus: I'm going to cover 'em all here. Miz suddenly having a short memory is one thing, but this R-Truth….something is off about the completely nutso guy being a face. I've never liked R-Truth as a face, and this isn't helping his case with me. On another note, having Sheamus kick Miz's head off for R-truth to have his way… Miz just got humiliated. Badly. As far as the Bellas… just leave 'em on ADR's arm while he's recovering and be done with it.

    Wade vs. Santino: The only good thing about this match is that Wade didn't use Wasteland. Apparently someone finally got the memo that it looks (and is probably executed as) unsafe. Other than that, why Santino? And why not put Sheamus in with Barrett instead of Miz? Side note: Can we expect Santino to break his own record in the Royal Rumble? LOL

    Punk vs. Dolph: -yawns- Yippee, we get to see Mr. Excitement as a referee. I call it now, he gets KO'd and another ref counts the win for Punk. Without Laurinaitis running about, this would have been a really good match.

    Divas Tag match: Useless. Pure schlock. Potty break. Just some of the terms I could use for this. Brodus Clay scaring them all out the ring would have boosted the grade to a C-. LOL

    Jericho: It was genius to pull a heel turn like that….but the question becomes "Who is Jericho going after?" at this point. I was almost waiting for Brodus Clay to come out and put an end to it…That's how badly I want Brodus on my TV screen.

    Elimination tag and aftermath: The match did its job in eliminating Show and Mark from the proceedings, but watching the full Five Moves of Doom sequence made it quite clear Kane was going to show up. I hated seeing Cena pop up from the "devastating" mouth claw to pull Ryder from the hole in the ring. Personally I would have found it better for the storyline for Ryder to get swallowed up and THEN the pyro hits with Cena sitting at the edge wondering what just happened. This is why the Blitz is not a booker. LOL

  • brandon

    Blitz, I would have hired you as a Booker on the spot if you would have given me that scenario. Leaving Ryder in followed by the pyro… Far more intriguing.

  • Gesusoliver

    i guess im gonna have to give my two cents as we disagree on alot here. I am gonna go segment by segment or so and explain why I thought it was stupid. Anyone who is interested I want to plug my twitter at gesusoliver. I complained alot about this raw on twitter because honestly I thought the show was a joke for the most part.

    The opening video I thought was money. I am in complete agreement with you on this. Especially after the show being over and seeing how important hte video was, maybe TNA should learn a thing or two.

    Cena on mic to start this show was nauseating. It is just further proof as to why we hate cena. Yeah trying to hide the hate per say like you said trying to rise above it and be overly chipper is just so annoying. I hate this super cena character. I am waiting to see where they go with this feud simply because WM is just around the corner. Character progression is intriguing and yet disgusting. Only cena. Kane though, I thought was brilliant. Really made you wonder what is going ot happen and in my opinion saved the segment.

    if i remember correctly they went to a commercial break here. itw as only like 5 mins into the hsow it seemed ad all of a sudden a commercial break?

    Bryan vs Cody made me pop huge. Maybe the reason the segment made me so upset is because of how short it was knowing the potential and ability they both have in this business and my expectations for this match. Creative should be fired for writing this match so short.

    Miz back stage with Johnny Ace was a nice little segment. I am also starting to come around to him being the GM. He in my opinion is breaking the traditional mold of GM's or what have you in any business. What comes to mind is the Flow chart that was on your FB Kendra about Teddy long and how he books matches. There is always a Baby face GM and a Heel. It is just so boring. Either correcting injustices like Teddy and Sting, or creating them Bisch (WWE and TNA) or Hogan. Heck even commissioners Mick and HBK were annoying after a while. Ace on the other hand is that calm little spot in the middle you try ot hate him for stuff like CM Punk but you are entertained and happy when he books matches like the main event this raw. He is quirky and maybe im just crazy but I dont see him on either side of the fence, and i enjoy it. Miz was awesome in this segment as well, What really creeped me out and you liked it, R-Truth at the end of this segment. The man always weirded me out and I always attribute it to my hatred for the character on Street Fighter Dhalsim.

    I love the video package for RR nothing more to say. HI OHHHHHH!

    I love wade. He represents such a change from the WWE American mold. I love accents what can I say. He was such a leader for the NXT and proves that he is main event caliber, despite his disgusting finisher. I also hate Santino, I have never found entertaining. I also hated it when he won the Intercontinental championship from the late Umaga when he was picked out of the crowd, simply FF. Matches like this getting on the card where Dbry and Rhodes gets cut short just disgusts me.

    I like the Bellas, thought he bring little to the game. Miz was also pretty good in this segement as well, and again Dhalsim creeps me out, I mean R-truth.

    at this point I cant even remember how many commercial breaks we had but at one point I tweeted "45 mins into #Raw 7 segments and 3 squash matches? #nosedive" the raw had me giddy like a little school girl, then they had to do to an enitre show that they did to months of story lines, hot shot them. This raw was ridiculously fast paced and just terrible. They started off with great intrege and fire to just getting worn out by commercial breaks and short segment after segment, not to mention no matcher more than 10 mins, heck not even 5.

    I agree with waht you said about Ziggles. Though entertaining it made you wonder where he was going, the use of politics and intelligence just didn't seem to fit here for some reason. The headstands also just make me laugh, this man has the confidence and arrogance of Mr. Perfect with the ability to be the next Ric Flair if not better.

    Another backstage segment, Love Ryder and Swagger, but this segment fell flat. Have never been to fond of Eve either.

    • Gesusoliver

      WWE championship match. I was under the impression this match was supposed to start RAW, not really sure why. I was starting to enjoy this match and then BAM another stupid freaking commercial. These men are exciting and great in ring talent. I have been curious as to where J-Ace is going with this whole screwing Punk angle. It makes me like him even more as a GM. This is a great way to keep this feud going until RR. This match was great but again a short match due to a commercial.

      Divas tag match….ZZZZZ again this match is on the card but Dbry and Rhodes as so short?

      Punks backstage segment we are in agreement.

      Jericho Jericho Jericho where to start? Here are my two tweets and I'll explain them. "Jericho back made me pop HUGE but still sorta let down i wasn't Joker Taker. #mixedfeelings" and "I was hoping This Y2J thing is a work and the real 1/2/12 comes out." I had a joke going all day about it being the Taker returning under a Joker Gimmick. It just seemed to make people mad. I had mixed feelings hense the hash tag and second tweet. I was really hoping it was a work by Jericho and was going to bring in someone else along with him. Don't get wrong I love Y2j. People are just gonna flood the site with Told ya so, and Why not taker? more annoying than anything. I loved the way he came out and I am so excited to see where this takes us. I think what really made this all fall flat is simply that was Jericho himself.

      6 Man tag, the only thing really good I can say about his match is that it had me wondering what Kane was gonna do! Had some good ring work and such but honestly, was only interested in what Kane was gonna do. I was happy to see Swagger get a little bit of a rub in the fact he was last to get eliminated. I know its not really saying much but either way, gave me a little cheer. I couldn't figure out why Ryder and Cena were left being as elimination matches generally dont end like this, but then again look at Survivor Series.

      The final segment. simply had me Giddy! it almost felt like AE in which masked Kane was truly back. I am curious as to where the move where he clasps ones mouth is going. Could it just be another demonic finisher only the Big Red Machine would use? Is it just a brilliant way to shut cena the heck up? We are in agreement on everything you wrote about his. Had an argument with a friend about not draging Ryder in made Kane look weak but I pointed out where would Ryders push go from here if he was no longer to return from the pit or injured? He had to get saved by Cena. This is so exciting to see what will happen next!

  • Jbreed

    I was excited to see the old Chris Jericho back. But apparently now we again have to put up with the bland heel Jericho who keeps repeating the same words every time and constantly saying how he's the best in world at what he does in his boring robotic voice.

    Anyway there are more serious problems going on. The WWE championship match halfway through the show? Even before the diva's match. Man are CM Punk's days as champion numbered. And the worst part of it is, if the WWE doesn't seem to have confidence in a guy like Punk to be the top guy on Raw than who else is there. This only means one thing, John Cena is gonna be the number one guy for a long time.

    And speaking of John Cena, last night it was the same old Cena. I'm not saying he has to turn completely on the people who boo him, but he should show at least little resentment for the way he's treated. Anyway the closing segment was fun. Kane is a breath of fresh air right now but I just hope they're careful with him so he doesn't become just another victim of John Cena when their program is over.

    R-Truth as a face will not work. They should have found another way to write him off tv so he would have come back as a heel again.

    Anyway, Raw was pretty good show but big picture wise I wonder about the direction of the Raw. Cena once again seems to be the main focus. Punk seems like an afterthought. It seems like the stuff between he and John Laurinaitis is more important than the fact Punk is WWE champion. Watching it all go down I can't shake this feeling Laurinaitis will screw Punk out of the title sometime before WM 28 thus setting up a match between Laurinaitis and Punk at WM 28. Ok it sounds like a ridiculous scenario but you never know with the WWE.

  • drhaase

    Jericho's comeback was great. Not many men can pull a heel turn like that. His post match interview with the light up jacket was priceless, and I cannot wait to see he and Punk tear roofs off of buildings.

    I didn't like the booking of the Championship match until the segment afterwards. Great stuff by Punk, and telling Ace he's gonna beat him like a little bitch was perfect. I like Ace inserting himself into the title match at the Rumble (which all but assures that Dolph won't look weak in a loss). I also like it, because it sets up a scenario where Punk and Ace can settle their score at EC, where the World Title matches don't necessarily have to be main events. At least that's how I would book it…I still wonder if HHH, Nash, and/or Vince are going to get involved in this feud at some point. I also wonder if Jericho will be involved with the front office geeks as he is now my pick to win the Rumble and challenge Punk for the title at Mania (insert light up jacket).

    BTW, is it just me, or is Ace starting to get a lot better. He seems a lot more comfortable and seems to be totally embracing this "Mr. Excitement" gimmick. I actually find his on screen appearances to not be painful anymore. Good work on his part, as I was ready to shoot my TV when RAW was in Mexico City.

    DB and Cody should have gotten more time. I don't mind DB winning on the small package, and "stealing" a win. I have a feeling he's turning heel, and will be "stealing" a lot more wins during his title reign. Though matches like this where he is facing another great in ring performance should be given more time. That match should have been a real treat, but instead we got a tease.

    Poor Swagger…talk about a man that needs a gimmick change.

    Ken, I have to disagree with you about Dolph. When that segment began and the first thing I saw was Dolph's legs I LOL'd. The whole cocky #HEEL gimmick is perfect for him. He like Ryder has really helped himself with the internet (just look at his work in Z! TLIS), and he is a phenomenal wrestler. Dolph's promos have been so spot on that Vickie has now become nothing more than an afterthought to his gimmick. I always tend to like workers with freestyle backgrounds also (big wrestling fan) and Swags is the only current WWE worker with a stronger freestyle background. Last year Dolph was facing Edge for the WHC at the Rumble, and this year he'll be facing Punk for the WWE Title. His career is obviously on the upswing.

    Barrett destroys Orton, and gets rewarded with Santino?? You're telling me WWE needs to conclude that terrible Sheamus/Jinder Mahal feud before pushing Sheamus along to Barrett. C'mon now.

    R-Truth was great on RAW. I look forward to his feud with Miz…who has been great since taking Truth out. I agree Ken, that Miz telling Ace that he doesn't remember taking out Truth was "6 year old kid who just stole a cookie" hilarious.

  • hurrigame

    I wonder how much more raw hatred Y2J would’ve gotten had he been in a better city. (I.e. MSG or L.A.)

  • Dan “The Frontman” Haase

    I have a feeling MSG would have eaten Jericho up as the Tri State crowd has always been a heel friendly crowd

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