RAW Is Blogged - One Day This Will All Be Mine!

I have to say that I really enjoyed RAW last night. While there were a couple of questionable moments, I thought a lot of RAW. I think they're doing a strong job of setting up for both the Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania. While, as always, I have so much to say, I'm going to jump right in and say it there.

Show Starts

Video > B

I know I complain up and down about TNA/IW starting each episode of Impact with a recap video, but what irks me about them (most of the time) is how badly produced, how long-winded, and overly telling they are. This was well produced, short, but still a bit overly telling. I liked the way they quickly cut from the video to Kane with the ambulance which quickly foretold of so much more to come later in the show. I know a lot of people aren't happy with the direction of Kane's character, but I'm loving it. I've been a huge Kane fan all along, from when I first saw him, and I'm thrilled to see him both masked and on the evil side of things, even though the fans are loving how he's abusing Cena. So interesting to have a character who is basically a heel, but the fans love him for abusing a wrestler who is basically a face. This is not the way things usually go down and I'm loving it!

In Ring Segment > C-

Why? Just, why? Why did they feel the need to talk so much about the RAW Elimination Chamber Match? Okay, the grade was lower, but Gesus reminded me of a couple things. First and foremost, R-Truth was fricken hysterical and did a fabby job of holding his own and staying in character. I can understand why VKM is behind R-Truth right now. I also have to say that Kofi impressed me. We hear very little from him, but he looked and sounded good last night. Miz was very Miz and in some ways out Jericho'd Jericho! I know I'm going to get abused for THAT comment. Honestly, I expected less from Miz, but maybe it was him taking the ball and running with it, showing his hunger to be there – other than the whole cookie ice cream bar thing. Punk was Punk who is always wonderful, but more low key than most last night. Dolph, sadly, wasn't memorable for me. I really think he has what it takes to be a star, but there he got lost in all the strong personalities, but I do like that they teased a feud between R-Truth and him. Doesn't surprise me as I doubt R-Truth wants to work with Miz right now – no matter what really happened last week.

Kofi vs Jericho > B+

I really enjoyed this match. I had hoped that Kofi would win it the way he had been at house shows, but I understand why Jericho got this one. Kofi looked very strong here, more like the main eventer that I think he's capable of being. I love that his character is becoming stronger, I just hope they manage to keep him as sweet and cool as his character grows and develops. I was nice to see that he could hold his own with Jericho, even though I know they've been working the ring together and have learn how each other work. This makes me that much more interested in Kofi in the Elimination Chamber.

Winner – Jericho

Backstage Segment > A+

I always love seeing Trip and HBK together, but the simplicity of the way they interact, that they are so willing to hug in such a macho industry, that they have no trouble showing their love for each other, it's just beautiful. I wish more people in this world could be as open and loving as they were in this moment.

Backstage Segment > C+

This segment between Cena and Ryder absolutely foreshadowed that there was something horrible to come. Ryder played pathetic wonderfully here.

Backstage Segment > C

I have no issue with this segment by itself, but they did nothing with it later in the show to move this along. The way Otunga was talking, it was like he was really scheming, but this was all we learned and I was left hanging. Sad to say that I wanted more of Laurinaitis, but he's really great in how horrible he is.

Announce Segment > C+

Stacy said he wanted a gross of Cole's action figures as they'd be fun to dismember and do horrible things with. Now I know I need to get myself one to play with and one for Stacy to abuse!

Big Show vs Orton > B-

I know a lot of people were not happy with how Big Show took the first RKO in this match. In fact there were some rather nasty chants about it. I'm floored by this as these two are consummate professionals. Everybody screws up sometime, if they don't then they're not trying hard enough at life. Okay, so that first RKO wasn't great, okay, so the second RKO wasn't perfect, but that top rope DDT was tight. Setting up for that DDT, Big Show getting his legs right, not so great, but it happens. So this wasn't Big Show's best match, it wasn't Orton's best match, but it was better than them standing around the ring playing switch! D-Bry's involvement was pretty decent in that he didn't only cost Big Show the match, he further pissed off Orton, setting up for possible problems between them down the road.

I have to say that Cole was playing the true heel in kissing up to D-Bry when he was right there, but then right back against him when he left announce – well done, even for Cole. I also have to say it was smart keeping D-Bry off announce while he was sitting there. I think it would have taken a lot from him as he's not the best on mic.

Winner – Orton via DQ

In Ring Segment > A

I know a lot of people are not going to agree with me that Trip and HBK were wonderful, but it's their chemistry that really made this work. It had a wonderful feel from the start as HBK sets the tone for segments like few others. Within 30 seconds of HBK being in the ring I was whining to Stacy about how much I miss HBK being on TV on a regular basis. No offense to him, but I won't be tuning in to his hunting show. The only shooting I do is at the range.

There's a number of moments I thought were particularly interesting in this segment – even though these long-winded segments are what puts me so far behind with my play-by-play!

I found it interesting that they did they crossed their arms rather than crotch chopping, but it was showing for things to come.
HBK said he stood by Trip through everything. I'm figuring he meant the Curtain Call incident at MSG.
I laughed when HBK referred to Steph as that chick Trip married!
Trip is impressive that he can put that power, that tension into his body, even when staring down someone he holds so dearly. The shaking of his body and the flaring of his nostrils are such nice touches to HBK calling him a coward.
The reaction from the fans, the way they held their collective breaths, then gasped when Trip actually voiced that all of that would be his someday. We all know that he and Steph will be taking over for VKM at some point, doubtfully fully before VKM is six feet under, but he's never actually voiced it in front of the fans and it was a shocker. I'm very impressed with how he said it and how it went over with the fans.
I liked how Trip talked about Taker as a brand and how ending the streak is bad for business. Of course those things go through their minds, but hearing him say those things is such a change from the days of protected kayfabe.
Yes, Trip, HBK and Taker are the end of an era, but Kane, Jericho and Big Show were also of that era and they're still around, but I do understand what he was getting at.
Of course Trip had to make the jab at HBK for not getting the job done, but Trip hasn't been able to get the job done himself.
I was very impressed with Trip looking HBK in the eye and saying no.
The way HBK stepped back, looked his best friend up and down in disgust, then walked away the way he did – just perfect. Then the look between them when HBK was on stage, just before the video started – again prefect.

It's all these points that made that segment so amazing. I am blown away with these two in the ring, but I hope we don't have another uber long segment with them talking like this as they're terribly hard to write in time!

Video > A+

These Taker videos have been fabby! I know I hadn't addressed Taker's wig here, but I don't think it's that big of a deal. Glen is also wearing a wig and that blew over after I positively stated that yes, he was wearing a wig. Neither of these men have naturally black hair, and as you age it's harder to grow your hair long, so it makes sense that they either wear wigs or have shorter hair. When Taker returned at WrestleMania as the Deadman, he didn't have a lot of time to grow it out and had a very Beatles' type mop on his head. I know a lot of people want Taker to return as the American Bad Ass, something I don't understand as it makes much more sense to me that he ends his career as the iconic Deadman. That one GONG at WrestleMania. The way the fans about blew the roof off that arena was sick and sealed it for me that there's no other way he should end his career. I will say I loved the use of a straight razor to 'cut' his hair.

Dolph w/ Vickie vs R-Truth > B

While I loves me some R-Truth lately, this wasn't his best match, nor Dolph's, it was entertaining. Dolph standing on his head, then R-Truth getting the quick win. While it wasn't the best heading into Elimination Chamber, it was a good way to get everyone involved in matches in the go home show.

Winner – R-Truth

Backstage Segment > C-

I love Santino, and garlic, but that just blew. I do say that garlic flavor sheets would be very cool for those of us who have been known to carry our own crushed or powered garlic in our purses.

Slam of The Week > F

I really am very unhappy about Eve's nose being broken being the Slam of The Week, but Miz is chin deep in heat for the R-Truth incident. What's the double standard?

Tamina vs Brie > D+

I am not a Bella fan. I just don't see their ring work as up to par. I'm glad we're finally seeing something of Tamina, other than her flying, but the way she comes off the corner makes it look like she should be flying from six feet higher. She's so tall that it looks like she's holding back in a huge way. I'm still not sure of her ring work as I've seen so little of it, and that she's just a filler for Beth waiting for Kharma to return to full time. She's so different from the Barbies that she's great for Beth to feud with, I just hope she's not just brushed aside when Kharma returns.

Winner – Tamina

Video > C+

That Rocky video was wonderfully produced, enjoyable and made me smile, but it took too much time away from the show. I know why they did what they did, but it doesn't annoy me any less. Rocky is a huge draw and will be the biggest draw at WrestleMania, but I want to see more than Rocky's publicity tour, I want to see him on RAW. Plain and simple, either say you're coming back and do it, or don't make promises you can't keep.

Backstage Segment > B+

I really want to know how many takes it took to get this segment right. First off, Eve scrambled up into the ambulance, but Kane wasn't really after her when she did it. Then someone poked Kane in the elbow to close the door at the right time. Eve wasn't screaming at all when she climbed in. Cena to the rescue, but couldn't get the doors open. Of course there was the little fight to set up for the Elimination Chamber PPV, but Kane running to get into the driver's seat made me giggle. Some people just don't run in a graceful way, and Glen is one of those people.

Then suddenly the siren came on and Eve was able to get the doors open, even though we hadn't seen her through the windows trying to get out through any of that segment. As soon as Eve landed in Cena's arms, I knew they were going to kiss and get caught. But day-um, that was a KISS! No stage kisses for those two! Hope John told Mrs. Cena that he was sticking his tongue down a coworker's throat, as I'd hate to find out watching it on TV – even though they are all actors. Then there was Ryder's reaction to it all, but Eve didn't move away from Cena and toward Ryder in any way.

As I was talking to different people today about this segment (everyone I spoke to today about wrestling talked about this segment and how HOT it was), the thought came up that maybe Eve will be going heel. That she's been with Kane this whole time and doing all she can to cause trouble between Cena and Ryder, to further push Cena to embrace the hate. It could be interesting to see where they go with Eve through this, and I hope they don't drop the ball on it!

Backstage Segment > B-

That Eve gave Ryder the 'just friends' speech further makes me think she could be working with Kane. Nothing like ripping Ryder's heart out as he is ready to profess his love for Valentines Day.

Miz vs Punk > B

I have to say that when Miz fumbled his first moves with Punk, I thought he might be mentally thrown off his game, but he pulled it out. Miz wasn't completely dominated in this match, as I thought he might be. He had some dominant spots, but there was no way he was going to win this match. I found it interesting that Punk hit that fast scoop slam. Is that something he's been doing all along and I'm blanking on it, or is this semi-new to his repertoire? Also, I have to say, I love Punk's Savage elbow. I know the WWE will never call it that, but that's how I always think of it. All in all this was a decent match, solid, but not Punk's best, though I really enjoyed the reversals at the end. He's always great to watch and he really has me excited for the Elimination Chamber PPV.

Winner – Punk

In Ring Segment > B-

I was really not really looking forward to Cena being out there talking. It wasn't how I wanted to spend the end of the show, but it wasn't bad. While Cena might be saying he's rising above this all and referring to 'those people', he looked a bit strained. Either he was tired, not feeling well, or it is getting to him. There is the possibility that he's selling better than we ever thought he could, but I doubt that. It was just around his eyes that looked like he was wearing thin.

Ryder coming down to the ring on crutches was painful to watch. His legs aren't injured, but he was walking like they were. Also, the crutches were just too short for his size which made everything that much worse. It was nice to see Ryder stand up to Cena, but it was also great to see Cena ready to fight back.

I really loved when Kane came on the tron and said Cena had sunk to depths that Kane could only dream of when Cena stole his only friend's love, but all I could think of was Katie Vick and how parts of storyline history can be forgotten. What made it even funnier for me is that I am reading the WWE novelization of Kane's life, Journey Into Darkness (so much better than Big Apple Takedown), and I'm reading about Glen and Katie as teenagers right now.

When Kane came out, I knew Ryder was in for it. Anyone in a wheelchair on the WWE is fair game for being pushed into something or off something else. At first I thought Kane was going to push him down the ramp and into the ring at full speed. I was a bit shocked that he went off the side, but big chunks of RAW were throwbacks to the Attitude Era, so it wasn't enough to throw me out of my seat. I know Foley was not happy with the risk that was taken with Ryder, but I have to say that Ryder took the fall/landing well and I know (anonymous source) that Ryder is just fine. Foley has grown so much over the years and he knows how beaten up his body is and doesn't want anyone else to end up in the shape he is in, so I understand where he's coming from. Personally, I was shocked they took the risk as well. That Ryder was not injured does not mean that the incident was right to do. I thought the WWE was against taking risks like that these days.

Back to the fallout. I thought it was interesting that Cena went and grabbed the trainer and sent him to Ryder, as if the trainer wouldn't have gone on his own. I have to say that the fans were really on Cena when the EMTs were working on Ryder. They were on Eve some too. It was an interesting choice to have her go out there and bet there for Ryder. That brought so much heat onto Cena, more than all the other attacks on Ryder. Creative is doing a great job with this storyline!

Post Show

My favorite parts of this show was – Trip and HBK, Cena and Eve getting hot and heavy, R-Truth's insanity in the debate and Kofi proving that he's not an afterthought. While there was some seriously low points in this show, I thought it was a solid go home to Elimination Chamber and has me getting even more excited for WrestleMania – except for Rocky versus Cena.

I'm sure a lot of people will have a lot to say about this episode and I think it's great, just please be nice to each other. We can get some great debates going here and there will be a lot to talk about heading to WrestleMania, but no attacking each other or me. Strong personalities are great, being mean and nasty is not. Please be kind.


  • Shea

    I love the fact that Eve is getting some reaction. I’m actually really excited to see how this turns out. If she is with Kane, that would be SUCH a huge twist. I wonder if they would change her character to be a lot darker and more creepy.

  • Aaron

    I have to agree with you Kendra on one thing. Even though there are a few heals that I like Kane would have to be one of them. Always has and always will be.

  • larry

    damn zack better get a monster push. and i pray he isnt really hurt he missed the mat they had out for him. Kane's speed was too fast, but i get it they wanted it to be believable this time, after the mat being seen in the last two times they attempted something crazy . Im a zack fan and hate that he is doing all this in the name of cena, and what I mean is who is going to be on tv and who isnt? Zacks char looks like a chump in the story. He doesn't get the girl because he is robin and cena is batman, but he takes all the butt kicking, and gets nothing.

    Its like vince is spitting in our face,because us smart fans got hooked to ryder through the internet and it bled over to SS this year (loved new york for that).listen to cena's promo, it was like vince saying he wont change, and he wont. He'll be a more aggresive more kick your ass cena instead of getting beat down for 5 mins trying to hulk up the whole time(shoulder block= the new hulk up) I have seen people do dumb stuff like this and still don't get the push they deserve till late in there career. When he comes back, it better be a hell of a comeback talking about undefeated streak or something, he did nothing to be written off tv like this , or i havent heard anything is a better way to put it. ZACK RYDER=AKA MINI FOLEY……………i mean that as a complement .

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Raw was good I enjoyed it.

    unlike some Wrestlers I give Ryder some credit in selling his injurys all this time. sure he has the neck and back brace,wheelchair and crutches everything short of being bandaged up like a Mummy. at least he is selling those injurys and not walking around like nothing happened.

    I figure Eve will turn heel with or with out Ryder , Ryder has a 50- 50% of turning heel after Cena kissed Eve. if Eve and Cena didn't go hot and heavy with the kiss it could have been played off as a Thank you for saving my life kiss from Eve.. if it had been a simple quick kiss.

    Cena's reaction to it was funny, Kendra's right here's hoping Mrs. Cena knew about this segment and was not bent out of shape over it.

    good thing Orton didn't lose his temper with Big Show (like Orton did with Kofi ) for the mistake. with the RKO

    Daniel Bryan is still doing great and I think he is very good on the mic..

    Even though I am not interested in seeing the HHH/Undertaker match. The HH/HBK segment was fine.

    Kendra I do want to mention your comment about

    "Why? Just, why? Why did they feel the need to talk so much about the RAW Elimination Chamber Match?"

    Because that is their job to talk about the match help promote it and get fans interested in buying the PPV and so on.

    in all my years in watching Wrestling if WWE or TNA doesn't focus a lot of attention on a up coming PPV fans get upset or angry over it. last month for example people moaned and groaned over WWE not focusing a lot on the Royal Rumble and not giving a list of names of who was to be in the Rumble.

    I mean did anyone think they may have not given a list of names so it could be a suprise to see who was going to be in it as they came out when the buzzer rang.

    if they don't focus on a PPV make it seem important fans get up set and angry and when they do give it attention Fans are still not happy.

    I don't get that , it seems to be a endless cycle and most fans are never happy and complain about it. no matter what they do Fans are never happy.

    I haven't bought a WWE PPV since 2001. and only get the DVD if I want it and if it is worth buying. I'll just read the blog reports or watch it online… so wiether they focus on a PPV or not doesn't matter to me. I'll just pick and choose what matches I want to see. and for me that is better .

  • I’m surprised you didn’t mention the fact that in the ending segment with the wheelchair, that eve’s buttcrack was showing. Surprised me because you usually talk about how exposing the Knockouts on IW are, when eve can’t keep her pants up! She should get one of those top things that cover that area (I saw the commercial this weekend).

    • Jbreed

      Or maybe it's better if Eve doesn't get one of those things to cover the the area.

  • Big D

    I think Truth got the best the best laugh out of me since DX dressed up as Vince & Shane.
    I know this is the mark in me coming out, but I was hoping Ryder would've just gone off on Cena. Storyline, be damned.

  • Professor Rick Craig


    They are setting Cena up to "embrace the hate" for the Rock at WrestleMania. You know I've been calling for it all year…but it's playing out right now before our very eyes. Cena's getting booed now more than ever. Now he's getting blamed and accused by his friends, too. The boy's gonna snap…just in time for Rocky…on the greatest stage of them all! Don't forget the Prof when it all goes down.

    As far as Kofi goes…are you kidding me? He is definitely NOT main event material. You actually have to have a personality to play with the big boys on a consistent level. Next thing you know, you'll be saying that the Great Khali is going to win the WHC at the Elimination Chamber. Child, puh-lease. Ha!

    The opening videos for RAW were just as drawn out as the ones you abuse for Impact. They are there for a purpose…to get everyone up to speed who may have missed the previous episode. I still don't understand why they get high marks on RAW but receive horrible grades on Impact. I'm beginning to think that bias and impartiality are beginning to come into play. The opening video was NOT short. it was just as long and even more detailed than TNA's.

    You are right in that the Kane/Cena/ Eve ambulance scene was just a mess. Cues were badly missed by all involved. The only redeeming factor was the kiss spot…and Ryder "miraculously" wheeling himself to that location just in time to witness the "smooch seen all over the world" suspended the believability factor just a wee bit in these eyes. Me thinks your grade was a tad generous considering how poorly executed most of the segment truly was.

    Regardless, great blog, as always. You know I love ya! Haven't seen you in the Think Tank in quite a while. No time for the Prof, huh?

  • Ben

    I have to agree Kendra this storyline between Kane / Eve and Cena is being very well done . I was also wondering when they was going to have a "Kane throw someone off the stage" angles . For some reason I like these angles . I was surprised WWE managed to pull 2 good RAW shows in a row

  • mkdoylephotography

    I may have missed something while I was watching Raw, so forgive me if I'm mistaken, but I didn't notice any mention of Jericho earning the right to enter the Chamber last. If this is an error on my part, fair enough. But if I'm right, they blew a great opportunity to sell the PPV further on the go-home edition of Raw.

    In regards to the botched first RKO on Big Show… it looked awful, yes, but they're both humans in the ring. Everyone makes mistakes, and there are few guys as consistently spot-on as Randy Orton. I'm not gonna crucify them over this, especially considering they recovered with a nice little counter sequence before trying again. The fact that they didn't just get up and do the RKO again exemplifies their experience in the business.

    • mkdoylephotography

      It appears that I'm logged in under the WordPress account for my photography page. Whoops. RatedMKD here, for those who may be unsure!

  • Mickelzz

    Great blog love your work K. I am loving R-truth he is hilarious agree with previous comment as funny as dx. This Cena/Kane fued is getting boring and obviously just killing time before wm28. We can survive another ppv without Cena,Kane should be in the EC match.And where the funk is Brodus Clay

  • Remmy

    I loved Raw this week. It does bug me that WWE missed not one but two perfect ways to get Cena heel. The first would be when he was staring down Ryder he could’ve AA him to hell. That would be an ideal way for him to turn. Second is after Ryder took the fall Cena could have just walked away looking pissed. That wouldn’t have been a full-fleged turn but it could’ve made the actual turn that much more awesome. I actually think there’s a third scenario. When the crowd was chanting”we all hate you”(which was mind-bindingly awesome btw)Cena couldve exploded and yelled “I hate you guys to”and go on this long speech about how he gives it his all each and every night for the fans,but that’s still not enought for them. I know that would have to be a spur of the moment thing but boy would it make an impact.

  • Alex

    One thing about Monday's Raw made me laugh out loud. When Kane told Cena that "he would beat Cena down so badly that he would never be able to wrestle again . . . until Wrestlemania." I'm glad to see that Kane would sell his own skills short just to make sure that Cena made it to the Rock.

  • Jbreed

    The opening segment was lame. IMO it only proved 2 points. 1) Dolph Ziggler needs a character enhancement. 2) Kofi Kingston is great in a serious role. If he stops the whole "boom boom" crap and gets put in a meaningful program he could become a major star. He proved it a couple of years ago until Mr. Randy Orton decided he should get de-pushed.

    Shawn Michaels/Triple H was predictable. The only way for me to get into the match is for somebody to turn heel. Anyway it would be cool to see DX vs. The Brothers Of Destruction at WM 28.

    Michael Cole kissing up to Daniel Bryan when Bryan was sitting at near the announce table only to start ripping Bryan again when he left was actually cool.

    The John Cena/Zack Ryder/Eve situation. Well we already have a soap opera angle going on over on Smackdown so is one really necessary on Raw? It will be interesting to see where it all goes from here even though there really isn't any more time to develop the story since Cena is gonna be busy with The Rock.

  • sforester

    Blitz here to do his decent and shameful (as a plug for Guy's rundown):

    t5. No Funkasaurus again? That's four straight TV programs if you're keeping score at home. Blitz is on a roll,
    Blitz is on a roll!
    t5. Tamina's on a roll and getting pushed. This could be a nice little Divas title match Sunday!
    4. Kofi-Jericho: These two could really have a nice feud….if Kofi had something worth feuding for.
    3. Show vs. Orton: I loved the match and especially loved Daniel Bryan interfering. Bryan-Orton at WrestleMania. I call it now.
    2. R-Truth vs. Ziggler: Very entertaining but I call BS on the ending.
    1. Trips/Taker/HBK: That whole set of segments was beautiful! The idea of Taker-Trips III is coming out better than I expected.

    5. Only five matches: Admittedly, all good matches sans the Divas match, but why not at least have a Swagger appearance? The US champion has not been seen since the Rumble. This is B-A-D.
    4. Too many segments: UGH. Tell your story in the ring or streamline the number of segments.
    3. Lack of Tamina-Beth physicality: I want to see these two just lay into each other after a match!
    2. Elimination Chamber…debate?: No…just no. That time could have been filled with something meaningful…like a longer Kofi-Jericho match?
    1. The entire ambulance segment with Eve: Never mind that putting Eve in the way like that isn't cool. Setting up Ryder like that was just disgusting to watch. I got horribly reminded of Lita sending Hardy to the curb for Edge… but Eve is no Lita and Ryder certainly is no Edge.

    • larry

      I call it shemaus vs Bryan vs orton triple threat at wm 28, calling it now, oh and jerhico wins this sunday,watch they want to make up for those videos, make jericho relevant. Dont know how he will do it but he will do it. Punk will win at mania

    • H.M.

      "1. The entire ambulance segment with Eve: Never mind that putting Eve in the way like that isn't cool. Setting up Ryder like that was just disgusting to watch. I got horribly reminded of Lita sending Hardy to the curb for Edge… but Eve is no Lita and Ryder certainly is no Edge. "

      This is purely storyline as compared to Lita/Edge/Hardy…that had real life elements incorporated into it.

  • Ego Trip

    HBK and HHH segment solid as always. The debate was pathetic and time that I will never get back. The Kane, Eve, Cena and Ryder angle was ok at best. Eve couldn't act her way out of a paper bag and watching Kane run was just sad. If they want to make it something memorable they need to turn Eve heel in a Mistress of the dark kind of role. Think of Eve with an Elvira type personna. Missed RKO not that big of a deal. They turned it around after a quick set up and it looked ok. The over the top rop DDT was a nice twist to Orton's normal moves. I am done watching and listing to Otunga and Laurinaitis. They make me want to turn the channel to something more appealing–like the food network. The one on one matches pairing up the Elimination Chamber participants were ok. Nothing over the top. They worked safe. The Rock video was way too long. Yes we get it. VKM had to promise a boatload of air time for Rock's projects for the Rock to come back. Overall B-/C+

    Now I have spoken.

  • Chris_Storm

    I had tons and tons of things to say here, and just don't feel it as much today as I did as soon as the show went off the air. I just want to say that if Jericho doesn't win at EC, there is no point in him continuing to chase Punk and his entire comeback was a waste.

  • scotts

    a re-appearance of bikertaker? i hope not: and i used to like kid rock? r-truth "if i'm elected."