RAW Is Blogged - One Hand With A Mic, The Other With Notes On It

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Well, we now have proof that I don't listen to a darn word Michael Cole says during RAW! I'm admitting it here and want to make sure everyone knows it. The other day, on a whim, I went looking for the infamous Cole action figure on ebay. What I found was listings for Cena, D-Bry and Triple H, as well as a number of Cole body parts. Stacy and I were on the floor laughing that we're able to buy Cole's disembodied head and his suit coat, or just his arms! Honestly, I'd love a Michael Cole without a mouth, now that would be something I could get behind. Sadly the only figure I want out of the grouping is D-Bry. I think I have Cena in my arsenal, though I should have more for abusing. I want Trip, but it's a specific Trip figure I'm after. I guess I'll have to buckle down and buy them so I can have a Cole figure to abuse.

Everyone keeps talking about how Rocky left about seven years ago, about the same time Cena came in. I went and looked at times, and while there was some overlapping there, they had nothing to do with each other in the ring – as far as I can tell. Honestly, I can see where Cena is coming from on this one. He worked hard and made it into the WWE. At that point some of the biggest names from the AE and earlier were still with the company – Flair, Rocky, Austin, even Hogan was there for some of that time, but one of the biggest names left before Cena got to a level he could even work the ring with him. Cena has a passion for this industry that we don't see from many of his era. He loves everything about it and wants to do everything he can within it and the perks that fame brings, specifically granting wishes. I can understand why he was upset with Rocky for leaving this industry and basically turning his back for a number of years, only briefly returning when he had the time, or thought it would help further his movie career. Rocky's ring career basically ended around WrestleMania XX where Cena faced Big Show and won his first US Championship. Basically what I'm saying is that this feud makes a lot of sense, was many years in the making. Rocky didn't leave the WWE due to injury, he left to pursue other interests, something I can see Cena not being able to understand. Yes, Jericho has other interests, but he really hasn't been gone for the time Rocky has been. Yes, Austin left, but he has problems with his knees and his neck that has made it harder for him to work the ring the way he used to – but that doens't mean I'm not itching to see him face Punk, possibly at XXIX? (A girl can wish!)

I think the WWE has done a wonderful job with Rocky versus Cena. The teasers throughout the year leading to them really getting into it the last couple weeks leading into WrestleMania. I also have to say that I really enjoyed Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Stacy and I took Tim (our older son) to see the movie in 3D, and while it was not a deep movie and had a lot of eye candy – the shots on the 'island', not Rocky's bod – it was enjoyable and absolutely worth the time and money. I then took Sam (Samantha, our youngest, she's 8 and I told her that I wanted to see it before she did, just to make sure) to see it, not in 3D. It was still a beautiful movie, and while it didn't have the visual depth that it does in 3D, I didn't feel gypped. It was still fun and worth the time and money the second time around, and Sam loved it. She loves Rocky and wants to see anything he's in. She is so much my girl. As long as you're not looking for a deep movie, this is a lot of fun.

Show Starts

Video > B

I won't kvetch about RAW starting with a video, even though I should, because they needed to start with a Cena bit to set up for Rocky later in the show. Cena was really on last week, so it was a decent way to start this show.

Champ vs Champ > A

I'm loving these matches between Punk and D-Bry. While it's a great catalyst for the GM feud, they have also been fabby matches – not that I expect anything less from D-Bry and Punk anytime they're in the ring, but especially together! I have said before every one of these matches, before it was obvious where they were going with this one, that neither would go over cleanly, and I haven't been at all upset with the lack of clean endings between them. I could watch D-Bry and Punk in the ring every night of the week.

I was thrilled with Jericho and Punk on mic before it all started as they were great! I didn't have a problem with D-Bry leaving early and playing the heel, that worked. AJ did a great job of looking meek and frail, even though we all know she can hold her own pretty well for her size. I like that Sheamus keeps running in and throwing D-Bry back in the ring. I even liked Jericho's attack on Punk on the stage, even though I cringed when Punk hit the stage that way. Also Jericho really shouldn't be running around in skinny leather pants without a shirt. That blinky jacket balanced out his look in the ring, but without the jacket really showed his age and his saggy ass. I was only annoyed that we didn't get to see everything play out in the ring between the GMs. When the jackets came off, then Laurinaitis' tie, and Long pushed Laurinaitis, I was waiting for a throw-down!

Winner – nope!

Backstage Segment > F

Why the heck did they have Josh standing in front of a door saying all of one sentence? I have to say that this segment was worse than most of the news reporting we see up here in Maine. Sad but true that we see too much reporting in front of closed doors, but I live in fricken Maine, virtually nothing happens up here! This is the WWE, they shouldn't have to be reduced to reporting in front of closed doors!

Video > A

Okay, I admit that I fluffed off this segment in the play-by-play because I wanted to be caught up as much as possible as Rocky was coming up later and he's heck to write, also in case I had a sudden Crohn's attack. But going back and looking at the video again, it was lovely. Some people complained that Trip and Taker weren't live this week, but they has such a wonderful segment last week and they have to set up other big matches for WrestleMania. I think showing this video kept Trip and Taker on our minds while giving the time needed to Rocky and Cena. HBK will be on RAW next week, so we know we'll be seeing more of this then. Personally I believe that the WWE balanced things really well in this episode of RAW.

Nikki vs Kelly > F

The second segment on this RAW that earned an F. The only thing worth noting in this segment (I can't call it a match) was Kelly's bridge when she pinned Nikki. While I think Kelly looks too thin much of the time, it worked for this bridge, but it doesn't mean I want to see her in the ring.

Winner - Kelly

Cena vs Miz > B-

Cena's selling here was craptastic! He looked like a broken bird, but at his size it was ludicrous. I would like to say at least Miz got the upper hand briefly, but the whole thing looked like a farce. Miz's video that he put out after the match where he was talking about how he all say he's lost it, he's just not as good as he was last year, I think he's hitting the nail on the head. It feels as though he's lost something, something that got him over the the top. He went from being a great heel to being a great annoyance. This was little better than a glorified squash match, but I am hoping for something big from him at WrestleMania. He sure is planting the seed, even if he's being humbled in the process. I also liked how they showed Rocky backstage watching Cena. It set up for later in the night.

Winner > Cena

Tag Team Championship Match > B

I really didn't like this match. There was some really solid wrestling in this match, but it was so hard to follow what was going on. There were just too many people in the ring. I would have rather this was two matches – Kofi and R-Truth versus Swagger and Dolph, then the winner face the Colons. This was just a mess at every turn, which really sucks because all six of those guys are great in the ring. Even after saying all that, I enjoyed it more than Miz versus Cena because the ring work was more interesting. There was more drama and passion in the ring than Cena showed.

Winners - Colons

In Ring Segment > B+

I love it when Kane starts a new storyline and just starts attacking people out of the blue. He is so good at what he does and I can't wait to see where he's going with this one!

Video > D

Yes, we know Eve is a hoeski, we don't need it pounded into our head.

In Ring Segment > F

That segment flopped like a fish on a dock. Even worse was that she knew it was failing and crumbled under the weight of the fans. She tried, but she isn't Trish, or Lita, or even Molly. I think this storyline and character is bigger than she can handle.

Backstage Segment > F

While I really don't like failing segments, especially on a RAW that was so solid, but Eve and Kelly just aren't that good. Kelly glaring at Eve made her look like her fake eyelashes had fallen into her eyes. Not good.

Video > C

I'm not going to say anything about Edge's movie at this point as we've only seen this little bit, but I will say that Edge's body, the way he moved, looked looser, more relaxed than I've seen since Edge and Christian were brothers.

Big Show & Sheamus vs Cody & Henry > C+

There was more talking than wrestling in this match. While I know it set up for Cody feuding with Big Show, and Sheamus looked strong taking down Henry for the win, none of it was very exciting. Honestly, it was barely interesting, and that's a slap in the face to these four who have proven themselves to be better than this segment, than this match.

Winners – Sheamus & Big Show

In Ring Segment > A

Some people said that Rocky was off last night, not perfectly himself – acting? That maybe Cena shook him with his promo in the middle of Rocky's, but even before that Rocky wasn't as completely on as he can be. I will say that it seemed like Cena shook him, and that's a good thing – makes him look a bit more real. But the thing is that Rocky not completely on, as he can be, is still better than 90% of the roster on their best of days.

Many people said that Cena's promo last week on RAW was one of the best we've seen from him in quite a while, well this segment was leaps and bounds beyond that. He really seemed to leave Rocky a bit off kilter with his words, and that gave Cena some points. It will be interesting to see what might come about from the whole words on his wrist thing – whether they were there or not. (EDIT: I saw the picture, the notes were there – storyline or now made into storyline?)

I will give Rock huge props for elevating Cena to the level he should be working every week, and forcing PG out the window so that those of us over the age of 12 are really enjoying it. The only words that I heard that wasn't 100% PG, in some people's mind, was penis and balls. There was nothing in that segment that I won't let Sam (remember, she's 8 ) watch. I've already told her that when her homework is done for the week that she can watch the Rocky segment. So it wasn't as if it was full of cuss words and dirty talk, but it was edgier, more interesting, more fun! I really hope some of the boys in the back who are not getting over, or not to the level they think they should be, listen and watch Rocky closely. Heck, they should be looking at old tapes of more than just Rocky, but maybe having him right there, smack in front of them, threatening to shove his size 15 boot straight up their candy asses will make them take notice. I have to agree with what Rocky said about no one fighting for him. It seems as though many wrestlers, from the stories we've been hearing, especially about those who get a touch of fame and think their poo suddenly smells rosy, need a good dose of reality. It seems as though they're not really willing to push to get to the top. The only thing we've seen from any of them was Ryder getting on YouTube and pushing himself. I hope some learn from what Rocky said, or from how he said it.

Now for the bad stuff, the whole trending on Twitter thing really annoyed me. Yes, it's great that so many people are watching, that so many people are following the segment and talking about it online, but it seemed at times that Rocky seemed to care more about trending than he did about what was actually going on in the ring. That pissed me off and took a lot away from the segment. Even saying all this negative, it's still better than most of the promos by the younger guys coming up through the ranks. I want to state that I am not talking about the guys who have been around for years – Trip, Taker, Kane, Jericho, Big Show – or even Punk who has been one of the leaders in promos, and raising the bar for the younger Superstars, even if he doesn't hold the fans in awe the way Rock does.

Post Show

Through all this, good and bad, I really am starting to look forward to Rocky/Cena at WrestleMania. It won't be the best wrestled match – Punk /Jericho or D-Bry/Sheamus, it won't be the emotional knock down drag out fight – Taker/Trip – but it won't be a hair pulling mess – any Divas match without Kharma. What it will be is high energy, fast paced, fun and exciting match that will have the fans hanging from the nonexistent chandeliers.

Actually, I have to say that WrestleMania is stacking up to be a pretty kick butt show. For the first time in quite a while, I wish I was going to WrestleMania. Between the way they're breaking up each show to give time to each feud, pushing each further than I remember seeing in quite a while, and the caliber of Superstars in the main events. They're such different creatures from different lots in life, different eras, but all are spectacular in their own way and are going to make this WrestleMania a special one.


  • Bob

    I dont think I have even seen a triple tag match before and I thought it was done very well and realistic. It seemed like they didnt know what they were doing sometimes forgetting that the 3rd person in the ring could tag out but it seemed to all work and made a good realistic match. I liked it and would like to see more triple tags matches.

    The Rock/Cena segment – All I want to say is they both want to break new boundaries and it seems like they want a world record for fastest/most trending topics. The Crowd started all the chants not the Rock, he makes comments and the crowd ate it up. Yes he said blah blah trending world wide, but he didnt know that was just showing the crowd it was there chants that was trending and not him.

    On a side note why does the WWE promote Twitter and not theyre own website chatty thing? think they should mention it once or twice…Maybe even have a low card superstar chatting on it during the show….If they say the wrong thing then might get a feud out of it??

    Sorry for rant

    • AJG316

      Howard Finley is on the wwe live chats every Monday 4 raw and 4 all the PPV + they mentioned that trish stratus was a guest on the live chat this past Monday so in small way it is being promoted

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Punk Vs Bryan match (minus the GM BS at ringside ) and the Kane attack was the only thing I enjoyed.

  • monty

    just watched the rock promo again and man after cena came out and said few things rock just wasn't the same and even before he wasn't spot on like he usually is

  • Thomas M.

    As much as I dislike Cena, I'm beginning to be more on his side than Rocky's. I was a huge fan of the Rock through his whole career. I even watched his movies. But on Raw this week, he was far more interested in trending on Twitter than stepping in the ring at Wrestlemania. I don't care whether the notes on his arm were a work or not. He already lost me before Cena came out and mentioned them. Him telling the audience to stop and decide what to chant, then telling them to chant his name was a bit narcissistic too.

    Sorry, but the Rock from years ago never really came back, as far as I see it.

  • mathew30

    Dwayne was really off last night and i mean 50% off, he didnt seem relaxed, was stumbling, and seemed to forget his autocue, then there was the moment where cena came in. at first it was clear that cena still isn't as good as Dwayne even on dwaynes bad day which i consider this to be bu, but cena did say a few good things which obviously put Dwayne off his stride. which was evident when Dwayne stupidly came up with "you come and then walk away before i can slap your lips off your face" all well and good Dwayne, unless it was meant to make you look stupid because you had plenty of time to slap the taste out of his mouth in the ring but you didn't. Dwayne also seemed to stumble and become flustered after cena left and even to the point where he repeated his ending promo a few times over each other, and then eventually said the f word to the camera. but i have fully agree, Dwayne was not on his game at all, but clearly shows hes still 150% better than 99% of the younger talent, even counting cm punk and cena.

  • fletch

    Rock isn’t n the ring with an iphone. He doesn’t know if its trending. Twitter is the new facebook.

    Saying somthin is trending is a catchphrase joke. I thought it was funny. Afterall wwe is obsessed with trending.

    • mathew30

      twitter ISNT the new facebook, if you havent noticed, on any post on any website with the fb and tweet tab likes, you will see facebook can easily gain a few thousand, where as twitter would only get a few hundred if its lucky. its not the new facebook at all, its just an extra option

      • Nighthawk

        If twitter were the new Facebook, why isn’t there a movie about it staring Jesse Eisenberg?

    • kbunyon

      Actually, he does know if things are trending while he's in there. Every time he said something was trending, he was looking at announce. He was either being told by someone off mic, or getting cues from Cole and/or King.

      The trending thing isn't just a catchphrase joke. And Twitter isn't the new FaceBook. They are very different entities.


  • Jbreed

    The first segment was really good, as it told three stories at once. The verbal exchange between Chris Jericho and CM Punk and then the attack by Jericho on Punk really got things rolling nicely heading into WM 28. Sheamus/Daniel Bryan, much to my surprise as I thought this would be nothing more than a glorified mid-card match, actually is starting to feel like a big-time match. I don't think all the stuff going on with the GM's during the Punk/Bryan match was too much of a distraction. If they're gonna throw a bunch of mid-carders who have nothing to do in some kind of match here than they may as well make it seem important.

    I would like to see The Undertaker and Triple H more on Raw so they could beat the crap out of each other. I don't like how the main events are being sold with just back and forth in-ring promos.

    The Big Show and Sheamus vs. Mark Henry and Cody Rhodes served it's purpose. I'm glad Shaq and Goldust are out of the picture. We don't need anymore non-wrestlers or inactive wrestlers taking up valuable time. Sheamus pinning Henry gave Sheamus more credibility as the number one contender for the world title. I feel bad for Mark Henry though. After his solid run with the title it seemed like he would be involved in some kind of big match at WM 28 but it's been nothing but a downward spiral for him lately.

    The Triple threat match was ok. Primo and Epico winning made them look relevant as champions. But Kane chokeslamming the whole tag team division to hell was a questionable move. Well let's see where this is all heading. Maybe Kane could team up with Brodus Clay (not Funkasaurus) to form a monster tag team and go after the titles maybe in a fatal four way at WM 28. I'm not at all a fan of makeshift tag teams but it seems like the top mid-carders right now don't have anything else to do.

    Even though it wasn't The Rock's best promo, John Cena still seems like a bush leaguer when he's standing in the ring with The Rock. Anyway, Cena gave just another one of his usual bland promos where it sounds like he's telling a bedtime story. They need to sell this match with more than just back and forth in-ring promos and basically the intrigue of seeing The Great One vs. Super Cena. Something shocking needs to happen otherwise who really gives a shit anymore about The Rock vs. John Cena at WM 28.

    With WM 28 only four weeks away, four matches are confirmed and two other matches seem most likely to happen. They need to start putting time into rounding out the rest of the card.

    • felicia

      u just jealous of cena promo

      • Hahah very funny. If i was a nerd i would be making dumb arrow to the knee jokes and iebggng like a bitch for thumbs up. Dont be mad because you have no life.

  • Charles

    I just been diagnosed with Crohn's. I'm really struggling to get it under control, you got any tips, my doctor really isn't the best! I've tried everything from my diet in general to Iron supplements!

    • kbunyon

      Find me on FaceBook, I'm Kendra Bunyon there, as I should be. We'll talk as I was diagnosed with Crohn's when I was 8, so have been dealing with it for over 30 year. I'm big on my own personal research, above and beyond what I get from my team of doctors. I also know a really great forum where you can talk to others with Crohn's and similar illnesses.

      So come find me and we'll talk. Just be forewarned, I will talk wrestling with anyone who has any interest in it, so you might have to keep me on track.


      • Xenn

        That is an early age to be diagnosed with Crohn's. I am surprised doctors noticed you had it at such a young age.
        I have meant to comment on this for awhile. I have been on the site for a long time. I can relate, since I was diagnosed with Crohn's 2 years ago. I have definitely had problems with it since I was a child. Doctors have not been all that helpful. I have just been doing my own personal research and trying to carefully watch what food I eat. Stress is the most difficult thing to manage.
        It has made collage life and work quite difficult.

        • kbunyon

          I was one of the youngest diagnosed at that point. I was incredibly ill, but my Mum has Crohn's, so I was an easy diagnosis. I was 38lbs at 8 years old and was dying (not BSing here). When I was operated on we learned just how sick I really was, but I had surgery this past September (my something-teen surgery, I try not to count) and I was so much sicker then than I have ever been.

          Find me on FB, we'll shoot the bull about Crohn's and wrestling.


        • i dont like this come back system. it psesis me off when im watchting wwe and orton and cena are getting beaten up and OUT OF NOWHERE start kicking ass with the only 5 moves that they can do. i dont want to expirience in the game! a match should be won by skill, not by a lucky perk in the game >:(

  • Maz

    Jericho shud walk in the ring at WM with chris brown, and punk shud walk in with cult cabana, what u guys think?

    • kbunyon

      I think the WWE would be stupid to do anything with Chris Brown, unless they're working with Rihanna to sing at WM, then they should keep Brown locked in a back room without a monitor for the night so he can't taint anyone with his stupidity and nastiness. Yes, I have a problem with Brown.

      While I'd love to see Cabana with Punk, I think Punk vs Jericho should be one on one with no interference, unless they're planning on carrying the feud on longer than WM, then I'd be better about it, but still wouldn't want to see Brown out there. Actually, guys like Punk and Jericho could easily carry this feud to SummerSlam. I think they could keep things both fun and entertaining for a good length of time. It's been a while since we've had a long term feud that really worked well and was shown almost every week.


  • H.M.

    It was really a great show but there were some things you said that I have to strongly disagree with/point out.

    'That blinky jacket balanced out his look in the ring, but without the jacket really showed his age and his saggy ass. '

    Saggy?? Damn, well I'm a guy but I'll say that he looked perfectly fine to me. While he shows some age on his face, I find the idea of calling him 'saggy' to be insane. Jericho looks to be in the best shape in his life from what I've seen of him. He looked great. Had to comment on that.

    "Backstage Segment > F

    Why the heck did they have Josh standing in front of a door saying all of one sentence? I have to say that this segment was worse than most of the news reporting we see up here in Maine. Sad but true that we see too much reporting in front of closed doors, but I live in fricken Maine, virtually nothing happens up here! This is the WWE, they shouldn’t have to be reduced to reporting in front of closed doors!"

    I don't even think a segment that minor even warrants a grade. It merely did its job in trying to sell and further the angle. An F is brutal! The only line of reasoning I can accept is that this might have been unnecessary but for what it was, it did its job and it did it's job fine. Rarely do we get segments like those anyway.

    'In Ring Segment > F

    That segment flopped like a fish on a dock. Even worse was that she knew it was failing and crumbled under the weight of the fans. She tried, but she isn’t Trish, or Lita, or even Molly. I think this storyline and character is bigger than she can handle.'

    Well daaaaayum. I actually rewatched that segment again and I thought it was just fine. Eve is no Trish or Lita when it comes to promos but she sure as hell isn't a Michelle McCool or Kelly Kelly either. The segment was short, to the point and helped establish Eve as the narcissistic heel. I'd give it a C+. Of course to each their own but I feel an F is too harsh of a rating. I also rewatched that segment in an effort to find within her facial expressions any hint that Eve knew, as you stated that 'it(the segment) was failing and crumbled under the weight of the fans.' I failed to find any such trace. I know I'm ranting over minor things here, but I just found some of your grades tonight to be somewhat unwarranted.

    What I dread is that instead of Beth/Kharma we'll see a random Eve/Kelly Kelly match at Wrestlemania -_- Kelly Kelly looked horrible with all that makeup on. Didn't help her terrible acting skills.

    • kbunyon

      The saggy *** thing was mostly due to the leather pants not being snug up there where they should be, but I will stand by Jericho not being on TV in leather pants only.

      Don't get me wrong, Jericho is one fine piece of man meat and I can be in a puddle of drool over him – at certain times. I don't normally list him with Storm, Nash and Foley in my 'one the floor twitching' list, but he's there much of the time. The other three have me on the floor at just the thought, but Jericho sometimes takes some work. Sadly those leather pants without the jacket left me feeling nothing for the usually sexy rocker. It's not the age thing for me, it's how it's put out there and the leather pants were an afterthought in my opinion.


  • Eddie

    i think all that twitter stuff is messing him up a bit….. i mean ok they are promoting it… but if its causing some problem with The Rock during his promo…. then screw the whole twitter thing…. let him do at the start of hus promo and then carry on as he would…. no one wants to see trending topics on twitter more than The Rock with the people’s mic in his hand!!!!