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I apologize for being so far behind this week, so I'm going to jump right in, and keep this shorter than usual. This won't be happening again, it's just been an absolutely crazy week.

Show Starts

In Ring Segment > B

Let me start off by saying that I adore Trip. I'm one of the few who has loved Trip all along, even when fans thought he was getting too much TV time, and was getting it because of Steph, and that he was only with Steph so he could get the pushes – even though he'd more than proved himself before he and Steph got together. The only problem I've really had with Trip has been his 20 minute promos. Sometimes those promos have been fantastic, but much of the time they fell flat. Each time I see Trip in the ring these days I get worried that we're heading in that direction again, and that Trip's ego is still running full bore – which we know it is as he was the one who had to work with Brock when it was obvious that a younger wrestler should have been given the chance.

But Trip really stepped back here and let Orton and Bryan carry this segment. Orton was stronger on mic than he had been, and really stepping things up. Bryan, as always, was fantastic, but with the entire arena chanting "YES!" and "NO!" for him, it has to be easier to get through a segment. Don't get me wrong, Bryan laid all the ground work for where he is right now, but now that he's there, it has to be easier to get through some of these segments.

Backstage Segment > B+

Cody really stepped up here. He was better on mic here than I've ever seen him. He needed to step things up since he was working against McMahon and Trip, and he really held his own with it. I'm impressed.

Fandango vs Miz > B-

I was not at all impressed with this match. Fandango looked solid, but he's not been proving himself like I know he can. His over the top rope leg drop was the best looking move in the match, but that left leg drop is his signature move, so he should be able to hit that beautifully every time, whether off the top, or over the top rope. Miz came up with a couple of solid reversals, but he's not been showing the ring work that we've seen him capable of. I don't know what's up with these two, but it's time to fish or cut bait.

Winner – Miz (8:16)

Backstage Segment > C+

This segment confused me. It was cute to see Bryan come out with Booker T's 'Tell me you did not just say that!' line, but otherwise it seemed out of left field. If other wrestlers had gone to Bryan throughout the the show and talked to him like this, it would have made more sense, and they might do more of it in weeks leading to NoC, but that only Booker T did it made it seem rather odd to me. Also, it was not like Booker T needed the show bonus, he'd get it for being on stage later in the night.

Ziggler vs Ryback > C

I know Ziggler needs to learn to shut his mouth, but many of the casual fans don't know what Ziggler's been saying in interviews, and could possibly need more storyline tying together Ambrose's attack on Ziggler, and why Ryback was sent in. In reality, Ziggler should learn to shut his trap, or plan on not having a top of the line career. He's capable of being a much bigger name than he is, if only he'd learn to stop badmouthing his boss and the company. This is no different from any other big company. You talk crap long enough and openly enough, it will effect your job and future. The WWE is no different, and Ziggler needs to learn when and where to shut his yap.

Winner – Ryback (3:06)

Backstage Segment > C-

"That's how I roll." Seriously Steph? Ugh!

In Ring Segment > F!

The WWE took something that was a HUGE plot hole and made it into something that is now a fantastically HUGE plot hole. Steph went out and spoke about growing up backstage at arenas, that's true. She spoke about being good friends with a giant when she was little, that's also true. That's where reality ends. The giant she was friends with was Andre. There's an adorable picture of Steph on Andre's knee from WrestleMania 1. I know she looked up to (pun intended) Andre, and adored the man. But Steph was talking about Big Show in that way, and said he looks at her as if she's still that little 12 year old girl. The problem with that is that is that Big Show was with WCW, and he didn't join the WWE until 1999. At that point Steph would have been 23 years old. So much for Steph and Big Show being such good friends when she was a little girl growing up backstage.

Then Steph went on to say that Big Show needed to work or he'd be in breach of contract, therefore his iron clad contract only goes so far. The problem with that is that Big Show stomped off and was off the show for a couple months with the claim that he was doing it because of his iron clad contract.

But then the stuff with Big Show being broke and needing this job really pisses me off. Okay, not that Steph is saying all this, because it's one of her signature heel moves – airing dirty laundry and holding it over someone's head – but because of how Big Show is reacting to it. Big Show, one of the biggest and scariest heels the WWE (notice I said WWE, not WWF as well) is a crying and blubbering idiot. It's just lame and not working for me. So much for WWE creative stepping up and fixing the plot hold!

Prime Time Players vs 3MB > B-

This wasn't an impressive match by any stretch of the imagination, but the Prime Time Players are so over right now. I was shocked, but impressed with how many people in the audience were arm and arm swaying. I had the feeling that the fans were turning Prime Time Players face even before Young came out of the closet. Speaking of Young, I love his belly-to-belly. He's really turned that into a beautiful move that he seems to be able to hit every time. Beyond that, there wasn't much interesting in this match.

Winners – Prime Time Players (5:29)

Backstage Segment > B+

The chemistry between Heyman and Trip is just fantastic, and even better because we all know it comes from someplace real.

Video > A-

Bray Wyatt is sick on the mic! That man can turn a phrase and really draw the fans in. this character is perfect for him, and he's selling it in a way I didn't think possible. I can't wait to see what Kane is like when he returns.

Orton vs Cody > A

This was a 5 star match! There's so much that I could say about this match, but the biggest is that if you haven't seen the match, go watch it now – I'll wait! Cody more than proved himself in this match, and I'm very impressed. I knew Cody had it in him, but he more than proved himself in this match for his life. Hopefully Cody can continue along at this level when he returns. If he keeps this up, Cody could be main eventing. He blew me away in this match, showed us all that he really does have what it takes to hang with the big boys.

Winner – Orton (13:50)

In Ring Segment > B+

I wanted to split this off because Cody's reaction to being fired was so believable that it deserved its own grade, but the match also deserved to not be dragged down.

In Ring Segment > B+

I like that Punk was short here. He didn't draw it out, and when he admitted that he was so flustered that he didn't remember what he was supposed to say next, it felt real. That's one of the best things about Punk's promos for me is that they feel real, more so than so many other wrestlers.

Backstage Segment > B

Bryan and Big Show was strong, but the best moment for me was Bryan telling Big Show that he was going to beat him, the way he did for the WHC.

Divas Match - F

How hard is it for five Divas to beat down one? I guess it's dang near impossible. I can't even blame this one on that ref, even though he's had a hand in how bad the endings to Divas matches have been lately. What a catastrophe!

RVD vs Sandow > B

I wasn't overly impressed with this match. It seems to me that Sandow has hit a plateau and isn't advancing very much. I adore the man, but his ring work just hasn't been overly interesting lately. Even in the ring with RVD, Sandow wasn't thrilling. I hate to admit it, especially after his former bestie had his best match of his career earlier in the show.

Winner – RVD (10:17)

Backstage Segment > A

Cody was jaw dropping on mic here. His work earlier on mic, against McMahon and Trip was solid, but this was stellar! Who knew that Cody could be so good. I hope they don't forget about this night while he's gone, but I hope his wedding goes off without a hitch (pun intended), and his honeymoon is luscious!

Bryan vs Big Show > B

It's already getting to be too much that Bryan has been beaten down at the end of every show. I know what they're building this for, but the underdog needs to get the upper hand, if only a tiny bit, to at least make it look as though Bryan might have a chance at some point. If they don't, then the fans will have no reason to buy NoC. If there's no chance Bryan could win, then why would the fans care. Bryan can only be beaten down so much before the fans stop believing it's possible for him to come back from it. That Orton only comes in after Bryan is beaten down means that Bryan hasn't had a chance at only Orton, but then I wonder if he will actually get a chance at Orton one on one at NoC? Will Trip, Steph, Orton, or The Shield let Bryan make it to his match clean? Will they allow Orton to face Bryan without any interference? One could only hope.

And then there's Big Show's blubbering. I've already had enough of his tears and wallowing in self pity. It's too much for me, and I don't think it's playing well on TV. Something has to break soon, or I will want to take out Big Show myself, and this storyline will lose all interest for the fans. The good guys have to at least look like they're making strides, or it's not worth our time to watch.

Post Show

Thanks for bearing with me being so far behind the 8 ball this week. It won't happen again.

Queen of WNW

  • Jack

    The direction of Big Show’s character is an absolute joke and is insulting to fans who’ve watched him for the past year, let alone decade. There needs to be some kind of consistency when a character makes a turn – Big Show becoming a sniveling mess after being one of the scariest, meanest and most dominant big men has been painful to watch.

    • jdl

      It wouldn’t be so bad if he hadn’t been scary, mean and dominant such a short time ago, he came back from that break scary… and now he’s a crying mess over a guy who stole his title from him after less than a minute?

  • Avalanchian

    Big Johnny needs to come back into the fray with some people power. But I’ve grown tired of the constant same endings each week. But I guess that won’t happen until after NOC.

    • tim

      OH GOD Please NO. To each their own but I absolutely hated John Laurinaitis. He always got heat but not good heel heat. The only thing I would hate more then Big Johnny coming back is the annonymous GM.

  • eskymi

    HOpefully starting next week things will change. Three straight weeks of HHH coming out and introducing the face of WWE Randy Orton. Randy saying something (I usually fast forward but imagine it’s something about how he’s the best…blah blah.) Daniel Bryan comes out and brilliantly lights up the crowd. HHH and Orton bash him. HHH puts Bryan in a match that is a big disadvantage to Bryan.

    Then we have filller till 10pm when we get Punk. Great promos, enjoyable moments. Heyman selling the fear. Perfect. Well not Curtis Axel who is a third wheel.

    Main even time…Bryan overcomes all odds only to be attacked by Shield, Orton and HHH.

    Here’s to a different show. More Bryan, Ziggler, Punk, RVD….less and I mean a lot less Orton and HHH.

    Also, am I the only one that hates seeing all heels wearing the belts. Can’t we have 1 guy to root for.

    • Gary Robert

      You do have a guy to root for. Daniel Bryan. That’s the point. And being tired of the story line is all the more point that its working. Get used to it because Bryan won’t go over at Night of Champions. This is going to be a slow build as he tries to regain the title and its gonna be many long months away.

      • eskymi

        Being tired is not a good thing. If they keep having him get beaten down and then lose at the next few PPVs, trust me the fans will get disinterested as when he does go on offense they’ll realize it’s just a short term thing. Take Austin, he’d destroy cars, beat up McMahon, but still get arrested, still get assaulted backstage. But at least it was back and forth. it wasn’t all one sided like this is. Start having Bryan get some advantage.

        And I do root for Bryan but because WWE is somewhat predictable I know that it won’t really matter about rooting for him probably until maybe SS or RR or WM because he probably won’t be Orton at a lesser PPV unless he wins and then they reverse the decision.

    • FactionZer0

      Actually having all the heels hold the belts is probably the smartest thing going for them now.

  • iwc

    I hate this storyline as well even though i begged and pleaded for an angle were the good guys didn’t always win, Bryan should be beating all these guys in gauntlet matches. I can’t stand this storyline because its not going the way I envisioned it in my head, I want this angle to B unpredictable but I feel that the www should end the show the way I want it to end with Bryan always beating everybody even though I said in the beginning that the bad guys should get the upper hand sometimes.

    • H.M.

      So you’re upset because the storyline is not progressing how YOU out of hundreds of thousands of IWC fans envisioned? I’m sure many would disagree with you.

    • Gary Robert


  • BMGabe

    “Fandango vs Miz > B-

    I was not at all impressed with this match.”

    yet a B-?

    ” Prime Time Players vs 3MB > B-

    This wasn’t an impressive match by any stretch of the imagination”

    really? come on. it’s not a segment, it was a match if you weren’t impressed at all but managed to get a B- then i can’t really trust must of your grade for your review.

    doesn’t matter if PTP are over, if they have a bad match it doesn’t automatically give it a better grade.

  • FactionZer0

    I was upset when Big Show knocked out D Bry. Seriously? You can’t push Steph out of the way and knock out HHH? Not only would The Shield retreat, but so would Orton and that’s the part where the good guys get that little shimmer of hope. The crowd would’ve gone wild if Show punched HHH lights out. I was on the edge of my seat praying that he would, but then he was typical No Show, the crying giant. He alone is killing this storyline for me,

  • Navin T. Ramkissoon

    One of the WWE’s major weaknesses over the past couple years was their over reliance on the exact same set of guys (Cena, Punk, Sheamus, Orton etc) in the main event scene. This angle has the potential to give us a lot of fresh new main eventers once booked properly. WWE needs to keep Bryan at the forefront of the resistance and not shunt him to the side, once Cena and Sheamus returns. If Sheamus and Cena return and single handedly take out The Corporation in a week or two, then it will totally undermine what they set out to accomplish with this angle. If I were in charge of creative I would have Sandow cash in before years end, have him hold the strap for a few months and then drop it to Cody at Mania. Creative needs to let Cena and Sheamus take a back seat and let Bryan and Cody lead the revolution come Wrestlemania Season.

  • Charles

    Save us Cena!

    • Sam A. Melara

      actually it’s save_us.y2j