What You Didn't See On Raw, JTG's Whereabouts, Blassie's Widow Suing, Bruno Sammartino/WWE Update

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- There was no dark match main event following Monday's WWE Raw taping in Dayton, Ohio. Wrestling News World reader Jason tells us the crowd was not only weak in numbers but not much into the event other than large heel reactions for Vickie Guerrero and CM Punk.

- JTG was backstage at Survivor Series but obviously not used.

- The widow of Freddie Blassie fell outside a supermarket and has filed a $1 million lawsuit. You can read more by the New York Post at this link.

- Bruno Sammartino was contacted about being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame next year but said no after a meeting with Triple H. His name being dropped by CM Punk on Raw was of interest but meant nothing as they also mentioned Hulk Hogan.

  • Patrick Peralta

    You have to admire Bruno for sticking to his principles and not budging from his stance and how he feels about Vince and the WWE. 3 Cheers for Bruno.

    • snuggle

      That’s dumb sticking to his guns respect. Bruno wouldn’t be anybody without the wrestling business. Rather he likes the new product or not has nothing to do with him being inducted in the hall of pain, that’d disrespectful. You should be proud of what you’ve done, understand that the business had to change and get over yourself. If I’m Vince or Paul I wouldn’t ask again I would tell Bruno don’t let the door knob hit you where, you know the rest.

  • Ray

    I don’t get it. What the heck happened with Bruno?

  • You’d think Blassie’s widow would know how to take a bump…

  • William Shatner

    Turn my offer down once, shame on me. Turn my offer down twice, shame on you. Y'ain't getting a third offer, dbag.

  • DaMan!

    Bruno or anybody has the right to turn down something they don't have respect or interest in. As Bruno has already stated, he IS in the Hall of Fame, the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame. When somebody like David Arquette or Dennis Rodman makes it in the PWHOF, then you will have a point.

  • Miles

    Induct Heyman!

  • eddie27

    I was at Raw. Crowd was into Ryback too.

  • Guest

    Bruno wants some restitution for non-payment of videos and such that involve him. If/When WWE can make Bruno feel "whole" on it, then Bruno goes into the HOF.

    In NYC/MSG, Bruno would probably sell the building out, on his own, if he was the only inductee – even if most of the crowd was 45+ years old.

    He's a foundation piece of WWWF/WWF/WWE. He and the fans deserve a final 15 minutes of fame. If HHH (Bruno won't speak to Vince) hinted prior and found a way to get him casually involved in a Punk/Rock match, they would probably double any previous PPV rate.

    Think of it – Bruno sold out MSG (which was the PPV of its' day) for 12 years. He appeal makes Cena's look tame by comparison.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Sanmartino should completely be erased from the wwe the way Benoit has for not accepting a wwe HOF induction. What is he ashamed of? What is he embarrassed about. You have a chance to be honored for your contributions to wrestling in the wwf and you turn it down, there has to be a reason we don’t no off why he won’t accept the induction, and if its because of celebrities getting in then that’s not a good reason to not want to be inducted. To me it’s more his stupid pride getting in the way of this. Bruno should just be erased from the wwe if he wants nothing to do with the wwe.

  • rob

    bruno sammartino will enter the wwe hall of fame the year after vkm dies book money on that reason why bruno wont do it now is because vinny mac stiffed him hard for royalties and likeness payouts for years because at that time there wasnt contract stipulations for them as with lot of the old wrestlers so bruno is like f**k you vince cant pay me you aint making anymore money off me thts where the principles part comes in he wants to be paid for services rendered just as we all would maybe so of you bandwagon iwc marks should actually know your history before you bash one of the people that made it possible for you morons to actually be sitting here today showing how little you really know bout the history of the genre of professional wrestling