Raw Overrun, Leader Of Aces & 8s, Dolph Ziggler's Title Shot, Why Kofi Won On Main Event

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Why does WWE Raw still run past 11:00 PM with it being three hours?

The time that Raw runs over is called the "overrun." This is time WWE is allotted from the USA Network to allow final segments to play out. The length of the overrun varies but is done for a multitude of reasons but there wasn't a plan to cut it by moving to three hours.

Does TNA actually know who is going to be revealed as the later of Aces & 8s or is this an anonymous GM situation [like we saw in WWE]?

The plan earlier this month was for Bully Ray to turn on Sting at Bound for Glory and be revealed as the leader of Aces & 8's and go on to challenge Jeff Hardy for the TNA Championship. With Devon returning, plans have changed, however, I can confirm that was the talk at the beginning of the month. It seems TNA wants to keep people guessing to keep intrigue in the angle.

Now that the match has been set, is it a possible storyline that CM Punk could lose the title to Ryback but have Dolph Ziggler "cash in" his Money in the Bank briefcase and win the title?

Dolph Ziggler's Money in the Bank briefcase is for the World Heavyweight Championship, remember John Cena won the briefcase for the WWE Championship title shot (that he lost on the 1000th episode of WWE Raw). As I noted here in Ask WNW, I have been less than pleased with the booking of Ziggler.

Why did WWE put Kofi Kingston over The Miz for the IC title on Main Event?

As we spoiled here on Richard's Backstage Blog, WWE put Kofi over The Miz for the title on Main Event to draw attention to the show. This is also why the company put it out on dot com before the match aired, to show their viewers that "anything could happen" on the new series. We were the first and only publication to provide the match outcome four days before it was taped.

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  • Fonzy

    Well yea, if you tell me the results i will watch! Take notes from smackdown ratings. I already know the results on tuesday, why watch on friday?? Another wwe plan bites the dust.

    • Pluto

      It worked when Foley won thw title. Just saying

      • chelu671

        That was a different time when WCW was beating WWE in the Monday Night rating wars. Back then, Mick Foley was never WWE Champion. Because WCW spoiled the taped episode of RAW, alot of people tuned in to watch the underdog Foley become champion. Remember, this was a time where the wrestling industry was still on top.

  • Steve

    WCW thought that when they announced Mick Foley was about to win the wwe championship and look what happened!

  • Nick b

    I see a less than 45 second title run for big show. Also if they brought back the cruiser weight title and had it only on main event (i think that was the plan you said) they could have it defended every week, that would keep me interested and watching.

    • Joe O.

      That’s the plan for Saturday morning slam.

      • Nick b

        Oh never mind, I still won’t watch that…..

  • Nick

    I still think Bully Ray is gonna be revealed later as either the leader or a higher up member of the group. Here’s why…notice how on last Nights show, Bully was the last guy to come out during the final segment e ran out with the baseball bat and just when he entered the ring, the members scattered. Now I know what your gonna say “oh they ran because he came at them with a bat” but I’ve noticed in the past that Whenever Bully came out to help beat Aces and 8’s, he would hardly ever get shots in. Only at BFG he got very physical. What I THINK COULD happen is down the line Bully gets a shot at the TNA title and Aces and 8’s end up helping him get the title thus creating the swerve that he was in it all along. I dunno, just a thought.

  • Ant

    "Dolph Ziggler’s Money in the Bank briefcase is for the World Heavyweight Championship, remember John Cena won the briefcase for the WWE Championship title shot (that he lost on the 1000th episode of WWE Raw)."

    Aww come on that does not mean too much. WWE ignores storylines and changes the rules as they go along all of the time.

    • snap

      Unless WWE intends to completely insult their viewers’ intelligence, there’s really no way to rationalize it.

      The match and briefcase John Cena one was announced as the “WWE Championship Money in the Bank” whereas the match and briefcase Dolph Ziggler one was announced as the “World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank.”

      It’s quite clear that the targets are non-transferable and defeats the purpose of having brand-specific money in the bank matches. I don’t know why there are people who have such a hard time getting this concept but I imagine people are going to continue thinking it could happen right up until Ziggler actually cashes in.

      • Bigdaddychuck

        The only logical way wwe can put DZ in th wwe title is for them to say the contracts were in the wrong briefcase. I mean susposedly the contract is in the briefcase so that’s how they could do it..

  • John

    Was I the only one who caught that it was Eric Bishoff that was the 'leader' when they kidnapped hogan and sting a few weeks ago? Even though his voice was altered you could still tell it was him.

  • Ricky

    To me the Ace's and 8's gimmick is already boring. It's the same as The NWO, or The Nexus or Immortal or any other gang stable out there.

  • CL

    That’s y wnw is the best

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Come on! now Ryback is killing Ziggler's momentum on Main Event this coming Wednesday. Ryback deserves none of those monster pushes!

    • Maxx Stylez

      Can we get an ip block on this guy?

    • You forgot to write “who’s with me?”

    • RayFan

      I’m disappointed you didn’t ask who was with you. Please don’t let that happen again. You with me?

  • Jason

    Yeah… giving kofi the IC title on Main event didnt draw attention to the show.. it killed the show

  • Jeff

    80% of everyone’s comments are bitching

    • Welcome to the internet.

      • WyFo

        Haha! I was thinking the same thing!

  • Austin

    Instead of it being “This c-level show must be b-level because a b-level title changed hands on it.” it feels more like “This b-level title must be c-level because it changed hands on a c-level show.

  • Raemel

    It seems to me that WWE is doing the same thing to Ziggler that they did to Bryan after he won MITB. They are having him lose match after match, making him look weak, and when DZ finally does cash it in, no one will really care. It's only a matter of time before we see DZ running around the ring, yelling "I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!"

  • Enforcer

    The leader of Aces & Eights is T.L. Hopper

    • Terra Ryzing

      No. its Skinner

  • BigMike

    Not to disrespect but technically Cena did not "lose" his MITB match. He did not win if my memory is intact but he did not "lose the match" he was, however, the FIRST to not WIN the title but he did not lose the match

    • Lenny

      He was the first to NOT SUCCESSFULLY CASH IN the MITB contract. this is what they mean.

  • Matt

    Dolph needs to be in the title picture. I'm all for Ryback being pushed, but we've seen before that too much too fast hurts more than it helps. Ziggler has went from the annoying cheerleader to now adored by the fans. He's like the Daniel Bryan (fans knowing his work wanting to see him in longer matches). He'll get his shot and be amazing. I see Jericho written all over Ziggler's career

  • Jon

    Dolph: I'm screwing AJ and she's the GM and she said I could.


    • Lenny

      its a PG show dude…

    • Nick b

      The perfect storyline.

  • Jamie

    I would love The Rock to be a WWE champion again, but I can't imagine it would happen, if they did couldn't they use Ziggler to take off the Rock or a similar situation?

  • Philip Thompson

    I think most people would prefer if RAW were to under-run by approx 1 hour.

  • steven rush

    On the latest episode of smackdown i noticed that when DZ’s name came on screen it had the raw logo. Why is it that wwe have a member of ‘team raw’ with a ‘contract’ for a WHC match? Does that give the possibility of the two major titles switching brand or maybe even having both on raw?