Raw Rating Drops To Disturbingly Low Level

This week's WWE Raw only did a 2.55 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 3,437,000 viewers on the USA Network. Here's the viewership by hour:

  • Hour 1: 3,580,000
  • Hour 2: 3,370,000
  • Hour 3: 3,360,000

Monday Night Football on ESPN delivered fierce competition with an average viewing audience of 16,210,000 viewers. Not only is the horrible number cause for concern but the show continues to lose audience as it progresses.

  • Austin

    The ratings are getting worse and worse. But Richard, I do have a question for you. If you were in charge of this "mess" would you try to make it a little edgier, or would you try to work with what you have currently?

  • Adam “Swipe”

    They’re gonna blame Punk and its not his fault. He’s the most entertaining part of the show.

    • AUSTIN 3:16

      Because it is his fault. And he's the most boring part of the show easily

  • Kleck

    We haven’t seen these numbers since the go-home to HIAC. They didn’t crack 4 mil at any point.

  • Dude love

    It really is a shame. There is no mainstream interest anymore.

  • dtoole

    I blame the dumb story lines, I personally stopped watching when the AJ & John Cena storyline kept going.

  • ted

    why can't the iwc fanatics get it through their heads that the so called bad ratings will go up as soon as football ends next month.

    wrestling is not cool or mainstream anymore and can not go up against a big time nfl game wthout getting slaughtered in the ratings.

    if tna was on mondays up against the nfl and wwe, tna with has been hogan and the impact zone gang would be getting a .3 rating, brothers.

    • AUSTIN 3:16

      IWC fans & yourself need too realize that ratings will go up once Rock beats Punk's ass at the Ruble and takes the title.

  • Victor M

    It's the same show week after week after week after week. Nothing new or edgy.

  • H.M.

    Being a recent DVR user, and finding an increase in people who DVR these shows, wouldn't the amount of people who are now beginning to DVR events factor into the lower rating? I mean let's face it, watching a full 3 hour Raw on a weekly basis with commercials on a WEEKDAY for most people is heavy stuff. DVR'ing it saves you like 40 minutes worth of commercials, while also enabling one to skip through segments they would deem uninteresting.

    • YES, that is so true. it is so stupid watching c.m skunk boast about his days being incremented

  • Lebron James

    I love it, this is the only way the fans will get what they want. If people stop watching, Vince will have no choice but to please the fans. They have been asking for edgier television for years now, and I think if this continues, thats exactly what they'll get. We might be witnessing the death of the PG Era, finally.

    • Ken

      We can only hope.

  • Ricky Valdez

    It was a good Monday night NFL matchup. The NFL season is allmost over ratings will pick up.

  • the reason and cure is obvious; bring back the really good gimmicks and really good wrestlers. firstly, the days as champ has to stop and the best way to do that is have c.m skunk LOSE the title; then WWE needs to everyting in its pwer to rehire MARYSE, the BELLA twins and DEUCE n DOMINO . . . . . . . .. . . . . ooh OUI

  • David

    The NFL is not the problem. The 3 hour show is not the problem. The problem(s) are: Boring story lines, boring Champion (Punk is dull and has had the belt way too long), boring wrestlers (no attitude from any of them), the AJ storylines are killing the show, team Hell No sucks (They've turned Kane into a comedy act). Wrestling fans, let us all face a cold hard reality: The entire PG era sucks, so how could the show be any different?