Raw Viewership Tops 5 Million With A Batista Return (Updated With Rating)

WWE wanted a great turnout for a Batista returned and they got it on this past week's episode of WWE Raw. The show received an average viewing audience of 4,869,000. Below is the hourly breakdown:

  • Hour 1 - 5,249,000 viewers
  • Hour 2 - 4,995,000 viewers
  • Hour 3 - 4,363,000 viewers

The bright side shows a huge turnout in the Batista's return as more than 5 million people watched, but almost 1,000,000 people changed the channel two hours later.

You can see how the competition stacked up against the show at this link.

The show ended up getting a 3.46 cable rating.

  • Simon Veitch

    I guess the one thing I’m curious about, is if they hadn’t had Batista return straight away, would some of those people have kept watching later on waiting for him? Or did they see his return, think “ahh well it’s over now” and change channel because he’s just not that interesting anymore?

  • Jason

    Having been there in person, I am not shocked that almost 1 million tuned out the final hour. The final hour was the worst of the night hands down. There was hardly any crowd reactions, excluding Daniel Bryan coming out and attacking Bray. Even the Randy Orton match was a let-down in crowd reaction, that’s including Cena coming out and attacking Orton.

    • opie

      It’s just exhausting to watch three hours — especially when so much of that time is spent on recaps, hype, and plugs. I could only imagine what it’s like for the live crowd.

  • Avalanchian

    I wonder how well Raw would do if it was on at 7pm est to 10pm est.

    • Bob’s Diner

      That’s exactly it. I see so many people blaming certain wrestlers – whether it be Orton or Bryan or Cena – but the fact is not many people want to stay up until 11pm on a Monday night watching TV, particularly those younger viewers watching

      • Harlie Boucher

        The younger viewers? What about the older ones who have to work in the morning? I figured the younger ones would be more likely to stay up.

        • Bob’s Diner

          Well it is a PG show – if someone is letting their 8 year-old stay up until 11pm on a Monday, then I guess that’s their business…

          • Ken.E

            So sassy

    • Xavier

      It would still do low ratings b/c that means people on the West Coast and on Mountain time would miss the 1st hour and a half of the show. Your looking at 4pm-7pm Pacific time and 5pm-8pm Mountain time. A lot of people are still stuck at work or in traffic during those times. RAW really just needs to go back to two hours.

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        It could also have the chance have doing just aswell or slightly better, especially if it means some of the EU can watch it as it is early hours of the morning.

  • Tony Rankin

    I don’t blame any of those million viewers for changing the channel after that lackluster return. I don’t think anyone is interested in seeing him feud with Alberto del Rio or in the title picture.

    • The arbiter

      I was actually pretty stoked for Batistas return, and then rather sad when he started something with ADR of all people. It was very “meh”.

      Still, better than Jerichos “smiling” return.

      • Tony Rankin

        Yeah Jericho’s smiling “Jeri-troll” return was pretty weird. But I was at least anticipating his return. Maybe if Batista’s return wasn’t leaked I may have been more intrigued, but the promo he cut to Orton was dry and no one cares about Del Rio.

  • Mike McCarthy

    I’m surprised more didn’t tune out, the main event featured Kofi Kingston, and besides pinning Orton, the most important thing he did in 2013 was win the US Title…which is baaaaaad

  • John

    One of the worst “go-home” shows for a major PPV in years, which is a shame because the Royal Rumble card is great.

    • Bob’s Diner

      I think you are forgetting last year’s with John Cena’s most terrible non-sensical promo ever that ran for what felt like forever

  • dekt82

    well yeah all the good stuff happened the first hour,batistas return and Daniel bryan breaking his silence,i honestly thought batista was gonna come out at the end of the show,also thought bryan was gonna open the show..oh well good for wwe,i totally see del rio screwing batista out of the rumble…if that happens cm punk is winner,thats if bryan doesn’t enter as a last minute entry…

  • Dave

    “but almost 1,000,000 people changed the channel two hours later.”

    The show is too darn long.