Reacting To NXT Faction, Kaitlyn's Arrest, What TNA Is Hoping To Gain By Suing WWE, Match Outcomes

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We have all been waiting for the debut of Dean Ambrose, so my question is do you like how his debut it set up? Or do you want him involved in something different or without Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns?

It's far too early for me to judge the faction of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. I can tell you the preliminary plan is for them to be a big deal to get immediately recognition from the WWE audience. The company promoted their run-in attack at Tuesday's TVs on dot com and are advertising them in an interview segment on next week's Raw. As with any newcomer, it's a challenging situation because no one knows how the audience is going to react until plans are executed. With that being said I wasn't a huge fan of the Nexus-type run-in at Survivor Series and felt ripped off over the finish to the main event.

Seeing as Kaitlyn's arrest wasn't something serious, do you see this having an impact on her TV time?

I would be surprised if Kaitlyn's arrest has any repercussions to her WWE career. Cameron was only suspended for 15 days for DUI and bribery and there are countless situations of nothing happening to workers that are popped for a DUI. If anything, the arrest was embarrassing on Kaitlyn's behalf as there is now a mugshot of her all because she didn't pay a traffic violation.

What is the main purpose of TNA's lawsuit against WWE?

The reason TNA Wrestling filed a contract tampering lawsuit against WWE is because they felt WWE used information on expiring talents to poach their roster. It started with Ric Flair and was beginning to trickle down to others. Knowing they can't match WWE financially, TNA locked it up in court to send the message their roster just can't be poached by WWE at their leisure. I was told it's to show potential new investors the roster is safe. With that being said I don't know where things stand with Royal Capital Corporation as they were exploring a possible investment stake in the company.

Everyone knows the outcomes to matches are pre-planned, however who at ringside knows the outcome? Obviously the workers and referees do, but do the commentators, camera crew, etc?

We get this question all the time and my answer is the people that need to know are aware of the match outcomes. One thing everyone should realize is there is a giant dry erase board backstage at all WWE shows referred to as the Big Board. This board includes the lineup and outcome for every match on the card. Other details such as the producer, time and referee are also included. This information is also available on the match script. Outcomes are top secret until the night of the show then word will begin to get around.

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  • I remember the big board making a cameo appearance at a ppv this year.

  • Bishop

    I thought Lawler was the only commentator who didn’t want to know the outcome of the matches. He wanted to be just as surprised as the average fan. Is this something that he stopped doing a long time ago?

  • Tyler Bowles

    Wasn’t the big board in SVR 2011?

    • snap

      Yeah, I remember that too. You could see it during the backstage segments of the story mode.

  • jdl

    I don't see the issue with the finish to the Ryback/Cena/Punk match aside from Cena being laid out from the shell shocked for too long.

    • partyjereme

      I think Richard is just annoyed that the WWE keeps managing to make Ryback look strong in defeat even though he has basically been saying for at least the past month that if Ryback loses he will end up looking weak and won't be able to recover from it.

  • John

    I'm looking forward to seeing how this whole Rollins/Ambrose/Reigns angle plays out, however i have my doubts as to just how long this angle has been planned for:

    1. The fact that they didn't have Rollins drop the NXT title before he debuted on the main roster makes me believe that the Survivor Series angle wasn't something they had planned from the outset.

    2. The fact that they had them do the exact same spot on RAW as they did at Survivor Series, leads me to believe that they were buying time in order to come up with a way to handle the storyline going forward.

    3. The fact that the WWE apparently went back & forth on how to handle the HIAC match between Ryback & Punk, and ultimately going with the bogus ref angle to protect Ryback's push. This makes me fear that the Survivor Series angle was just another "solution" for them to have Ryback lose the match but in controversial circumstances in order to once again protect his push.

    Hopefully i'm wrong, but i have a feeling that there was no long term planning for having these three guys debut at Survivor Series, & in the coming weeks we will see them get completely buried by Ryback.

    • jdl

      At the very least on point one, they flew the NXT three in separate from the rest of the roster and had them arrive at the arena in secret. So there was some measure of premeditation. For your second and third point, they're establishing a method for them, which isn't so much buying time as it is giving us time to let it percolate. You're right on the third, as Ryback has been too dominant to have him just start losing.

    • hurrigame

      The fact that you always use the expression “the fact that”, makes me wonder if you can write other transitional sentences.

  • Bryan

    Is there anywhere online where you can actually see the show scripts? Id actually be really interested to read them.

  • Nostaljack

    I promise I mean absolutely *no* disrespect but the reason the question of "who besides the workers and referees know the outcome" continues to come up is because you didn't answer it. You said the following:

    "the people that need to know are aware of the match outcome"

    Who are those people? That's likely the answer that the reader was looking for. Do the commentators know? Camera crew?

    I'm sure if there was a more direct answer to the question, it would quietly disappear into oblivion. Just my two cents…

    • Richard Gray

      The outcomes are on the Big Board. Maybe they do, maybe they don't. You'd have to ask them, did you go over the Big Board before you came out for work?

  • Nostaljack

    I wish the outcome of my day could be dictated by a big board. Seriously, though, I take it then that you're saying people only know if they pass by the big board? Are the commentators given advance notice of the outcome in the form of being told?

  • Abby

    Finishes on the big board is not true. Finishes are not posted or written anywhere. They are only verbal.