Reaction To Los Matadores, Axel's Push Over?, Austin vs. Punk, Undertaker's Wrestlemania Opponent

What are your thoughts on Los Matadores? What do you think was the point in repackaging Primo and Epico instead of just re-debuting them as is? I get that the tag division is depleted as is, but Primo and Epico are a very talented team that won't benefit from this. I feel like this will end up hurting them in the long run. I really think if WWE wants to put some focus in the division, they should just focus on building solid tag teams and not silly gimmicks that won't catch on.

I actually felt that Los Matadores was one of the few bright spots of this week's Monday Night Raw. You're writing this off before it even has a chance, which is the typical IWC overreaction. Epico & Primo were going nowhere in the tag team with Rosa Mendes and if anything else, this gives them another shot to be relevant. Their masked bull mascot, El Torito, is Mexican Lucha mini Mascarita Dorada and is a great worker in his own right so why not give this a chance? They aren't going to be challenging for a main event spot but what I saw on Monday was fun.

Is the push of Curtis Axel over?

It appears that Curtis Axel has peaked with nowhere else to go but down. When a worker is brought in with a lot of momentum and a serious commitment, it's feast or famine. No one wanted Axel to succeed as much I did but it just hasn't worked. WWE is now focused on aligning Ryback with Paul Heyman so Axel is in jeopardy of getting lost in the shuffle. However, I don't think there are many of you that are going to argue that Axel did anything to help him keep his push.

Do you see a possible and hopeful program between "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and CM Punk for next year's Wrestlemania? If so, how big of an impact will the match and the storyline have on the pay-per-view?

I am as pessimistic as I've been on Steve Austin vs. CM Punk happening at next year's Wrestlemania XXX pay-per-view. In addition to money, there are other issues that appear to be keeping this match from happening. Austin himself has said it would take him 3-4 months to get in ring shape and then what? Austin vs. Punk is still a possibility, anything in this business is possible, but I 'm not counting on it.

With all the talk of Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Ryback and some others being considered for The Undertaker's opponent at WrestleMania XXX next year. Who do you see being The Undertaker's opponent at WrestleMania XXX?

Every year one of the biggest topics surrounding Wrestlemania is who will get to face Undertaker? As we reported here on Premium, Undertaker is intrigued by a possible match with Brock Lesnar. In that story, we provide an update on a recent surgery he had and his availability for Survivor Series. If you are not yet a WNW Premium Member, you can signup now at this link.

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  • Mike Love

    I don’t understand how someone can run a wrestling-based website on the INTERNET and try hard not associate themselves with the “IWC”.

    • I am very much a part of the IWC. I’m not sure what all the crazy trolling is about recently. The IWC is a very critical group, I just choose not to be overly critical. That’s all.

  • Nostaljack

    Axel didn’t succeed because he doesn’t have 1/10th of the charisma of his father or his grandfather. He’s utterly milquetoast. ‘Course, Rybread isn’t gonna get over either so hopefully, both Axel and Rybread will be de-pushed sooner than later.

    • BIG M

      Cant you post just one positive thing.
      Just try it for once in your life post about 1 thing in WWE, TNA, ROH, Japan or Mexico that you actually like.

      • Franco

        Nostalijack probably doesn’t enough decaf

    • JJ

      Problem is everyone trying to compare him to his father…There is a reason his nick name and no one elses is Mr Perfect, he was 1 of a kind in so many aspects, especially Charisma. I guarantee had Axel been given a few years to learn under his father, he would be a better voice, but not everyone is a voice, his in ring work is solid and that’s the main focus.

  • Nostaljack

    The debut of Los Matadores was truly atrocious…and that theme did them no favor. It’s hard to imagine this was the same guy who came up with Fandango’s theme. It appears they’re meant to get over with the kids. I’ll give ’em a chance but it didn’t look so good last night.

  • Xavier

    I finally got a chance to watch RAW early this morning and I must say that I found the Los Matodores rather funny & entertaining. And whoever sent that question in claiming that the tag division is currentyly depleted hasn’t really been paying attention. The tag division is booming right now; Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns, The Usos, The Prime Time Players, Goldust/Cody Rhodes, The Real Americans, Los Matodores, Luke Harper/Erick Rowen, Tons Of Funk & Hunico/Camacho. The tag division has been featured heavily on both RAW & Smackdown over the past year or so now.

    I’ve giving up all hope of a Austin/Punk match. I honestly don’t believe Austin has or had any intention of coming back. And to be quite honest, there’s a really good chance that if he did comeback everyone on here would turn on him just like they did with the Rock. Does anyone honestly believe that Austin would comeback just to put Punk over? Just look at Austin’s track record in the WWE, the guy was a really bad poor sport when it came to giving other guys the rub. People can kill Hogan or Triple H for not putting guys over all they want but Austin is the king of “not putting guys over”.

    As far as Axel is concerned, it ws becoming real obvious that he just didn’t have the “IT” factor. Nothing against the guy but he’s not that good, he’s pretty average at best. Was average in the ring, had ZERO charisma, and was terrible on the mic. 3 STRIKES your out. Moving on…..

    I don’t mind Taker/Lesnar at all. Their feuds back in late 02/mid 03 were great. For those who haven’t seen it go check out their HIAC match from No Mercy 2002, it was freaking amazing. The storyline writes itself as well, Taker has never beating Lesnar before so the angle for Taker/Lesnar to go down at Mania is there.Still, I would prefer to see Taker vs Cena at Mania but Taker/Lesnar is would still be great also.

    • smark calloway

      some good points made, but you have to agree . apart from the shield all of the other teams look kind of jobbery ( new word ) . even the two wyatts. because without bray, rowan and harper wouldnt have the same appeal

  • _JIM_

    It’s too bad they’ve already given up on Axel. I thought the name was a bad idea from the get go. Just call the guy Joe Hennig and let him go. He’s talented enough that he should have no problem working heel. Especially as long as he is alighned with Heyman. He draws a great heel reaction and can still be relevant in the Heyman / Punk feud. Using him during that feud would be a great way to get a ton of heat on him since Punk is so loved at the moment. Just have him cheap shot and beat the crap put of Punk for awhile and his heel persona would be set for as long as they want him heel.

    • Danny_Boy

      I like Axel to, it’s just too bad they stuck him with Punk. Punk is notorious for burying younger talent. He buried Ryback last fall, is going to do it again this fall and has buried Axel all summer long.Punk even managed to make Bryan look really bad in their fued last year as well. If you want to get young talent then keep them as far away from Punk as possible.

      • smark calloway

        the business is all about making money and wrestlers need to make as much money as possible . they dont get a retirement fund or anything like that remember. so im sure that axel and ryback loved working with punk , a guy high up on the totem pole and all the money they made working a program with him. especially ryback who headlined a ppv with punk last year , he would have mad some big bucks..but anyway ,onto other things. regarding los matadores..i would rather watch rosa mendes dancing and shaking her ass in their corner than that little bull thing haha , but seriously…the tag team division has been screwed for years and will continue to be because i always think back to a conversation i had at length with kendrick and paul london one time. they said to me that no one in management watched any of their tag matches for 6 months when thay were champs on smackdown a few years back ,and that shane mc mamahon told them once ” that vince hasnt cared about tag teams since L.O.D “..

  • K! ng

    Srry but axel would have been better off w out heyman… n hopefully he does

  • Ken

    When I first heard of Los Matadores, I was annoyed at the concept of another cheesy gimmick. When I read that Primo and Epico were portraying these characters, I was P.O.’d. When I watched them make their debut with that Lucha mini that I thought was Hornswoggle, I was both annoyed and entertained.
    I’m giving them a chance and hoping they won’t end up like Sin Cara.

  • jdl

    Wait, are people actually expecting Axel to somehow be over and way up the card after spending so much time at the very bottom of it with no feuds or TV time? Building a wrestler up takes time, when Ryback eventually turns on Heyman, or Heyman on Ryback, Axel will side with Heyman and get pushed in that way. That’s how things work. Most wrestlers are not just *bing* super popular and successful.

  • Robert D Miller

    los matadors are going to be nothing but a set luchador spot tag team i cant remember the last time i seen so many hunicanranas and flying leg scissors in one match it was sad really and that little bull gimmick is exactly why that team will not be taken seriously ala tons of fun. as far as the tag team division as a whole goes i can see a light at the end of the tunnel but i see from reading comments that most people want a resurgence to the glory years as in the hardy Dudley boys edge christian which will never happen because different place different style of wrestling

  • Sandeep Agarwal

    I agree that Axel needs to work a lot on
    his personality but the way he was booked against Punk is the main reason why he
    looks so dull. After having a good start against the top card talent, all this
    time he was just filling up for Brock. He never had a feud of his own. How can
    you expect a person to look strong and a main eventer when he is second to the
    powerhouse that Brock Lesnar is? Then between Summerslam and NOC, he gets about
    a month time to have a direct feud with Punk to prove his ability but what happens?
    He jobbed in most of the matches and then finally Ryback arrives at NOC to take
    over from him. All this made him look really weak.

    i find it stupid that since after the night Brock defeated Punk, Heyman has
    been trying to hide himself because Brock is gone now and there is no one to
    save him from Punk (even though Axel was there), without explaining why Brock
    can’t be there anymore. They never accepted on TV that Brock is
    available on part time basis only, did they? And then HHH is playing
    tweener just to add to the confusion. Many people might be enjoying this
    storyline but i feel it was good early on but now they are just dragging it.

    • Jordan Huxtable

      This. He’s been booked very poorly, hell having him lose random matches to r-truth and kofi have not helped him, he started out good with the whole triple h and cena count out wins, ok he didn’t pin them but he technically won and it gave him good heat to start out on. Should’ve slowly built him beating mid carders after he won the IC title. Maybe another dirty count out win over punk on Raw would’ve helped, even trading the IC title between Punk and Axel a couple times too

  • Charlie

    Punk wants Stone Cold at wrestlemania because hes been finishing off house shows Stone Cold “Stunning” Curtis Axel so I hope that is a sign

  • Scott Davies

    I noticed something on Raw last night during Paul Heyman’s promo i’m pretty sure Richard missed, but pretty easy to do. When Heyman mentioned Ryback, the crowded responded a bit, but then Curtis Axel did & got a bigger reaction. Having me think Axel is slowly getting over & its only a matter of time. The character has only been back on TV the last 6 months. I have not written him off yet. Watch a replay & tell me I’m wrong.

    • pow

      Your wrong.

      • smark calloway

        “you’re wrong ” is how you should say it..punk would give your ass a g.t.s onto his unprotected, un-padded bare knee if he saw the way you spelt it

        • Herman Tank

          You mean “spelled” it as “spelt” isn’t really a word.

          • smark calloway

            i was seeing if anyone would notice that, and you did …congratulations mr tank

  • Charles

    Uh Oh… the WWE just isn’t big enough for both El Torito and Hornswaggle.

  • Lebron James

    Curtis Axel hasn’t been horrible. I don’t understand why the office would give up on him so quickly. Sure he needs to work on his mic skills, but in the ring he’s been solid. I like him as an upper mid card talent. They should keep using him and let him develop with time.

    • Michael Jordan > LeBron James

      What have you been watching? Axel is terrible across the board. He should be jobbing over on NXT or Superstars.

  • BIG M

    I actually think Axel has been an ok worker not great but not lousy either.

  • Jay El Bee

    I don’t see McMahon shelling out a bunch of money just so Austin can face the at best the number 2 guy in the company and not Cena.

  • JJ

    So your whole basis for thinking Axel is depushed is because now they are wanting to focus on another Heyman guy? LOL I feel that this spot on journalism isn’t what made this site so why state that? Axel is clearly still in the midst of a push, he is in what I like to call the Miz push. It’s usually an upper mid card 6 month – 1 year push with the title, while still teasing upper card feuds, eventually to drop the title. Axel is far from done just wait for the year to play out.

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    Joe Hennig’s biggest problem in my opinion is his look. That hair cut just screams boring and that beard is just too plain. When he was clean shaved he looked more like his dad and had a better look. I said this when he first debuted as Curtis Axel, that look he has doesn’t work because he still looks like Michael McGuillicuty and fans don’t forget, as much as wwe thinks we do. Look at guys who used to be someone and now is someone else,
    Bray Wyatt aka Husky Harris, the dude looks totally different. Fandango aka Johnny Curtis, he doesn’t look so different but at least he grew his hair out a little and wearing different gear and actually has a gimmick. Joe Hennig looks the same as he did when he debuted on NXT and for crying out loud, Re-invent yourself! The guy has the in ring talent, his mic skills could use a little more work but his biggest issue is the look and I hope he changes.

  • Avalanchian

    I would like to see Heyman kind of phase out Axel with his love for Ryback. Keep the Heyman and Punk feud going with Punk getting the shaft from Heyman and Ryback. Then Axel gets disgusted with never getting any attention from Heyman that he turns on Heyman and semi joins an alliance with Punk against Ryback and some other to be Heyman man.

  • Jamie

    I’m actually getting bored of hearing about a possible “Austin V Punk”, then again that goes with “Cena going face” too.