Reaction To Wardrobe Malfunctions, The Shield's Streak, Show Bonuses, WWE Hot

Does Vince McMahon get angry when Divas have wardrobe malfunction like what happened with Kailyn on this week's WWE Raw?

Vince McMahon would probably prefer they didn't happen but welcome to live TV. While production tried to catch what happened with Kaitlyn, pictures of the malfunction ended up online. There is a couple second delay between what happens and what airs so production can kill the feed if something happens, as was the case on this week's show.

Why are The Shield always disqualified in dark match main events?

Booking The Shield is tricky because WWE wants to keep them working main eventers without putting them under. While the outcomes at live events and dark matches are meaningless, WWE basically shows their strategy when booking them in these matches. In a move that I don't understand, WWE wasted The Shield's streak on last week's meaningless episode of Smackdown. If the company wanted to promote their first 6-man tag match loss, it should have either been on Raw or pay-per-view.

Do workers earn a show bonus for appearing on NXT shows like they do for Raw and Smackdown?

Yes, talent that appear on WWE NXT TVs get a show bonus similar to what a main roster star would get for appearing on Raw, Smackdown or WWE Main Event. This is one of the things that boosted morale in developmental when the company moved to Full Sail University. NXT is treated as another WWE series and not a local show as was Florida Championship Wrestling.

Is it me or has there been a little more effort recently but into WWE storylines?

WWE is on a hot streak right now, especially coming off a WWE Payback pay-per-view that exceeded expectations and a stellar episode of Monday Night Raw. I don't know why this is but check out this article for more.

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  • Chris

    Where’s the picture of her wardrobe malfunction? There should be more of that from the divas and less wrestling!

    • Patrick

      not hard to find it’s on several web sites that show Diva and Knockout pictures. just type her name and Wardrobe malfunction and you will find it.

  • Justin Lal

    While WWE has been hot it’s worth noting that last week’s Smackdown lost 300K Viewers from the previous week.

  • Winnipeg

    Richard admitted Smackdown is meaningless!

    • Anand Vijayakumar

      He said – Shield losing their 6 man match in smackdown as meaningless.

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    Why don’t they just offer Dutch Mantel and Heyman the position? I know Heyman said he won’t do it but if they give him more freedom I think he would take it. Plus having Dutch as a backup would really boost the quality of the show. I agree that now the product is showing some promising results. We have yet to see Ziggler in his new found role which I believe is a first because he’s always been a heel. So it will be interesting to see how well he can pull the Babyface persona.

  • Charles

    That’s barely a wardrobe malfunction. Seeing Chyna wrestle for 30 seconds with both her entire boobs hanging out was so funny cuz the announcers did all they could to ignore it.

  • ken

    I’m probably gonna seem like a total D-Bag, but I popped when Kaitlyn almost “popped.”

  • Scott Davies

    I give you the reason why WWE did it on Smackdown, “cause you should have been be watching.” mentality. WWE obviously want you to watch Smackdown which is very Wrestling based more than Storyline base anyway. Shock Value sells

    • Jay El Bee

      Exactly, not only that but they had the Rock appear on SD couple of times, the Undertaker wrestle his only free TV singles match on SD and Del Rio winning the World title from the Big Show on SD this year.

  • John

    I think they will do The Shield vs. Undertaker/Kane in a handicap match at Summerslam, and that should’ve been the time to end the streak.

    However I’m actually glad they didn’t make a big deal out of The Shield being undefeated, or try to push them that way as a storyline, because usually when that happens, once the streak ends their push soon follows and they end up falling down the card.

  • Since 2006

    s. You should have an archive page of all the past news stories you guys have reported. I like many other s want to relive the reports of the past like the McMahon death angle and also the coverage you guys had of the Benoit tragedy. PLEASE make this available for your longtime readers