Reaction To WM29 Buyrate, Randy Orton Attack, SummerSlam Main Event, How Much Longer For TNA?

Do you see the Wrestlemania 29 buyrate as a slap in the face to Vince McMahon for not giving the fans the proper card?

No, I do not see the Wrestlemania 29 buyrate as a slap in the face. I think the buyrate reflects fans not being as interested in the recycled main events of John Cena vs. The Rock and Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar. I could have told you this prior to the rematches being announced. WWE's goal with Wrestlemania is to cross the 1 million buys threshold and they did that again this year. Could the numbers have been better? I think they would have been had WWE gone in another direction with their main event. In case you missed it, Wrestlemania 29 did 1,039,000 buys compared to 1,217,000 buys from Wrestlemania XXVIII from last year.

I do not want to jump to conclusions about the Randy Orton attack in South Africa but since when does WWE post videos on dot com about audience members attacking wrestlers? Doesn't this seem to entice future incidents if indeed legitimate?

We've covered the Randy Orton attack in South Africa on Tuesday from every angle. The attacker was a trained pro wrestler but WWE maintains the incident was not part of a storyline. Some have suggested the incident was a publicity stunt to draw attention, however, WWE is pushing back on those claims. There are multiple articles you can read on the subject here at and I'll include the links below:

Suffice it to say, we have fully examined the incident. I am no longer injecting an opinion. Read the coverage (the oldest articles are at the bottom), watch the videos and form your own opinion. As for the answer to your question, I am against WWE covering the attack if it is indeed legitimate because it sends the message that "if you do this, you will get attention from it." Under no circumstances is it OK for an audience member to enter the ringside area, just as there are no circumstances where it is OK for an audience member to enter the playing surface at a sporting event. When audience members act in this way they put the safety of everyone in jeopardy and deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

If you were booking SummerSlam, which match closes, Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk or John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan?

I'm told Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk is seen as the SummerSlam main event, however, I'm from the "old school" where titles mean more than any match. While there have been exceptions, as we saw with Money in the Bank last month, I favor closing with the WWE title bout at SummerSlam. Why was Money in the Bank an exception? There were a couple of reasons. First, it was a themed pay-per-view based on the gimmick. Given the fact there were two Money in the Bank ladder matches, they needed to be spread out. And two, there was no way the slower pace of John Cena vs. Mark Henry would be able to follow the action packed gimmick match with a surprising outcome.

How many years do you see TNA Wrestling being around for?

This is a fairly ridiculous question but it highlights a mindset currently held by many in the Internet Wrestling Community. Given the cuts and the live event debacle, July wasn't a good money for TNA Wrestling. However, reports of the company's demise are greatly exaggerated. The truth is no one knows the financial state of TNA Wrestling because TNA is a privately owned company and their books are not open to the public. This differs from WWE, as was exemplified Thursday morning, because we know what is going on with their financials. It's worth mentioning that TNA announced a big TV distribution deal in India on Thursday morning. Are these the type of deals announced by companies that are going out of business? Allow me to answer that - no.

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  • isaac

    Richard do you think that The Money In the Bank PPV could replace Survivor Series as one of the 4 big PPV the wwe has???

    • Rus

      Sounds like a good idea but they couldn’t put in the same month as it is to close to wrestlemania season

      • Charlie Lowery

        What I think they need to do is give Survivor Series as much hype as the other 3 big four ppvs. Now we just see lower mid carders in the elimination tag match instead of the main eventers like it used to be

        • Robert Olley

          The early ss were the best massive tag team matches with plenty of variety

        • Tim

          It really has became a joke ppv. Which sucks because thatuse to be one of the best things in wwe

  • David

    I think people with TNA see how ECW and WCW went out of business so they assume TNA is the same way. But TNA’s not paying guys 6 figures to sit at home like WCW did. They have a financial backing in Panda Energy, which ECW did not have. If they were cutting guys like Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles, then I can see people thinking TNA was in trouble. But they cut guys who weren’t even being used.

    • Yeah and I think we get frustrated because of how quickly WCW became a viable challenger to WWE. However, if you go back and look at who got cut, it’s not like any of the names were surprising. The only notable name, Matt Morgan, left on his own.

  • Robert Olley

    I dont think tna will be going anywhere but they need to step up somehow and become a conpetitor to wwe

    • David

      I may be wrong, but I don’t think TNA will ever truly be a competitor with the WWE. But that doesn’t mean, they can’t be a successful organization.

  • Jay El Bee

    The reason WM 29’s buyrate was lower this year than last years is because they raised the price of the show, not because of the main events. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the people that claimed they didn’t buy WM because of the main events were never going to buy it in the first place.

  • Dig

    I think it is also because of higher price. Please remember that it cost $60 compare to $55 last year.

  • BIG M

    The reason people keep asking if TNA will go out of buisness is because people really wish that they would.