Reader With Older Setup Shares How He Fixed His WWE Network Issues

Wrestling News World reader Bob has an older computer setup and sent in a note about how he fixed his issues with the WWE Network. Below is his report:

I wanted to share my technical experience regarding the WWE Network. I learned early that my XP operating system along with IE8 browser is not supported per their system requirements. I have had some issues on other sites. I have an older computer both a desktop and laptop. I solved my problem by using the Firefox browser. I could not get the videos to open with XP and IE8 but was able to use all the other options. I read some comments with people experiencing the same issue. All appears to work fine on the desktop with Firefox. I had the usual first day issues but by the afternoon I was able to sign up. I have helped a few friends who have older systems like myself. None of us are techies but I have solved my own issues before.

  • Cory S

    Cool story bro

  • Vince McMahon

    Chrome Should work to for XP users as well. IE 8 is a very outdated web browser so it really should not come as a surprise that it does not work.

    • Howard Stern

      I am using Chrome and I still have not been able to watch one video. I only get the TV PG or TV 14 clip over and over. I subscribed 2 days ago. It is very annoying

      • batman

        Same. Chrome and Firefox, on XP. Chrome and Firefox on Windows 7. Xbox 360. Doesn’t work, fullstop.

        • SkeletonWithHair

          Did you ever get it to work for XP? If so, how?

          • Rocky Russell

            There is an identified problem with an update to Chrome last week and flash compatibility. The problem with viewing WWE network on Chrome is not related to the network and just unfortunate coincidental timing. I was able to watch the first couple days without problem…went to hell on Wednesday.

          • johnterry316 .

            Guys u have to go to ur chrome plugins and click on disable for the adobe flash player which says PAPI(Out of Process) and then itll go to the video after showing u that 5 second intro. I promise

  • disqus_HZkhbeFufx

    I feel this site is very observant of the networks problems. I don’t think it has the right to be since it can’t stop a pop up ads problem that redirects my phone to rubbish. Sort of a pot kettle black situation.

    • kayvonbeiram

      Maybe that’s incentive to get a premium subscription, no? Just about every wrestling site out there has ads.

      • disqus_HZkhbeFufx

        No it’s not really justifiable to pay tht much for a websites subscription even if I do enjoy the site. I am not even guaranteed the problem will go away.

        I have no issue with ads on the app. My problem is just constantly being booted into the App Store where I am asked to download crap that does not interest me. I can of course use another website if that is what you think is a viable free solution 🙂 as for ad blocker it dnt seem to work on the iPhone or the app but good answer

        • kayvonbeiram

          Pay that much? It’s not exactly something that’s gonna break the bank IMO. $5 or $6 a month is chump change compared to the average cable or satellite bill. I don’t work for this website but I’ve been a Premium member for what seems like forever now and it’s worth every penny I pay and then some. Obviously, you’re free to go to other websites, but this one is the best one for wrestling news, bar none.

          • disqus_HZkhbeFufx

            I hate when people make financial statements like that by using smaller number to make something sound like less. As I said previously I can’t justify spending 50 of my euro a year to pay for wrestling gossip after I pay for my Internet, sky subscription, ppv etc etc. It’s nt cheap being a wrestling fan.

            I don’t feel the intrusive pop up ads are needed given the fact there is already a large volume of advertising already on the site and it renders the app virtually unusable If they were a minor intrusion I would not be bothered but there not. They actually take me away from this site completely.

    • outkazt09

      Get adblock. Problem solved.

  • Eddie Edwards

    Is anyone else having problems signing in on their PS4? I can’t even enter my user ID

    • Cubed56

      You have to use the circle button instead of the X button to enter your email and password on the PS4.

  • Cubed56

    I’ve been able to sign in on all my devices and watch the live feed with no issues, but have only been able to watch on demand material without issues on my ipad. My PS3 and PS4 begin playing the on demand material but quickly buffer or freeze up and stop working. It’s frustrating, but im willing to wait about a week or so to see if the issues are resovled. For WWE’s sake I hope they can get them resolved or I feel a lot of people will cancel or demand a refund of the first months payment, also they could lose possible subscribers who will not order at all knowing the issues the current ones are having.