Reader Report Of Hogan On Toy Hunter, Royal Rumble '14 Now On WWE Network

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- Wrestling News World reader Clayton Fitch sent in the following:

Hulk Hogan was featured on Wednesday night's episode of Toy Hunter centered on the host trying to find 80's wrestling toys for the singer Taboo from Black Eyed Peas. As part of the show, the host went to Hogan's Beach in Florida and he looked through some boxes of memorabilia in the back of the store. Hogan made an appearance and sold one of his old figures to the host for $850, who then sold it to Taboo for $1,000.

The Travel Channel has a clip of the appearance online at this link.

- Royal Rumble 2014 is now available in the on-demand-video library on the WWE Network. The reason it's now available and wasn't available on launch is because all shows that do not originate on WWE Network have a 30-day window before they are added. The same will hold true with Elimination Chamber. Thanks to WNW reader Ricky Johnson for sending this in. Internet Browser! Download For Free [>>]

  • tommy

    he knew he was going back to WWE for God knows HOW long… but he sold his rare figure…. Warrior sold some old cool stuff of his a few yrs ago for big bucks but he doesnt really care about nostalgia im sure like Higan prolly would…. does Hulk really need money that bad!? i mean, his whole collectikn maybe or 5 or 6 figures…but $700 bucks… sheesh… thats craigslist money..

  • BTR

    Rumble’s been available for awhile now. Good reportin’. Way to be up-to-date.