How Do I Get My Comment Posted?

This is a question asked by many readers that choose to partake in discussions on news articles as comments submitted must be approved by administration before they are active on the website. Below are the guidelines that will assure your comment will get posted and keep you from wasting your time:

* No personal attacks of any kind. We will not approve any comment attacking someone else. To disagree with a respectful argument is fine but please no slanderous words that attack another reader or staff member of the website.

* No complaining or negative feedback of This should be obvious but we are not going to approve ANY comment speaking negatively of the website or its staff. If you would like to issue a complaint, please contact us via email. The Comments Area is not a place where complaints are addressed; it is an area where readers are able to discuss the information made available online.

* You can't go wrong with proper spelling and grammar. Proper format required. If you want a comment approved, make sure it includes proper spelling and grammar. Take a little bit of pride as your comment will be read by thousands of other fans and even wrestlers you watch on TV. Please refrain from using all CAPS regardless of what point your are trying to make.

* No links outside of Comments that feature links outside of this website will be deleted.

* No Premium information outside of Premium articles. If you read something in our Premium section, do not include it in a comment submitted to an article outside of the Premium section. Obviously you can converse about Premium information in the Premium area.