WrestlingNewsWorld.com continues to grow at astonishing rates because of one reason - our loyal readership. Not only do you, the reader, support us by visiting several times a day but we are supported by tons of reader contributions each day. With our contributions from readers gaining each day, we thought it would be a good idea to type a brief "How To" for those interested in contributing.

The Basics:

Whether you are submitting a news tidbit, a house show report, a live report or are signing up to be a live correspondent there are a couple of things that you need to do every time. They are as follows:

* Always use this form
* Please type Your Name as you would like it posted on the website.
* Put your correct Email Address in the form so we can respond to your email.
* Make sure your Subject is checked for proper spelling & grammar.
* Make sure your News Article is checked for proper spelling, grammar & is properly spaced.

The biggest thing we are trying to accomplish with these basic guidelines are neatness. It helps us out tremendously if the above things are done. A big thing is spacing, make sure what you are submitting is spaced like you would like to see it on the website. Once the basics are done, it's time to get more specific.

Submitting News:

If you are submitting news we ask that you make sure the news you are submitting is written like you would like to see it on the website. We will be adding WNW reader Your Name sent this in... prior to your submission to introduce you to the website. Please only send in news tips that you have independently discovered. Do not send in articles from other professional wrestling publications. This does not include official websites (such as WWE.com or TNAWrestling.com) or Twitter accounts as we welcome information from those sources. If there is an article on another professional wrestling publication and you would like us to check into it, simply tell us what you read, where you read it and ask us to check into it.

Anonymous Tips:

On occasion we will receive tips from readers that choose to remain anonymous but will provide us with very valuable information. Please be advised we do not need your real name but we need to have some type of backing from your claim. After initial contact we may pursue further communication so make sure you provide us with an email address where we can reach you. WrestlingNewsWorld.com takes all tips seriously but if you do not have a way of backing your information, we will throw it out to our sources to independently confirm it before running it on the website. If you are a wrestler or staff member of a wrestling company and would like to speak directly with Richard, you can email him at richard [at] grayinternet.com. Richard will call you, text you, Skype you or whatever communication you desire.

House Show Results:

WrestlingNewsWorld.com is always seeking result recaps from house shows. Before submitting them, please make sure your work has been properly checked for spelling and grammar. This includes the proper use of punctuation and capitalization; names of wrestlers are always capitalized. We do not need a move-by-move recap but simply need only a brief description. Below is an example:

* Wrestler A b. Wrestler B via pinfall after hitting his finisher. The match was fast-paced with the crowd clearly behind Wrestler B. Wrestler A didn't draw much reaction but went over anyway.

It is best to separate matches by using a * and not numbers as we will replace numbers with a *. Also, we like to use b. which stands for "beat" rather than other abbreviations. You can list Biggest Pops/Most Heat but it is not required.

Live Correspondents:

If you are attending a WWE TV taping and would like to help us out by providing us with live text-message or email updates, please know we are always seeking correspondents! If you are interested, simply send in your name, mobile number and show date so we can make further arrangements. With the iPhone and other smart phones you can also email us from the arena. The format is up to you but just provide us with a number we can reach you. When working as a live correspondent, we ask that readers supply us with quick results of matches and a brief description of how it happened. We also ask correspondents for brief descriptions of promos and interview segments. Below is an example:

TEXT: Wrestler A b. Wrestler B via pinfall after hitting his finisher. After the match, Wrestler B's manager came into the ring and took out Wrestler A. Wrestler C ran out and made the save.

TEXT: Backstage, Wrestler D cuts a heel promo about their upcoming match in Sunday's pay-per-view running down their opponent.

TEXT: In the ring, they're taping Wrestler E's talk show segment. Their guest is Wrestler F. The segment runs five minutes with generic questions until Wrestler F takes out Wrestler E. The General Manager comes out and announces the two will face one another at Sunday's pay-per-view.

It is not hard to work as a correspondent, but it is not for everyone. Only sign up if you feel you will be able to provide us with accurate information from inside the arena. It doesn't take a lot of effort or knowledge to work as a correspondent. If you have trouble with the identity of a particular wrestler, either ask someone around you or describe them as closely as possible so we can decipher your message. Remember, you operate as our eyes in the arena so we are only as good as what you provide.

HTML Tips:

This information is for anyone submitting stuff to be published on the website. If you would like to help us out by linking, bolding, etc. below are the HTML tags to do so. Simply remove the * as that is what is keeping the tags from being active on the website. This is not a requirement as we will put the HTML in for you but an extra step for those that want to further help us out:

<*b>Bold Text Goes Here<*/b>

<*i>Italic Text Goes Here<*/i>

<*u>Underlined Text Goes Here<*u>

<*a href=http://www.linkurl.com target=_blank>Linked Text Goes Here<*/a>