The bigger gets, the more problems we experience with plagiarism.  We believe the best way to fight plagiarism is to educate readers on the types of wrestling websites out there.  In this section we will give you a look at what the Internet Wrestling Community looks like from the inside out.

Before I break down the landscape, I want to reassure all our readers with a promise.  Any content you read on is 100% exclusive and was written for this website only.   This includes but is not limited to news, blogs, show results, taping results, live pay-per-view coverage and anything else not easily categorized.  Anything you read credited to this website outside of it was done so without permission.  Most of the time, material is copied and pasted from with absolutely no credit.  There are also times where our material is taken without credit, re-written and widely distributed to make it look like it was written by another party. Because there is a large degree of deception in the Internet Wrestling Community, you need to be aware of where you are reading your wrestling news.

We  are not ignorant in that we understand there are other wrestling publications online.  However, out of the hundreds (if not thousands) of websites, less than ten actually produce exclusive content.   You didn't read that wrong.  Not 1 out of 10 or 10% but literally less than 10 websites out there write their own material.  The majority of websites out there claiming to have the inside scoop are basically scams dressed up to look like real websites.

Here are some tips on how to distinguish a deceptive scam or as we like to call them, NEWZ sites:

1)  Deceptive links.  Any website that features a link promising juicy gossip, hot photos or a story that you just "have to read" is a NEWZ site.  These links are often found before, in or after NEWZ articles and can range in size and color, sometimes completely counter to the site's color scheme.  These links are usually false, sometimes even discounted with a disclaimer below them or the word "Advertisement" beside them, but always lead to another NEWZ site.  The NEWZ site on the other end usually features the exact same content on the site that brought you there, only with a different design and layout.

2) Identical content. It's extremely easy to identify a NEWZ site if they have the exact same headlines as another website.  Don't go by title alone as these can sometimes be altered but if you read content that sounds eerily familiar, you're probably visiting a NEWZ site.  When in question, compare the content and look for the easy-to-identify link at the bottom of the article.

3) The author.  Because NEWZ sites are developed to deceive, their content is usually not posted by their owners.  There is usually a reporter name that goes along with the report.  Say for example you visit three or four websites with all of the articles written by PS Newz ( a fake reporter name to give you an example).  While you may think PS Newz has some sort of connection, do not be deceived.  These are usually pen names used by con artists to mask their identity to look like reporters.  They are actually re-distributing content from original websites and passing it off as there own.  From time-to-time they will list a "Source" or will write "Credit" but the material has often been distorted to a certain degree.

Below, you will see the chain of how a NEWZ site works:

Original content > Copied & Pasted > Re-written and/or reorganized > Given a juicy title > Widely distributed with deceptive links

As you can see, it's a short system but a system that fools hundreds of thousands of people each day.  The readers of these type of websites are tricked because of a design, layout or color scheme that they like thus give the NEWZ site undeserved credibility.

What's the purpose behind a NEWZ site?  The purpose can be defined in one word - money.  The con artist will purchase a domain, design the website and hire "reporters" (other con artists) to post redistributed content in exchange for promotion for their NEWZ site.  This is why you will always see a link to another website on a NEWZ website.  The easiest way to identify a NEWZ website is the link to another website, usually very similar if not identical to the website you just left.  Often times these links are false, however, that is not always the case.  Sometimes the link in question will deliver what it promised but it's still leading to a website with duplicate content but presented in a way made to look unique.

Obviously you are free to visit whatever website you want to visit.  While we take every necessary measure to protect our content, there are still occasions where our content is stolen and ran through the aforementioned process.  Be aware of where you read your content and if you begin to get suspicious, there's a good chance you are being fooled.  The only way to stop the con artists is to stop visiting their websites.