Reby Hardy Accuses Impact Wrestling Of Illegal Practices

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Reby Hardy is still on the warpath after TNA/Impact Wrestling! Recently on Twitter, Reby mentioned that not only did TNA apparently violate child labour laws with her son Maxel but also that the actor that plays Senor Benjamin had never signed one piece of documentation claiming that TNA could broadcast or profit off his likeness along with some other "fun facts."


  • CryoKnight

    I dont know if this is a work or if she is simply delusional. Seriously, child labor laws? Just how much “work” can an infant do?

    • Elizabeth Sherwood

      Technically, they filmed him in an acting role as well as in a “match”. That could spell MAJOR trouble if they didn’t have contracts with the Hardys for that.

      • Vomkrieg

        ^this. US laws are pretty strict about very young people appearing on TV. Which is why so many roles for under 5s are done by twins. Because it allows you to use twice as many shots without breaking the regulations.

  • S.A.M.

    i would say this escalated quickly but even that seems like an understatement

  • The Owl is laughable and being made to look so by Reby. LOL! This is all gonna blow up in the Owl’s face and it’ll be great!

    BTW, “the actor that plays Señor Benjamin” is Reby’s father.


    • Cow

      Hi, Can you please stop siding with Reby’s one sided story, she’s making impact Wrestling look bad on purpose my friend, to make the Hardys look good.. Please remember Matt Hardy had 100% control on his Broken gimmick, please remember.. it was MATT who brought his Wife and Son, Reby’s Father in Impact Wrestling, made them part of the Broken Universe..

      Please remember, it was Matt who brought all the North Carolina guys in Impact Wrestling,Andrew Everett, Trevor Lee, Gregory Shane Helms, Matt had a lot of control in Impact Wrestling, was even part of the Creative team, Can you see please there are two sides to every story, and Reby is leaving things out on purpose.

      Do you remember when Reby complained, They were all traveling as a family on the road?how they Impact Wrestling ruined it.. Please, please use common sense and don’t side with Reby’s one sided story, She’s biased. I wish we could stand up and rebuke her claims

      • We pretty much agree with each other. It doesn’t matter if it was Reby, Matt, Jeff or a combination of all three (I’m thinking it’s the latter). It definitely WASN’T Anthem, TNA, or whatever name it wants to go by. Anthem is being made to look completely foolish by ALL of them (Matt has also rebuked them on his Twitter account) and I can’t wait for this to blow up in Anthem’s face.

    • Cow

      Please, please,please, remember there are two sides to every story, please use common sense, don’t just buy Reby’s story she’s leaving things out. Remember The Hardys had %100 percent of creative control, and a lot of say in the company, Matt is the one who brought in all his friends from NC and his family into the company as he didn’t want to be away from his family

  • KOTM Radio

    Except that her child was on the show due to her consent. These fools had 100 percent creative control and thats what they chose to do with it. Thei hand wasnt forced. Stop buying into Reby’s one sided stories. Im not saying she doesnt have the right to be angry but any level headed person should know that her interpretation of the situatuon is not the entire truth. It doesnt matter who came up with the gimmick, ppl in the wwe who leave lose rights to their gimmick all the time. Its all about the contract..which we have no details on.

    Wait the Hardys let Senor Benjmain work for free? Whos fault is that?

    • Cow

      I wish we as fans could rebuke Reby’s claims, she’s making Impact Wrestling look bad on purpose just to make her family look good in court. Even though Matt had 100 creative control on the Broken Universe , he is the one who brought all the NC guys into the company, bought in his, wife and son. As he didn’t want to be away from his family.