Recapping The Changes To TNA's Creative Team

Vince Russo is officially gone from TNA Impact Wrestling and rumors continue to run rampant regarding the company's creative structure. Russo and TNA agreed to part without speaking bad about one another as became evident in Dixie Carter's formal statement and comments from Hulk Hogan.

Much of the discussion as of late has had to do with the exact role of former WWE creative team writer Dave Lagana who was hired by TNA last November to assist with the Ring Ka King project in India. There have been conflicting reports he is the new "head writer" while others state he will simply "help" or "assist" in the creative process. Regardless of Lagana's job title, it has become clear he will have a hand in the creative structure of the company going forward as Eric Bischoff  officially welcomed him in comments last night.

To recap, the TNA creative team now consists of Bruce Prichard, Matt Conway, Dave Lagana and of course Eric Bischoff.

  • Phase78

    Thank Goodness!! Vince Russo Sucks..ever since that Jeff Hardy situation..and ect..its bout time

    • Patrick_Peralta

      That doesn't gurrentee things will get better and when they don't you can't blame RUSSO for it. because he is no longer in the company.

      • Alex

        I agree with Patrick. Russo was just one of many problems that TNA has, not the only one. Still it's a step in the right direction though.

    • MrWrestling44

      Russo is only 1/3’rd of the problem You also need to remove Hogan & Bischoff. That would go along way in improving & returning TNA to it’s former glory

  • Hazmatt23

    Russo sucks? He was (along with Vince McMahon) largely responsible for the Attitude era and a fuel source behind a giant machine that was the WWF. Yeah he totally sucks.

    • Jim

      Yes. He DOES suck. Very, very much. He’s also “the genius” behind booking David Arquette as WCW W.H.C. Just like any other business, wrestling is a “what have you done for me lately” kind of situation. He can’t live off of writing some good stuff almost 20 years ago. What has he done for TNA? Besides making them worse off than they already were before he arrived. Plus I would still give Vince more credit for the Attitude Era Stuff than Russo. Sisnce Vince always had final say on what went on TV. A

      • Ricky

        Russo was good with Vinnie Mac because Vince was the filter between Russo and live TV. Without the filter his ideas went on too long and he didn't know when enough was enough.

  • Noname

    I dont care about any tna releases unless it involves hogan and bischoff.

  • john

    Lets just hope he does not poison the industry again. Least we forget how he took wcw down even further. Missing him gives Bitchoff a chance to screw it up his way.

  • stoney


  • Jessie Skys

    Russo had to go.

  • Oldskewl Fan

    NEITHER Vince McMahon or Vince Russo were responsible for the Attitude Era…thank Paul Heyman for that, if not for ECW The Vinces' wouldn't have had any ideas to steal.