Recapping The Latest 11 TNA Departures

TNA Wrestling has been in the process of restructuring by renegotiating contracts and releasing talent they have nothing for. While Matt Morgan wasn't released, he requested to be let out of his TNA contract and his request was granted.

Below is a recap of all the recent TNA departures:

Talent departures:

  • Christian York
  • Crimson
  • D-Lo Brown
  • D.O.C.
  • Joey Ryan
  • Matt Morgan
  • Madison Rayne
  • Taeler Hendrix
  • Tara

Office departures:

  • Bruce Prichard
  • Lyndsey Bynum
  • D-Bag

    I guess Dixie got over her fear of firing people.

  • LBP365

    Mat Morgan, Madison Rayne, and Crimson should not b on this list if they had been use right money could have been made off them.

  • Nostaljack

    I really hope another company comes along that will get this right. TNA has blown it.

    • Jimmy

      It’s not just about that. There’s financial reasons to it as well, running a business is far from easy my friend.

      • Nostaljack

        They’ve had years to even just get the word out about their existence and they’ve failed to do that. Stick a fork in this one, folks. I predict their demise in about 5 years.

  • Richard Laycock

    such a shame for christian York… had such an awesome open fight night match with jeff hardy then he’s on seen on tv again. Wasted a little bit!

  • Stoney

    I want another company to come along and be an alternative to the WWE, a company run by smart people that actually know quite a lot about the wrestling business, that means no one trick ponies, no self serving egotistical jackasses, no Hollywood writers and want it to focus on good wrestling and good storylines. TNA is an overcrowded kitchen nightmare that not even Gordon Ramsay can fix.