Recent Photo Of Kane Without Mask & Wig

Wrestling News World reader Robert Anderson sent in the following recent photo of Kane taken in Abu Dhabi:

  • Gesusoliver


    • Capt. Obvious

      I guess Kane is growing his hair to where he won't need to wear a wig anymore.

  • dan carpenter


  • WNW Fan

    A different press conference?

  • Wwe4L76

    Good looking man

  • havoc525

    Kane, hitting a T-Rex phase in life…

    • Mike

      He's preparing for his upcoming matches with The Funkasaurus…

  • Lucha_Libre

    anyone else think "Photoshop"?

    • 619

      yep, very much so

      • Logan_Walker

        Just Dose Not Look Like the Kane W/Out The Mask

  • mark3man

    Is he stood with Cena chatting like friends, wow i thought they hated each other. Thanks Richard this has ruined wrestling for me. At least Santa is real.

    • annon


    • Howard Stern

      Come on fellas, don't be angry cause someone is trying to be funny!

  • Dangerous Lee

    Wait…..does this mean…wrestling is, fake? NOoooooooooooo!

  • Saralovesmccool

    No this is not how he looked in the press ! He was wearing a mask & his wig in Dubai !!!!

  • Lin

    This was probably a rehearsal for the spot when Cena AA'd Kane.

  • Frenchfry

    Thats photoshop lol

  • Jashaun

    When I saw the video Kane was in costume

  • Geezer

    He looks just like he did when portraying Isaac Yankem all those years ago.

  • Abbathcl

    It looks like Kane is rising above hate very well in the picture.

  • bruno

    7 foot 323 pound kane…This guy's hands are large

  • KingJ

    They rehearsin for so cena could kno how to throw kane through the table without making it look fake

  • kbunyon

    That's what Glen Jacobs looks like. I've seen other semi-recent pictures of him and that's just what he looks like out of character.


  • @ease9310

    Why is Kane wearing a mask,he's a handsome man.I think their should be a new type of Kane,that looks exactly like him.So there can be a Kane with a mask,and two Kane's without a mask,and it would be cool if all of the three Kane's had a fued with one another,and they almost had triple threat matches with one another.Now that my friend is a great match,it's so great it should be at WrestleMania28,if not then it should either be on Raw,or at the Elimination Chamber this month.And maybe this one time John Cena would have to verse all the three Kane's at once,and that my friend is another epic match.I hope the WWE actually likes my idea,and they get to do this.

    • Omar

      Then the WWE would be a lot more exiting,wouldn't U think so?

  • Bingobum14

    Isn't that R-Truth in the backround? He wasn't in the video. This must be them rehearsing. I think Kane looks fine.

  • karen thw pouser

    glenn looks good he is my guilding light

  • Erick

    Looks totally photoshop.

  • Brian

    totally kane

  • guest

    R truth is laughing at little Jimmy who's hiding behind Kane!

  • kane is my best wretler i like kane only kane wwf kane 1997 yunge is now kane youe best frend waqas ahmad in pakistan?

  • kane

    Jhoncena is my best wrestler no one can best without jhoncena