Recently Released TNA Star Coming To Metroplex Wrestling; Hulk Hogan As Lady Gaga

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- Wrestling News World writer Matt Andrews sent word that Metroplex Wrestling has booked Brian Kendrick for their May 26th show from the Metroflex Gym Midcities in Beford, Texas. Click here for more information.

- Hulk Hogan did a Lady Gaga impersonation embedded in the video below:

  • Bowzer65

    Well I just wasted a minute of my life.

    • Dufus

      I'm glad I never saw the video and didn't waste any of my time. I actually clicked on this to read about the recently released TNA star and am glad to see Brian Kendrick found some work.

  • Mike

    What in the name of all that is good and true under the bright yellow sun that shines down on this beautiful blue marble world we humans live upon was that?
    What was that?
    That's fifty seven second of my life I'm never getting back. More, really, when you consider the time expended writing this comment!

    Hulk… Brother… that's two videos you need to be very ashamed over.

    I'm dreading what number three might be…

  • MPXTheChoice

    But let's not forget the REALLY important news…I'M ON THE SAME CARD AS THE BRIAN KENDRICK!

  • Ray


  • Hardy

    Too think he was once one of the best wrestling superstars “face palm”. It’s sad to see this to be honest.

  • Tjones

    And we all thought Flair had it bad. Im sure someone can find him a corner to hide in.

  • James Mitchell

    Embarrassing, awkward, rediculous, disheartening, unnecessary. I’m truly appalled.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Such a bad Pokerface. Stick to your day job as the Dean from China, IL., willya?

  • SEAN

    Oh my goodness!