Refunds Offered Over CM Punk Absence; How WWE Handled It, Return To Orlando

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- WWE offered refunds to fans that attended Saturday night's live event in Wichita, Kansas over the absence of CM Punk. The way the company handled it is they had The Shield enter through the crowd and announce refunds were available through the second match. However, it was said the audience should be glad he went home.  We have live results from the show at this link.

- Wrestling News World reader Aaron Cook sent word that WWE will return to The Amway Center in Orlando, Florida for a Smackdown taping on Tuesday, July 22, 2014.

  • jdl

    So, basically their approach to the situation is to have multiple performers rip Punk publicly? I understand the refunds, but having the Shield and Orton insult him during promos is not the way to handle things when they’re trying to get him to come back.

    • opie

      It’s not a rip. It’s just a heel promo. I don’t see any better way to handle it. You realize a heel ripping someone helps them get over? Don’t be so sensitive.

      • Rus

        Even the rock told Austin to get the F out when he left or when Punk himself did a rip on Jeff Hardy after he was done fo drugs

      • jdl

        Typically my response would be “Meh, that’s how it goes.”, however this is someone they’re actively attempting to get back into the company. Punk is an extremely sensitive individual, he’s known to take some things way too seriously and the more they insult him the less likely he is to be convinced to return. The guy is acting like a big enough crybaby as it is, do we really want WWE to make it worse and completely ruin any chances of a return?

        • opie

          I don’t know…kinda? I can’t stand crybabies. He’s a grown man who should understand his line of work by now. Nothing is sacred. Everything is an angle. The guy who mocked Paul Bearer right after he died should understand that.

    • Jimmy

      The Shield using Punk’s absence to get them more heel heat. Ok, so whats the problem?

  • Peyton Manning Swag

    They shouldn’t have offered them anything. You want a refund? Ask the guy who thinks he’s too good for the company.

    • DanJackson

      So I guess you would feel the same way if you bought Super Bowl tickets only to have the Bronco’s leave after the first quarter and be replaced by a high school football team right? And where do you get that CM Punk thinks he is too good for the company? He may think he is too good to be a mid carder and I think he has proven that he is. He feels he is being underutilized just like Daniel Byran is and most fans agree on both counts. Ask any superstar sports figure to take a back seat to someone that’s not as skilled, and they would say the same thing that Punk has. Hell no.

      • k!ng

        Tell it boss your going home n just leave. Let me know if cm punks method works.