Reid Flair Laid To Rest, Ric Speaks At His Funeral

WBTV ran a story on the Reid Flair police report Tuesday night but did not uncover anything we didn't report. Their terminology was slightly different as they reported "drug activity in the hotel room" and that Reid was "incapacitated by drugs." The cause of death hasn't been announced and will be determined by the medical examiner

As a result of Reid's death, Ric Flair will not be at Wrestlemania Fan Axxess this weekend. As we reported earlier, Flair will be replaced by The Undertaker.

You can watch a video report embedded below:

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Hundreds gathered on Wednesday for Reid's funeral that featured a speech by his father.

“I want to make sure he knows this turnout isn’t because of me, it’s because of who he was him and who he affected,”

Ric was described as "subdued and visibly shaken" in the more than 10-minute speech about his son. The Charlotte Observer has coverage at this link.

  • John

    Let’s be honest, does anyone actually believe that this was not drug related? I knew it as soon as i heard the news!

  • JohnnyC

    Was there a reason to report this? It’s kinda personal man…

    • Kenneth

      Which is kind of the point of being a journalist, you know, to report things.

      • Matt

        No. Journalists report news. Not personal information from a church attended by a father burying his son.

        • Kenneth

          Which by some people’s standards is newsworthy if the father and the son were both representatives of a sport those people follow, and is newsworthy if the father is a highly respected practitioner of that sport, and is newsworthy if the son died under potentially suspicious circumstances, and is newsworthy if other outlets are reporting on it also.

          All valid reasons for a reporter to report on something. It might not be newsworthy to your standards but you know what? Your standards aren’t the measuring stick by which life is judged. If you don’t like a particular subject then don’t read about it. No one’s forcing you to.

  • mj

    Do you guys remember in WCW when Reid tagged with Ric? That will be a great memory from a short life. RIP