Reigns Gets Medical Attention, CM Punk Left Royal Rumble Banged Up

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Roman Reigns Medical Attention

WWE has posted photos of Roman Reigns getting stitched up backstage at Monday Night Raw at this link. Reigns suffered the injury in the 6-man tag team match in a spot with Big E Langston.

CM Punk Left Banged Up

New details are emerging that CM Punk left the Royal Rumble pay-per-view with a head injury. He apparently underwent ImPACT Testing and was within normal levels. There were reports last week that he was overheard in a backstage argument with officials regarding his health but we are still unable to confirm whether or not that actually happened.

The Punk issue seems to be a polarizing issue with readers and I want to make something very clear. WWE is better off with CM Punk. I want him on the roster and feel that better long-term planning and utilization of his character and skills could have resulted in him even surpassing his popularity in 2011. I also think a WWE fan that buys a ticket should have the ability to chant whatever they want at shows.

However, this entire notion that "fans are sending WWE a message" by chanting "CM Punk" at WWE events is rather absurd. CM Punk left. We can all debate why he left but the fact of the matter is, no one knows exactly why he chose to walk out. However, WWE didn't want him to leave and Vince McMahon was trying to get him back. But at this point the company is moving on without him.

  • Nostaljack

    The absurdity is, with all due respect, your opinion. In my insignificant opinion, I think it does matter a little when people chant. It must. If it didn’t, Vince et al wouldn’t have turned off the house mics to keep them at bay; they’d have just let them go. We pay; we get to speak…and we absolutely do matter. I really hope no one will respond with a Daniel Bryan pseudo-work diatribe…LOL!

    • 40yr old CM Punk fan/mark

      Completely agree. In face the IWC is the only thing that matter, they should just fire everyone except CM Punk and maybe Daniel Bryan. Maybe if we get enough chants going it will happen.

    • Devansh Kotak

      u are rite. we may not stop watching the show if vince doesnt listen to us but we will surely get bored. people have a tendency to move on when things get out of their comfort zone. thats entertainment. people wanted experienced wrestlers to come back when guys like swagger, jeff hardy and punk were the world champions. TNA signed angle, booker t, nash and already had guys like sting and christian and this brought them at level with WWE till they screwed it up. now WWE is getting part time legends who only do ppvs when they are good for business but not at the expense of regulars

  • Mark J.

    Richard, of course, they should have “the ability to chant whatever they want at shows.” That’s not the point. Nobody is trying to rescind their right or ability to be morons at WWE events. The problem is that it detracts from the show. The Attitude Era kids, who were all chanting “Suck It” at 8-years old, are now the ones hijacking the show because WWE doesn’t give top billing to the more artistic wrestlers like Bryan, Punk and Ziggler. And while they may be right, their response is utterly classless. They’re not the only ones watching. There are fans much younger and much older than the Attitude Era kids (now in their 20s) — today’s kids like Cena, Sheamus and Orton while the older fans like a combination of everyone. But those demographics aren’t hijacking the shows. The issue is not whether the Attitude Era kids can do it — clearly they can. The issue is whether they SHOULD do it. And I’ve noticed that the more articulate IWC fans on WNW feel like it’s not constructive. Hijacking the show does NOT change the product. Turning the TV off DOES make a difference. So, if someone wants to protest, do it in a way that doesn’t prevent young wrestling fans from become as connected with wrestling as every other generation. Otherwise, it’s just plain selfish.

  • Xavier

    ^^ What this man just said

  • Rus

    Ok in a true conspiracy theorist term, this is a false flag……… Just the act that we have not heard a peep from CM Punk makes me believe it and this is my reason. With all the hype the WWE universe has been showing towards Daniel Bryan the authority were backed way into a corner in the most important time of the year. Now CM Punk does this and it has given a major storyline to replace the Yesmovement. Richard had in an article the other week that WWE are going to bring the yes chants under control and in the last 2 weeks on raw you can see it happening with giving Daniel Bryan the spot light but not the ball to run with it & I think Im crazy but even in the match against Orton he didn’t do much of the yes chant at all. But back to Punk, he has still remained silent, the focus has been taken off Bryan and I think Batista actually got threw a promo without a single yes chant…… that in itself is proof enough

  • Simze

    IMO punk didn’t leave to make a change for anybody but himself. He didn’t do it for other small athletic guys he just did it for him. I think he’s selfish and ungrateful the wwe gave the guy the longest wwe championship reign in the modern era. He didn’t main event but the face I the company was the main event. Somebody out worked him, Bryan got support to take his wm spot and he takes his ball and goes home. I don’t think he deserves a spot acting like that. Wwe is better without him

    • Gary Robert

      lol you’re insane

      • Simze

        How am I insane a grown ass man throw a fit because they replaced him with someone of the same size if not smaller who is better than punk

      • 40yr old CM Punk fan/mark

        Completely agree with you. #CMpunk4lyf #CMpunkOrDie #PunkIsGod #Ihavepostersofpunkinmybedroom

        • Simze

          Ha this guy. This guy is awesome

  • Sandeep Agarwal

    Don’t you think 9 days is a very short period of time to say both the things “Vince was trying to get him back” and “company is moving on without him”?

  • 40yr old CM Punk fan/mark

    I love the idea of *inserting my opinions instead of factual statements in the article* pure brilliance of behalf of Richard.

  • Lebron James

    Dumbest thing I’ve ever read. How about this, maybe those fans that aren’t chanting for their favorite wrestlers should start doing so. This isn’t a split between eras, it’s fans demanding a better product. It’s that simple. You buy a ticket, you can chant whatever the hell you want. I agree with the “turning off the tv” part. I’ve been saying that for a while, I myself, havent watched raw on television in years.

  • mike

    i think vince should have done what he did when austin decided to walk away mid contract. Just come on out and tell the fans cm punk walked out on them. which no matter how anyone looks at it thats exactly what he did. As much as i respect him and marked out like everyone else did with the pipebombs the fact is he dude was given the longest title run in the past 25 years and still tries to act like hes been overlooked and hard done to.Where can you go from there with him? I don,t think anyone wants to see him with the title again any time soon. So he needs to accept that right now DB is the most over guy in the business and hes in the ziggler position. If i was booking things i,ve have DB vs Batista vs Orton at mania. and CM Punk vs HHH. Then have DB win the title and lead into a program of CM Punk turning heel to challenge for the title against DB at summerslam. What i,d also go crazy about is an idea i,ve seen on the net about an nwo return. I,d love there to be an NWO angle with say Punk, ZIggler and DB running wild over WWE for not being respected by the office.

  • BIG M

    OK we have all argued and debated and made ourselves look like complete idiots in regard of this CM Punk situation (and yes I’m including myself in acting like idiot category).
    So now I’m going to try and make my own final conclusion based on what I have read online and observed on WWE programming.

    1. Punk is working hurt.
    For months now we’ve been hearing he has been dealing with issues from bad knees to sore ribs those types of nagging injuries will put anyone in a fowl mood and could bring on more serious problems down the track for any athlete if not given time to heal.

    2. Punk hasn’t been involved in a main event angle in over a year.

    Now while I think WWE did the right thing after such a long title rein in keeping Punk out of the title hunt and giving him some much needed time off after Wrestlemania 29 after his return he was given guys like Ryback and Curtis Axel to work with in the inventible Hymen split storyline While Daniel Bryan was given a Pseudo tile push and long running storyline against Randy Orton and the duo we know as the authority.

    while I was exited to see DB given the limelight (even if WWE wasn’t serious about it) The whole time I was secretly thinking “you now this would have been a great angle for Punk” the “Best in the World” rebel persona he has cultivated amongst all wrestling fans (not just the internet ones) might have peeked more interest and resulted in the higher ratings and PPV buys WWE are usually desperate for post Sumerslam.

    3. Punk has never been Triple H”s favourite “superstar”.
    OK I know I’m going to cop some flak for this but The H man has always had a bad reputation as a backstage politician who did his best to keep a lot people he didn’t like personally lower on the card.

    When it became clear that Triple H and Stephanie were the hier a-parents to VKM people thought things would only get worse for up and coming talent but in his first year or two in a managerial position he has done a complete 180 and developed the new and improved developmental system for WWE.
    NXT and the WWE performance centre has already produced such promising talents such as Big E Langsten, The Shield and the soon to debut Emma which means Triple H in his new role must be now finally thinking about the future of the industry right.
    Well considering that Daniel Bryan has been fighting to get on the top of the card despite massive popularity and the reports of VKM solely handling the Punk situation even though Triple H is the head of talent relations and should at least be involved in trying to get Punk back is a sign to me that a leopard doesn’t change his spots at least not overnight.

    4. Punk has always been a difficult talent to manage.
    Punk in 1 single promo defined his career and it did because it wasn’t a scripted re hashed Cena speech about “Hustle Loyalty and Respect” it was WWE doing the unexpected giving a disgruntled, frustrated, misused, but bloody talented person with a huge chip on his shoulder a live mic and said you have five minutes till curtain say what you want let it all out.
    Debate this all you like but history was made that night and WWE came realize what they had been missing out on.
    WWE didn’t know what they had but Punk did and he rubbed it in there face happily.
    Happy ending right Wrong in time the buzz Punk and WWE created during and after the promo with the best story lines they could come up with and a huge title reign it seems Punk now wants more and really who can blame him and with his status as the no 2 guy in the company being taken back by someone who had it rightfully taken away from him in Orton and the rehashing of the long overdone Cena, Orton rivalry and unified title angle Punk has been as loud and uncompromising about his displeasure about how he has been booked to VKM and Triple H as ever.

    5. The walk out.
    Im not going to comment on what Punk is trying to accomplish by his recent actions if he is trying to accomplish anything at all but walking out while understandable is maybe not the right thing to do and If WWE has proven anything over the years is that no 1 man is bigger than the company WWE will continue without Punk.

    It will be a whole hell of a lot better with him than without him but it will continue.
    Now I’m sure people who may be reading this are probably thinking (apart from this is a bloody long post) either three things 1, Punk is in the right and WWE needs to treat him better 2. Punk is in the wrong and he needs to learn that WWE doesn’t revolve around him or any one Wrestler 3. This is all an elaborate work and Punk and WWE are brilliant.
    To those who are leaning towards 3. I think your giving them all to much credit besides they have done a walk out angle already remember.
    But to those leaning towards 1. or 2. in my opinion your both right there has been.
    Mistreatment on both sides and I think if there is any chance of Punk going back to work VKM, Triple H, Stephanie and Punk all need to work on there now possibly broken business relationship and develop a better understanding of what both sides want from each other and come to some sort of compromise that will hopefully make everyone (including us dumb fans) happy.

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    It’s a work. C M Punk comes back Daniel Bryan forgotten. They wanted the yes chants gone. Now they are. Way to go people

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Please explain at what point this is a work?

      and wait wait wait. “They wanted the yes chants gone. Now they are”

      You have been watching recently right?