Renee Young Gains More Responsibilities, Joins Announce Team For WWE Superstars

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Renee Young continues to gain responsibilities in WWE as she has been named a member of the WWE Superstars announce team with Tom Phillips. The position makes her WWE's first full-time female commentator in more than a decade.

Dot com published a feature article on Young, where they highlight Michael Cole as a mentor to WWE's new crop of announcers and feature a quote from Triple H. Young is also quoted.

“I feel there is definitely a certain amount of pressure, not only as a performer and broadcaster but representing women who may not even know this is something that they want to do,” Renee told “I can show other women that if you’re not a Diva and you still want to be involved in WWE. It’s definitely really cool to be in the position to create a bit of a niche for myself and other women.”

Below is a quote from Cole:

“When Renee first started in the company and she started working with us, one of the things she told me is she wanted to be a trailblazer,” Michael Cole said. “We started working with Renee in the [announcing] booth at NXT about six months ago and she really showed some promise. And we have the opportunity now to bring her to the ‘big level’ and she becomes one of the only females in history of WWE to be a full-time announcer at ringside. “

Triple H, who is listed under his kayfabe title of COO in the article, offered this:

“It has nothing to do with her being a female or not, it has to do with her being the right person for the job,” The Game said. “She’s got a great voice that cuts through the clutter. She is very knowledgeable about WWE, about its history, about the talent and she is really willing to step up and do her homework.”

Prior to increased responsibilities on WWE television, Young became known for her part on the weekly YouTube series, The JBL & Cole Show. JBL offered the following:

“She’s been a huge hit for us, and she’s fun to work with,” JBL said. “So much of the stuff we do [at the announce booth] unfolds in front of us as it happens, and you need the ability to ad lib. That comes from intelligence. She’s helped make The JBL & Cole Show.”

Click here to read the dot com piece in its entirety.

Young, whose real name is Renee Paquette, was hired by WWE in 2012. She joined the company from Canadian sports network The Score and quickly gained the favor of the office. One of Young's best friends in WWE is Summer Rae.

  • Splat

    She is pretty awesome.

  • Dustyn

    Glad to see her involved with more and more. You can tell she truly enjoys what she is doing. I remember the first time she did the post RAW & SmackDown show on “The Score” (now Sportsnet360) here in Canada.

  • meh

    you know who else knew a lot about the company, the history and it’s talents? Matt Striker. Go Figure.

    • 1molly23

      You are so right, and not-for-nothing, how about good ol’JR?

  • Patrick

    she has done a good job so far both on NXT and in backstage interviews.

  • Vic Jose

    That’s great

  • a7beeny

    this girl is amazing .. she has lot of knowledge about wrestling !! and she’s doing her job very well especially on commentary !!

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