Rent-A-Center Hosting Ultimate Super Fan Showdown; Get The Chance To Hang Out With Troy Aikman & Hulk Hogan

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Wrestling News World reader Mark Ward sent in the following:

How would you like a chance to hang out with Troy Aikman and Hulk Hogan? How about a new Acer tablet on top of that? Everyone thinks they’re an ultimate super fan, but Troy and Hulk want to see some proof. If you’ve got what it takes then head over to the Ultimate Super Fan Showdown on Facebook and upload a 30-second video showing why you’re Troy Aikman’s or Hulk Hogan’s BIGGEST fan! You can submit 1 video per week, and the video with the most votes from other super fans each week will be chosen as 1 of 4 finalists – then it’s all up to Hulk and Troy from there! So how badly do you want to meet a sports hero and get a brand new Acer tablet at the same time?

Submit your first video today at this link.

Need some inspiration for your video? See what Troy and Hulk have to say about the Ultimate Super Fan Showdown at this link.

  • Austin

    Don't buy from RAC. I used to get furniture from there. The prices were outrageous and their salesmen were really pushy. Go to Aarons instead.

    • Aarons

      The preceding message was brought to you by Aarons, surreptitiously burying Rent-A-Centre any chance we get.

  • Yuk Yuk

    We get a chance to meet Trot Aikman and some guy with a huge melon head – cool

  • Kleck

    Any chance to meet Brooke? Catch some jungle fever?